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  1. You can take a look at Allo at https://allo.com/sparky/digione-signature-player.html After the first time, you would not need to ever make any changes in the configuration and they have an UI over to configure everything.
  2. Hi: I have a headless setup of Allo Signature and wondering what is the best way to turn off the Allo. Both of the cards are being powered through outlets right now rather than battery pack. My biggest fear is that I might be corrupting the SD card if I don't go through a proper shut down. Thanks, Ahmed
  3. Live in the twin cities but bought my audio research amp from Paragon. They are great.
  4. Hi All: I have a Lenovo TS140(Xeon) with 16GB RAM. I currently use it to run Hyper-V with one VM which does Roon Core and I run Plex on the main server. I am thinking of porting Plex into Azure and repurpose this TS140 to run as Roon Core machine. This is a headless machine, which will be stuck in a media closet area, that I had developed at home and will be hardwired to the network. I am thinking of putting Windows 10 on this machine. Good or bad idea and anything else that I should think of. This machine does not have any SSD but two seagate HD. I was thinking of keeping my QNAP as
  5. Chris, proud to be a Minnesotan for people like you, who does these amazing acts of selfless and condolence to your friend.
  6. Hi CA Community: I had seen a posting here that its possible to have the Raspbian OS to run in RAM and not depend on the SD card, hence, able to restart RPI everytime vs leave it on. I am using a RPI3 + Hifiberry Digi + WiFi for my renderer. I am not able to find the article so far and reaching out to you kind folks to give me a pointer on how to do this. I did see the use of tmpfs and making the SD card read only in google but am hoping to hear from this community for a music only implementation. Thanks, Ahmed
  7. Crowd, thanks a lot for taking the time and give me great feedback. My ARC is brand new and the documentation that came with says that I would need at least 600 hours of burn in time. I will stay put and let the speakers and ARC burn in. I just played Eric Clapton's Pilgrim, which I always find that it exposes the weakness of any system and this setup handled it great. I love my Adcom and would find a new thing to put together with it. All of you had taken my knowledge to a different level!!!!
  8. Hi All: Just acquired almost new pair of Sonus Faber Olympica 2 and bought an AudioResearch DS225 Close out but brand amp to drive the Sonus. I have my favorite audio equipment which is an Adcom GFA-555 II power amp lying around as well. Any advice, if I bi-amplify the Sonus with Adcom using the AudioResearch for Hi/Mid and Adcom for the lower frequencies. I am still in the first week, so it will take time for the equipment to get burned in. Thanks, Ahmed
  9. My requirement is for a sub placed within 3-5 feet of the system.
  10. Thank you Sent from my SM-G920V using Computer Audiophile mobile app
  11. Hi All: I am using a PI3 and Hiberry Digi+ with a old Harman Kardon Signature 2.0 PreAmp and Carver amp with a pair of NHT zeros. This was a living room setup mainly to listen classical, new age through a Roon Bridge installed on the Pi. Just bought a SVS SB-1000 to complement the Zeros. I have audioquest RCA cable laying around but thinking of buy a subwoofer cable. I am thinking of getting a Soundpath cable from SVS (SoundPath RCA Subwoofer / Audio Interconnect Cable – SVS ). I have to say, I am huge monoprice fan. Do you have any help for a Noob? Thanks, Ahmed
  12. Yup, found it out in the harder way. Installed Raspbian jesse Lite per documentation from the Roon site and it worked out just great. Also I am thinking, if you have a Roon, you would not need Volumio.
  13. I am thinking of the same setup on a PI3. The only part that I don't know though is whether I would be able to run a Roon Bridge. Do you fellas know? Thanks, Ahmed
  14. Chris, I bought a RPI 3 and will get a hifi berry Dac to go along with it. Any comments on whether I should get the Dac PRO. My requirement is to use the wifi feature of PI3 as well as blue tooth for the family to stream on the fly and also run Roon Bridge. Ahmed
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