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  1. @wklie do I understand my Lumin A1 will never have Tidal Connect?
  2. If I may, the problem is with Apple. Airplay 1 or 2 is limited, actually, to AAC with Apple Music. Ridicoulus, but true. From Naim Software Director: Hi, Currently Apple are forcing an aac link on Airplay2 when using Apple Music, even if the ui is saying lossless. This was documented on one of their FAQ pages. So example: image2048×2732 735 KB Now lets turn on the internal metrics airplay2 trace: image2036×2496 606 KB Observe the aac 256kbit link. As and when Apple ‘open the taps’ then that can go to 16/44.1 alac. Beyond
  3. Hi @AudioPhil, Finally, I dismissed Fidelizer and chose to keep only AudiophileOptimizer with Autologon and minimserver shell replacement. My God!! The difference in sound quality is...HUGE! I had an Innuos Zen mini music server MK II and AO reach the same sound quality for a fraction of the price. It sound fabulous with my Lumin A1 with Leeds processing. Does Windows server 2019 bring a significant improvement in sound? Is it complicated to install on an Intel NUC? I am not a computer geek but only an audiophile : )
  4. Thank you @AudioPhil! It seems to be a bug or conflict if I am using a Shell for Fidelizer Pro (See post 15 from @Windows X). What would be the most appropriate solution?
  5. Hi @AudioPhil, I recently started using AudiophileOptimizer 3.0 and I am amazed by the results in terms of sound quality.I want to go even further, using the shell replacement option. However, before going in that direction, I would like answers to these questions please : 1. Do I need to strip Windows 10 pro if I use shell replacement? 2. To improve the sound quality, I installed the following software on my computer: AudiophileOptimizer (ultimate mode), Fidelizer Pro 8.6 and Minimserver 2.0. How do I configure the shell replacement with that these three applicati
  6. This listing is completed.

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    For sale, in a very good condition, a Sonore OpticalRendu, OpticalModule and 3 meters of optical fiber. I ask 1200$. Save more than 600$ plus tax!. I can sell a Sbooster Mrk II linear power supply for the OpticalRendu for 250$.

    1,200.00 USD

  7. Sonore OpticalRendu and OpticalModule View Classified For sale, in a very good condition, a Sonore OpticalRendu, OpticalModule and 3 meters of optical fiber. I ask 1200$. Save more than 600$ plus tax!. I can sell a Sbooster Mrk II linear power supply for the OpticalRendu for 250$. Seller beajuju Date 06/17/20 Price 1,200.00 USD Category Music Servers / Streamers
  8. Hi, My OpticalRendu is set as an OpenHome renderer. I have no problem to use Lumin or Linn app to remote. Question: How can I enable Linn Songcast with my Rendu? Songast can see my OpticalRendu, bu my Rendu is always unavailable or disconnected. What should I do to resolve this problem?
  9. You are right Chris, I wish we could have convolution integrated into Audirvana. Roon has this option, but to my point of view, DSP and convolution does not sound so good. I prefer to take the uneasy way to have, to my taste, a better sound. We are audiophile, right? 😉 If I can help others, it's not so complicated to use SIR3. My WAV files came from Thierry (Home Audio Fidelity), As you can see, you need only two or three tweaks. First, turn off dry mix and autogain. Secondly, search your wav files on your hard disk (c:) and register your preset. Don't forget to choose true stereo
  10. I have the latest Audirvana Windows version and I can run the plugin SIR3 for convolution (SIR Audio Tools) and Room Shaper by Thierry (Home Audio Fidelity). Excellent sound with my McIntosh MAC6700 and my Dynaudio Focus 340. To my ears and taste, better than Roon I must say. The mids and bass are more defined.
  11. I sent, last week, my Gungir to Schiit and they recognized the burn in period: " We’ve received your product for upgrade! Now, give us a couple of days to do the work, test the result, and burn it in. Then it will be on its way back to you! We’ll send another email when it’s been shipped, with a tracking number"
  12. Today I received my email telling me that I can ship my Schiit Gungir for the upgrade. Already looking forward to receiving my upgrade : )
  13. I just need to resolve one last thing. I sent you the logs with my email address macdotcom. Hope you can resolve this problem with my OS, but it's really promising. Quite an update !
  14. Yes... I change my OS in english. Everything worked fine, except one thing. I sent you my logs. BTW, for the moment I am really really pleased by the sound quality. Better definition, body and weight, deeper soundstage.
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