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  1. Thank you by heart to @ericuco & @sootshe for sharing your ressources. I hope I can make someone happy with them. The pics of your build are abolutely impressing and inspiring ... Best, Tom
  2. Hi all, A friend of mine owns an old pair of LaScala's and is looking through rejuvenate them on his own. If you have done such project or you had the plan to do so, could you point me the online resources for DIY projects like this... He is located in Germany, just a stone away from Avantgarde Acoustic. If you look from L A. Thanks in advance Tom🐸
  3. Peter Veth is in the waiting for authenticating the MQA capabilities ... 🤣
  4. Unfortunately, Elmar, that happens to all of us, much too often... Though it is good you found a solution, after all Enjoy your boss🍕🏠🎉weekend
  5. Did you try manually installing util-linux.tcz from the extensions page? https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?107352-Announce-piCorePlayer-3-20&s=77b55c816f3c3f6471a96b0380d7d3dc&p=883562&viewfull=1#post883562 (this is the first google result If I search for your fault code ...)
  6. https://www.sonova.com/en/expanding-our-offering-and-entering-new-growth-markets-sonova-acquire-sennheiser-consumer-division Swiss Sonova acquires Sennheiser Consumer Division
  7. Did you discuss that specific problem with the PiCoreTeam over @ the slimdevice forum?
  8. just read credibility in a posting at that page. Building it in public through AES ???
  9. Hi Elmar, just a general question, is your problem related to hardware or to the installed software ? I remeeber that I had to tinker around with LMS and my RPI3b in 2019 when I installed PiCorePlayer 5 I had written about that then in an article called summer breeze on the homepage: 'There are tiny bits I've added here for you, in case you are new to the LMS ecosystem and you want to know these basic settings information before you use the server: You need to define your media folders via the settings interface. The tricky thing is, your device's access
  10. I'd advise against the Neo iDSD, the single GTO filter is killing MQAlike the sound of music. And the headphone amp is far away from the qualities you find with the iDSD micro series.
  11. Found this in my mailbox today: Security update
  12. As you may have already found out, elaborating your phrase into: Machine offers music you may like by predefined algorithms dependent in your personal taste presented to it, and you have the choice to listen to it or skip it ..makes it more valuable. My decision, but usually it is better than radio. And believe me, I still rave about the times when I got personal recommendations from friends when we talked in person about music. Where I live I haven't met anyone in 15 years who could recommend me anything valuable about music.
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