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    Pure Music 2

    I had a few weird bugs that are now gone. Worth every penny to me and still sounds very good.
  2. I am going to upgrade to the new DMA-400's so these are either going to be traded-in or sold. Thought I would give them a chance for a while here. They are in mint condition, no issues at all. These were bought in late 2009 from Overture. They have been in a non-smoking, pet free environment all along and never driven that loud or hard. I have not taken pictures as anyone interested know what they look like but can send images upon request. I have all original manuals and boxes and crates. Been used in full Spectral system and full MIT cables so no issues there. Asking $11,500 including ground
  3. I have been told that they are indeed working on one by several dealers, supposedly a prototype has been shown to a few folks. I would be willing to bet that in 2013 we will see a DAC from Spectral from what I hear.
  4. Nope, still have the M5's and the Spectral electronics. Do not plan on changing them anytime soon. I just am upgrading to the MA-X rev 2 cables for a couple of reasons. The new cables use smaller barrels on the RCA's and that allows me to use some places where the older MA-X would not work, like the Ayre DAC. So it was just a good time to scratch an itch and upgrade something! Still waiting for Spectral to release a DAC and a Phono section!
  5. Probably wrong place to sell an analog device but what the heck. A while back 2009 - 2010 I went on a record cleaning machine binge. I bought the Audio Desk Systeme's unit, had a VPI unit and also purchase the Clearaudio Double Smart Matrix and a Loricraft unit. I used the Clearaudio unit maybe on 5 - 6 records and for a number of reason decided it was not for me. But instead of being smart and selling it then I have just hung onto it. So now I am trying to clear out some stuff. So I have a Clearaudio Double Smart Matrix Vinyl cleaner, hardly used for sale for $600 shipped to any of the co
  6. I have a Silver Circle Audio Pure Power One 5.0 power conditioner and their power cord . 2 years old. New $5000 sell for $2500. Perfect condition. Jeff
  7. Chris you need these! I have 2 pair of MIT Oracle MA-X RCA interconnects 1.5m long. New in early 2009. $8000 new sell for $3500 ea. OBO I have 1 pair of MIT Oracle MA-X RCA interconnects 8m long, special LOW impedance build (Spectral). New in early 2009. $9000 new sell for $3000 ea. OBO Cables are all in excellent condition. Jeff
  8. You know they were bought by the same group that bought ARC and a few others. The even shut them down for awhile to move them. So I do not think they have their act together yet. Give them another 6 months and see if they figure it out. They have been frustrating for the past year or so. But I suspect they will get the proper management in place soon if not already done, otherwise they will be gone Edit it was longer ago than I recalled. Maybe they won't get their act together Fine Sounds Acquires Wadia Digital MILAN, ITALY/SALINE, MI, December 28, 2010 – Fine Sounds Spa, o
  9. I am using mine exclusively with headphones and like it. I am feeding it with a 171 and am using some AT high end cans along with HD800's. I like it better than running the same 171 through either a Bel Canto DAC or a modified PS audio DAC and then a tube headphone amp I have. Not my primary listening source so I do not over analysis but it seems to be very musical.
  10. Were you listening through the USB input or one of the other inputs? If it is in the review I missed it.
  11. Well my Drobo S took a dump last night. No power... it is completely dead... no warning etc.... I am backed up so ok there but I have had 3 drobo's fail now and not HD failures but the whole unit. I am done with them, want to like them but they are too unreliable.
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