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  1. Thank you for the heads up ! looks well worth downloading .... Sent from my iPod touch using Computer Audiophile
  2. DMW86

    Leonard Cohen

    Too true, I can still remember hearing the Jeff Buckley version of Hallelujah for the first time over twenty years ago. It was a hairs on the back of the neck moment. I hope that his passing sees a renewed interest in his back catalogue. RIP Sent from my iPad using Computer Audiophile
  3. I was also considering the Chaplain set however I was put off as many reviews complain about the audible breathing on the recording.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I have Qobuz account so may well give the 96/24 Hotel California a shot.
  5. Hi all Glenn Frey's recent passing has reminded me of what a great sounding band the Eagles were and has rekindled my interest in rediscovering their back catalogue. I was brought up listening over and over to my parents' 71-75 Greatest hits on vinyl! happy days... Most of my Eagles music is now either scratched vinyl or mid 90's CDs with low DR. I would be very interested to get people's thoughts on their best sounding albums either hi Rez downloads or vinyl. RIP Glenn Frey Cheers Duncan
  6. 71-75 greatest hits is aural torture? To borrow from the Elvis reference : "42 million fans can't be wrong."
  7. Sounds good - where can this be purchased from for $10?
  8. The Grieg piece is a beautiful performance and what a bargain! For once Qoboz is beaten, on their website its £7.99 for CD quality, eclassical price is £6 for 24/192.
  9. Not working for me with Gateway 502 message appearing. Was playing fine earlier today. Fingers crossed this is small hitch!
  10. Thanks for the reminder. This was great last year and was my first taste of hi Rez. Haven't looked back since!
  11. Hello Mario I am intrigued to hear the Quirós Debussy Préludes, please. Happy to donate for these. Best wishes Duncan
  12. Well I'm one of the happy 25000. Be a real shame to loose Qobuz, great deals on hi Rez and much cheaper overall than Tidal - I just checked their website and £25.99 per month was quoted, please tell me that's a typo!
  13. I'm now streaming hi rez through Qobuz Sublime (Musical Fidelity VDACII + CCK, Rotel RA04, Monitor Bronze BX2) and I must say the sound is fantastic, some lagging but generally smooth and crystal clear. Simon & Garfunkel's Bridge over troubled water has never sounded so good! Only plays back hi-rez on purchased items but with Sublime offering MP3 pricing that's no real issue. Amazing how far digital music has come in the last 12 months!! CD's soon to be obsolete? Would be interested to hear other opinions...
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