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  1. MBP to Uptone to Vega. Once the Vega has been on for 20 minutes or so switching to Exact gives no drop-outs. Ever! Vega and Uptone (w/LPS) run on balanced power through a Shunyata V-ray.
  2. Yo can buy the SBooster V-bus isolator to do the same thing somewhat more elegantly. It's about 15 dollars plus shipping. I use two of them, one at the Mac, and the other at the output of the Regen
  3. I used the V-bus isolator on my Mac to Auralic Vega cable to substantial effect. I then added the Regen (with a V-bus isolator plugged into the solid connector) for a further improvement. Blocking the USB voltage for those DACs that allow this seems to work well
  4. Installed my Regen two days ago - MBP, 5m Belkin Gold, Regen to Sboost V-bus isolator straight into hard connector into the Auralic Vega. The rest of the system is Halcro DM 10, MBL 9008A mono's to B&W 800Di2. The Regen is powered by a Paul Hynes SR3-12 (I didn't try the SMPS) The initial change in the sound has morphed into a substantial improvement in staging, detail recovery, dynamics and stability. Everything hangs together more cohesively. Very nice and most pleased. btw.. I used the V-bus isolator as Auralic advised they would prefer not to see 12v on the USB line despite the Vega not using USB power.
  5. Thanks Superdad and Henning - Regen order will be placed shortly
  6. Just to clarify 'cos I am really dumb on electrical stuff Re: the above and the text below copied from the website "b) the best spec'ed and sounding 22 watt/7.5V/2.93A (overkill) tabletop (93 x 54 x 36mm) world-voltage-compatible SMPS we could find (use a nice linear if you want—in the range of 6-9V/1.5A is fine; or even 12V if you are certain that your DAC is not deriving much power from USB bus); If you own an UpTone JS-2 LPS, then you can consider using one of its outputs—set to 7V—to power the REGEN very nicely!" I have a Paul Hynes SR3-12v 2amp PS spare - can I use this to power a Regen? My DAC is an Auralic Vega which I believe doesn't use USD line power at all, so the above indicates this should be OK Correct?
  7. Maybe I'm dumb, but in album view it would be nice to have the search box on top all the time, or accessible via a hot button or swipe, to avoid having to go all the way to the top of the album list to access it. Otherwise everything seems OK and Im sure I'll get used to, and learn the app in due course.
  8. Downloaded and the iPad apps working fine. SQ is good too. Merci Damien
  9. Thanks to Savantgarde and Kafy I deleted the library files, rebooted and re-synched and all is well - the files are perhaps in better shape than before the DB corruption, with more album art and albums showing up. Thanks again
  10. Kafy, Thanks for the response. Can you or anyone else advise what's the best/ cleanest way to delete all the albums and then re-synch Just delete the albums in the browser view? Delete the 3 x library files and then let A+ rebuild the files on start up - then do a re-synch on the NAS? Any other method? I tried deleting the paths in preferences / libraries and expected the albums to disappear but they didn't.
  11. Anyone else had problems after the latest update. Version 2 update found a lot of files on my NAS that hadnt been picked up before. After the subsequent update my library seems to have duplicate entries for everything - AIFF, Flac and ISO's. AIFF and Flac with duplicate files in the same album, and the ISO's as "ghost" albums next to the original album with no artwork, which say "error retrieving folder path", but which have files that play. 4000 albums, about 6TB worth all duplicated FFS... Ive left it for a couple of days, rebooted, sync'd, prayed, sworn at it and most everything else, but no change. Any advice gents and dont say remove all duped manually please :-)
  12. Just downloaded and installed and A+ has found a bunch of albums it could never see (for whatever reason). Dancing around the room to MJ Thriller DSD, finally.. Most cool
  13. Colin L

    Audirvana + 2.0

    I have the same issues. mostly with ISO files.. Frustratingly some of the albums were in previous 2.x libraries and playable, and now they have disappeared and wont sync "back" into the library. They still show up in iTunes integrated mode and are playable. Colour me puzzled
  14. Colin L

    Audirvana + 2.0

    Guys, thansk for the assistance ref library file locations. I'll check it all out when I get home and hopefully I can get those files visible and safely backed up.
  15. Colin L

    Audirvana + 2.0

    Damien (or Jud) As you know, I cant locate my A+2 library file on my machine. Its not in the default location given in the Preferences/Library sheet as the location doesn't seem to exist on my HD. If I changed the library file location in the Preferences/Library sheet will the file be moved to the newly selected location (where I can then find it and back it up), OR will be programme then not be able to find the file as it wont be in this new location. Thanks - Colin
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