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  1. You are right Chris, I wish we could have convolution integrated into Audirvana. Roon has this option, but to my point of view, DSP and convolution does not sound so good. I prefer to take the uneasy way to have, to my taste, a better sound. We are audiophile, right? 😉 If I can help others, it's not so complicated to use SIR3. My WAV files came from Thierry (Home Audio Fidelity), As you can see, you need only two or three tweaks. First, turn off dry mix and autogain. Secondly, search your wav files on your hard disk (c:) and register your preset. Don't forget to choose true stereo in "routing" option. That's it : )
  2. I have the latest Audirvana Windows version and I can run the plugin SIR3 for convolution (SIR Audio Tools) and Room Shaper by Thierry (Home Audio Fidelity). Excellent sound with my McIntosh MAC6700 and my Dynaudio Focus 340. To my ears and taste, better than Roon I must say. The mids and bass are more defined.
  3. I sent, last week, my Gungir to Schiit and they recognized the burn in period: " We’ve received your product for upgrade! Now, give us a couple of days to do the work, test the result, and burn it in. Then it will be on its way back to you! We’ll send another email when it’s been shipped, with a tracking number"
  4. Today I received my email telling me that I can ship my Schiit Gungir for the upgrade. Already looking forward to receiving my upgrade : )
  5. I just need to resolve one last thing. I sent you the logs with my email address macdotcom. Hope you can resolve this problem with my OS, but it's really promising. Quite an update !
  6. Yes... I change my OS in english. Everything worked fine, except one thing. I sent you my logs. BTW, for the moment I am really really pleased by the sound quality. Better definition, body and weight, deeper soundstage.
  7. Hello everyone, I bought last Sunday the Audiophile optimizer 3.0. Unfortunately, when I launch AO, it says: “No compatible operating system found”. My system: Roon Nucleus wired with an Audioquest Cinnamon Ethernet cable Cisco switch 2960 ST-L 8 ports NUCi73BNH ( Windows 10 Pro with the latest firmware, downloaded from Microsoft store and registered) as a Roon bridge, with Fidelizer Pro and McIntosh Asio driver 2.0 Audioquest USB Carbon McIntosh MAC7600 (Integrated amplifier) Audioquest Rocket 88 speaker cables Dynaudio Focus 340 I read the AO user manual, but I can’t see how I can resolve this problem of "no compatible operating system found". I have in fact, Windows 10 Pro already installed on my NUC. So, do I need to do a clean install of Windows 10 Pro prior to install AO on a NUC? Do I need to go to the BIOS? If so, what should I do? I just need help for the installation. Thank you for your help and really sorry about my english : )
  8. I sent to you the m3u files at support at audirvana dot com
  9. Bonjour @damien78 I have Audirvana 3.5.20 on my Mac mini with a clean install. I can not import my playlists from Audirvana 3.5.19. On the other hand, if I take the m3u file produced by Audirvana 3.5.19 and I slip it on the icon of Audirvana 3.5.20,Audirvana is able to open the file. I see all my tracks, but it seems impossible to create a playlist in a play queue. Am I right? Can you please help Me? Thank you!
  10. Hi, I'm thinking of moving from a Mac to Windows. In terms of sound quality, does Audirvana Windows have the same audio qualities as its mac version? I ask the question because I noticed that the windows version does not have system optimizer and integer mode. Thank you in advance for your advice : )
  11. When I uncheck real-time control I have problem with Qobuz. For each album on Qobuz, the first track is only played from the 25th second or 35 seconds. This varies from album to album. However, there is a common denominator, no sound before the 20th second.
  12. @damien78, so, I can do convolution (room correction) with Audirvana 3.5.2 by UPnP with my local files, Tidal and Qobuz? Sorry, if the question look a little bit stupid but I just want to make sure I understand correctly.
  13. @damien78, Does it means there is no convolution possible in UPnP with Audirvana 3.5.2? Am I wrong ? I use Reverberate Core 2.0 by LiquidSonics.
  14. Hi @David Craff, A big thank you for your interest. I subscribed to Qobuz Sublime +. My goal is to stream in Hi Res to my Naim Uniti Nova. As the DLNA function is in beta format and I want to enjoy your app with it's booklets, my only option is Chromecast. What's annoying is that Qobuz is promoting its partnership with Naim by mentioning the Chromecast feature ... that does not work properly in the Qobuz appiOS 12. I hope your team can fix it in the of an upcoming update.The internalsoftware of Naim Uniti Nova indicates Chromecast buit-in version 1.21.75965. Thank you again, it is very appreciated!
  15. @David Craff I use Chromecast with my Qobuz iOS app (OS 12.1 and iPhone XS) but since a few months each track in an album seems to glitch by repeating from the start after 2-3 seconds of playback on my Naim Uniti Nova. No idea if it's a Naim or Qobuz issue but it's beyond frustrating. Thank you in advance for your help!
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