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  1. Can You clarify your current setup please? Are you running single PC with Win 10 or are you running dual PC with Win 10 on the Control and WinSvr 2019 Gui on your Control? If Dual what are your filter setting on the Audio PC. thanks
  2. Not really but I have been thinking about it for the Control PC. i am wondering how important the choice of OS is on the Control PC.
  3. Hi Phil Something has changed with Audirvana, it runs great in Windows Server 2019 Gui, it seems to work well with JPlay Femto and a two PC setup. Can you look at adding back the able to run Audirvava as a replacement shell please? thanks
  4. Hi there   you said "I am using "squeeze2upnp.exe" to connect to roon when using femto chain"  Can you tell me which setup you used?  There is one in the manual that Marcin wrote and then  others in that thread seemed to do it differently.  which approach are you using and do you find it  stable in operation or is it finicky





    1. shinyc


      Yes, there are several ways to go about. I recommend to start with non-fancy way first per below link. Later you can apply Marcin's method.




      1. Download LMS-to-UPnP



      2. Unzip it to C:\ directory


      3. Go to bin directory


      4. Run "squeeze2upnp-win.exe -i config.xml" and wait for 30 sec (or until the prompt returns)

      * make sure jplay femto server is running on the same network while running the above command.


      5. Open the config.xml file in the bin directory with an editor (like notepad.exe).


      6. Edit a few lines like suggested in the link in the #1 line above (please read the entire thread).


      7. Run "squeeze2upnp-win.exe" again without any options.

      * make sure you enabled roon squeezebox setting.


      If you have many upnp renderers on your network, you will see many squeezelite Box choices in roon. You need to click the "i" icon next to each squeezelite output to find which one is which.


      If you have more than one network interface, you might have to change a few more lines in the config.xml. You need to read the "userguide.htm" deep in the sub directory for gory details.


      Once everything is setup correctly, it is quite stable. I do not think it brings in more instability to the system. In other words, it will not help already unstable jplay setup but not worse either.


      SQ is different from plain femto playback chain (i.e. no roon, just femto library with bubbleupnp stuff). I like both but you can read more details in the link in the #1 line above.


      Good luck. 


    2. magicknow
  5. thanks Shinyc this worked great Phil the path for RoonServer in the sample file is incorrect , it should be start /HIGH "RoonServer" %userprofile%\AppData\Local\RoonServer\Application\RoonServer.exe
  6. would this be a resonable one to try? @echo off REM Created by: Highend-AudioPC REM https://www.highend-audiopc.com Title "Launching custom shell..." @echo off echo Launching custom shell... ping -n 3 -w 1000 >nul REM start /HIGH "HQPlayer" "%Systemdrive%\Program Files\Signalyst\HQPlayer Desktop 3\HQPlayer-desktop.exe" timeout /t 20 start /HIGH "RoonServer" %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Roon\Application\Roon.exe exit
  7. Ok but I am not sure how to do that exactly, is this the correct place to find the startup script? If so which file it does not have any named just room Server Shell?
  8. thanks for this, Is there any way to get this working correctly? I think by design JPLAY has to load automatically and obviously if I set Roon Server as the default Shell it also has to load automatically, correct? Given this what is the way to get this working correctly? Cheers
  9. Fair enough but how does something suddenly go wrong with the DAC connection just by changing the default shell on the Control PC?
  10. Phil this does not make sense to me. the only difference between working and not working is setting the default shell on the Control PC to Roon Server from the Windows default. Nothing changes on the Audio PC or the Control PC. How do I trouble shoot this? magicknow
  11. yes the XPIDIF-2 matrix USB to HDMI converter is working correctly. It is feeding my PSAUDIO Direct stream DAC. The Audio PC doesn't change between restarts of the Control PC to either Roon started from Default Shell (works correctly) or Roon running as default Shell (doesn't work)
  12. I have a two PC setup both PC running WinSvr2019 GUI From the Control PC JPlay connects the two machines over a separate subnet with no issue. When i start Roon Server manually from the default Shell everything seems to work fine. I only have one Audio Device to choose from on the Audio PC and that is Jplay ASIO. When I run ST on the Control PC and set Roon Server as the default shell then I can't get audio to play. the Roon control app says Audio device wont initialize When I type JS at the cmd line it doesn't start JPlay setting it just reverts back to the command prompt. Not sure what is wrong, suggestions please? magicknow
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