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  1. I recently downloaded the 24 bit version here. https://ca.7digital.com Thanks so much for the album suggestion!
  2. Thanks for this playlist import fix in 3.5.24 and more kudos for the ios app!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Odelay. I didn't have much luck. 3.5.19 will import playlists now - either m3u or m3u8, but only a handful of songs. For instance only 4 of 162 songs in one playlist were imported. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to what it chooses to import - there were several songs from the same album with the metadata done in the same way on the same date, but it only imports one song. ITunes has no problem importing either m3u or m3u8 playlists. To boot, A+ has started displaying phantom duplicates of songs again (ie the songs appear in duplicate in Audirvana,
  4. I just downloaded 3.5.19 and created a playlist then exported, deleted, and reimported it. It worked. I still can't import the playlists made with 3.5.18 though so I guess I'm stuck spending a couple of hours rebuilding playlists.
  5. Thanks for letting us know about your experience with this. Strange that questions about this pretty basic function aren't acknowledged while just about everything else gets a pretty speedy response.
  6. HI Damien, I've been hoping someone on the board would have some advice. The situation's in limbo now so could you can tell me if this is a known issue and a fix is in your plans or if those of us with the issue should get started with rebuilding our playlists. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the follow up! The m3u8 files were old versions that were indeed from iTunes, but the m3u files were actually from Audirvana - I exported from, deleted the library files, then tried reimporting to the same version of Audirvana. No dice with the playlist whether it was exported from iTunes or Audirvana. Import had worked last summer (July 2018) when the iTunes files were generated with what was then the current version of Audirvana
  8. ... if someone could tell me whether the import function mentioned in the last post is/isn't working for them, that'd let me know if the issue is with the software or my system. Thanks
  9. I am trying to import playlists into 3.5.18. I have versions of the playlists in both m3u8 and m3u formats, but like bnbayer, nothing happens when I try the import function. Does anyone have a solution? I just deleted my database after exporting all the playlists to get rid of A+ showing duplicates of a bunch of files. The duplication is now gone, but now I have this playlist issue.
  10. I came back to 3.5.x. The sound is really great. Thanks Damien!
  11. I have a Schiit multibit dac with Izotope settings and would also like SOX setting recommendations... or just Izotope as an option in 3.5.x My settings for 3.2.x were: Steepness: 132 Filter Max: 500,000 Cutoff 1.00 Antialiasing 200 Pre-ringing 0.75 Forced upsamling: None Thanks!
  12. Hey, thanks for the reply. The problem. I don't know why it created duplicates and I'm not sure what it was that finally rid my system of creating them,, but they seem to have finally been banished for good. There were some folders that had "xxxx 1.aiff" duplicates so I actually had a file to delete there. That wasn't the case most of the time though - most just seemed to be ghosts. Anyway, all gone now.
  13. Here are screenshots showing the duplication problem.
  14. RAID mirroring is not causing my duplicate track problem. I tried without mirroring and still have basically all duplicate tracks..
  15. Hi Damien, thanks for getting back to me about this. They are all in exactly the same path and file name in A+'s track details panel. I've checked several folders to make sure there's not an actual duplicate file and there isn't. They're on a Synology NAS I recently purchased. I do have "(Rescan all remote synchronized folders located on a network server when application starts" checked. I do have a couple of files stored locally on the desktop and these are not duplicated in A+. It seems to only be a problem with the NAS files. It's a DS218+ with the latest software........... just
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