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    Pure Music 2

    I had a few weird bugs that are now gone. Worth every penny to me and still sounds very good.
  2. I am going to upgrade to the new DMA-400's so these are either going to be traded-in or sold. Thought I would give them a chance for a while here. They are in mint condition, no issues at all. These were bought in late 2009 from Overture. They have been in a non-smoking, pet free environment all along and never driven that loud or hard. I have not taken pictures as anyone interested know what they look like but can send images upon request. I have all original manuals and boxes and crates. Been used in full Spectral system and full MIT cables so no issues there. Asking $11,500 including ground shipping and insurance to any of the 48 contiguous USA states. Serious folks only please PM me if interested.
  3. I have been told that they are indeed working on one by several dealers, supposedly a prototype has been shown to a few folks. I would be willing to bet that in 2013 we will see a DAC from Spectral from what I hear.
  4. Nope, still have the M5's and the Spectral electronics. Do not plan on changing them anytime soon. I just am upgrading to the MA-X rev 2 cables for a couple of reasons. The new cables use smaller barrels on the RCA's and that allows me to use some places where the older MA-X would not work, like the Ayre DAC. So it was just a good time to scratch an itch and upgrade something! Still waiting for Spectral to release a DAC and a Phono section!
  5. Probably wrong place to sell an analog device but what the heck. A while back 2009 - 2010 I went on a record cleaning machine binge. I bought the Audio Desk Systeme's unit, had a VPI unit and also purchase the Clearaudio Double Smart Matrix and a Loricraft unit. I used the Clearaudio unit maybe on 5 - 6 records and for a number of reason decided it was not for me. But instead of being smart and selling it then I have just hung onto it. So now I am trying to clear out some stuff. So I have a Clearaudio Double Smart Matrix Vinyl cleaner, hardly used for sale for $600 shipped to any of the contiguous 48 states. Jeff
  6. I have a Silver Circle Audio Pure Power One 5.0 power conditioner and their power cord . 2 years old. New $5000 sell for $2500. Perfect condition. Jeff
  7. Chris you need these! I have 2 pair of MIT Oracle MA-X RCA interconnects 1.5m long. New in early 2009. $8000 new sell for $3500 ea. OBO I have 1 pair of MIT Oracle MA-X RCA interconnects 8m long, special LOW impedance build (Spectral). New in early 2009. $9000 new sell for $3000 ea. OBO Cables are all in excellent condition. Jeff
  8. You know they were bought by the same group that bought ARC and a few others. The even shut them down for awhile to move them. So I do not think they have their act together yet. Give them another 6 months and see if they figure it out. They have been frustrating for the past year or so. But I suspect they will get the proper management in place soon if not already done, otherwise they will be gone Edit it was longer ago than I recalled. Maybe they won't get their act together Fine Sounds Acquires Wadia Digital MILAN, ITALY/SALINE, MI, December 28, 2010 – Fine Sounds Spa, owner of Sonus Faber Spa and Audio Research Corporation, announced today it has completed the acquisition of 100% of True Wave d/b/a/ Wadia Digital, the Saline, MI based leading manufacturer and marketer of High-End Digital Audio components. The acquisition of Wadia Digital, part of Fine Sounds’ strategy of becoming a leading multi brand player in the Two Channel High-End Audio sector, brings to Fine Sounds one of the most appreciated High-End Audio Digital brands while offering product extension opportunities in the Digital Lifestyle category. Wadia Digital will extend its reference position in the high end digital sources and Digital to Analog Conversion segment. Through the resources provided by Fine Sounds, Wadia Digital will develop and expand the Series 1 “premium lifestyle” line with a complete product offering. John Schaffer will join the Board of Directors of Fine Sounds and will continue managing the Wadia brand with the full support of Fine Sounds’ team. Fine Sounds and Wadia Digital believe the transaction will deliver important benefits to Wadia's customers, partners and employees by providing opportunities for building on Fine Sounds Group’s product development capabilities and financial resources. John Schaffer, President and CEO of Wadia Digital, said: “Wadia is proud to join with the great brands of Fine Sounds. It's their appreciation of legacy and strong leadership that gives us confidence in a bright future.” Fine Sounds is managed by Galeazzo Scarampi, Chairman (25 years of Private Equity experience in Italy, Asia and USA) and Mauro Grange, CEO (CEO of Sonus Faber). Mauro Grange said: “With the acquisition of Wadia Digital, Fine Sounds acquires the digital know-how needed to face the challenges of the future. I look forward working together with John Schaffer and the rest of the team to build Wadia into an even stronger global brand”
  9. I am using mine exclusively with headphones and like it. I am feeding it with a 171 and am using some AT high end cans along with HD800's. I like it better than running the same 171 through either a Bel Canto DAC or a modified PS audio DAC and then a tube headphone amp I have. Not my primary listening source so I do not over analysis but it seems to be very musical.
  10. Were you listening through the USB input or one of the other inputs? If it is in the review I missed it.
  11. Well my Drobo S took a dump last night. No power... it is completely dead... no warning etc.... I am backed up so ok there but I have had 3 drobo's fail now and not HD failures but the whole unit. I am done with them, want to like them but they are too unreliable.
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