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  1. I heard pc version would be available in February. Plus bass management module in the end of q2 2019
  2. HTPC/ Jriver - Minidsp nanoAVR HDA dac - MSB-MVC-1 volume control - Cinepro 2k6 amp - Geddes Abbey speakers plus 4 x 10" Aurasound subs

  3. Under condition that old measurements were done with 48khz sampling
  4. I am suprised that your old filters worked in new version and you liked the sound. There is a new algorithm in beta, therefore old filters should sound diffrent but not necessary in a proper way.
  5. That may explain the unpleasant sound as my jriver' output is set to change all sampling to 96khz and if I remember right I measured at 48khz as there was no other option. If this is an issue, changing all sampling to 48khz should work, shouldn't it? PS. Is there a chance for multichannel beta soon so we can measure subs too?
  6. When I installed the beta in a form of jriver plugin it sounded significally worse than the non-compressed sound or the old version I remembered. I tried to measure twice and finally turned it off as I could not listen to it. Previously the processed sound was clearly better than non-processed one and I loved Dirac. I dont want to compare more as I am in a process of changing speakers and I need a multichannel version. I will try to make some more tests once I set up new speakers. I will also try Audiolense this time.
  7. Hi Flak, I dont understand your post. Full version of Dirac Live was limited to 8 channels. Does it mean that V2 Full version can operate with more channels than 8? Could you please let us know if there is a multichannel beta version as well? I cant directly compare the new beta stereo setup at the moment as I used to use mains with subwoofer in 2.1 configuration. The link to Dirac Live Unicorn has already been given and I am still curious what it is.
  8. A question to Flak. There is an information on Dirac's website about upcoming Dirac Live Unicorn. What is it? Is it V2 with the new name or sth new?
  9. I installed v2 yesterday. Window 10 pro, Jriver mc24 with vst plugin. Initially I had trouble with recognizing Umik-1 mic but it appeared that the problem was with Windows itself (privacy setting). The interface is nice, measurements quick and easy, vst plugin's installation automatic. I made two sets of measurements (focused and wide) but the sound is far from pleasing. When I switch it on and off there is a liitle diffrence between them. With v1 version the diffrence was obvious so I guess there is something wrong with the setup. I was alo using V1 Dirac Full multichannel in 2.1 setup while the beta download link I have received is stereo only. Is there a beta multichanel version?
  10. I dont mind paying extra for features I need. I dont mind paying frequently for updates as a lot of us do with Jriver if they are resonably priced. You can stick to the old version if you like it and never update, your choice. Every software is being developed because people are asking for new features. Otherwise there would be a status quo. I am not forcing Dirac or other software to implement those. The first company which does that will get my money and free promo.
  11. Thats a good point. I used to use Deqx (hardware only), then I switched for Dirac Live pc (dsp)/ jriver (bass mgt) plus minidsp (crossovers) and in the end I would like to have a software only solution plus studio interface. Am I asking too much?
  12. I am waiting for a new version and if I dont like I will switch to other software. Simple as that. I am not a banker or have not robbed the bank to buy a Datasat unit. Funny that you guys are happy as it is. So why do you care at all about a new version. The recent one works.
  13. Luckily guys at video software dont ask these question. They listen to clients and add necessary features. And this world is much more demanding with rapid change from hd to uhd, hdr, new projectors, tv, color spaces etc etc. In audio we dont see that much progress and idea of multisubs come from harman/jbl/ ravel development departament, a major player here. By basic I mean crossover capability and bass management. Maybe you dont need these features but there is a vast group of people who would appreciate them.
  14. Because of lack if certain features I need to use full dirac version with minidsp (crossovers and channel matrix) plus jriver (bass management downstream) and multisub optimizer software for my 4 subs. So yes, dirac lacks some features, and some if them are basic. For the same reason I am looking for a software which can do this all and I dont think I demand too much. Audio technology in DSP, especially in DRC is changing and hardware and software must adapt to it. I have a feeling that hardware and proxessing power is a head of drc software these days.
  15. All DRC software companies should learn from video calibration companies. All three major one like Chromapure, Calman and Lightspace are developing their products and updating constantly. Every couple if months there is sth new. In DRC only Audiolense is introducing new features. It looks like Dirac has only change the way it works without any new features. And for any update we needed to wait years. Acourate's only update in years was to change on their website the realease date of the latest 1.9.8 version from 2016 to 2018 so it seems fresh new. All these products are excellent but at least one of them could introduce managing many multisubs as one channel in a proper way aka multisub optimizer. Dirac needs finally a crossover feature for blending subs and mains.
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