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  1. Thank you @mitchco that article opens an interesting road to a possible solution for my very bad room modes below 100hz. An option to explore next year after I have made my experiences with Roomperfect in December. Tom
  2. .. then when the hurdy gurdy man comes singing songs of love" Love(d) the version of Steve Hillage, when I was 16, ... still ...
  3. Thank you Chris that my hearing is now kinda "approved by The Computer Audiophile", that means a lot to me 😉 On a more serious note, my curiosity would be more in the direction: How a noise like that, which in my uneducated guess is not an original sound of one of the instruments recorded because the 2 minutes in that song is the single time you can hear it on the whole album, can arrive at a final product? Quality control ? A problem during the mixing/mastering ? If someone during the process of m/m had noticed it, why was it left on the file? Loreena herself is known a bit as a control freak ... Who would be the one to be targeted with a question about that? And would they be willing to change the file ? Just saw a yt video from that song in Poland 2019, 10 days after the Royal Albert Hall recording, and I'd reckon that there was a broken sound pick-up on one of the acoustic instruments, most probably the violin.
  4. The trumpet or the flawed sound ? "Someone" may have intended to sound it like that ?
  5. @The Computer Audiophile I wasn't sure if this post is better here or in the Qobuz thread. If more correct there, pls integrate. Hi Folks, Loreena's live recording from the concert in the Royal Albert Hall last year, as well available on DVD I think, is a nice work show with some nice recording and mastering, mostly between DR11 and 13. My favorite is the last track on the first album, a rocking and multi-instrumental version of "The Bonny Swans." The reason for posting is another track, Nr. 14 "MANX AYRE" which starts around minute 2 with a high pitched tone that sounds like a microphone defect or a broken tweeter, which obviously was my first idea!!! I have rechecked with ROON and via Headphones that the problem is not related to either speakers or Audirvana, but comes with the Qobuz streaming. Does anyone have, by chance, a differently sourced HiRes version of that song and can confirm my findings? Thanks in advance Tom aka DuckToller
  6. Hi, it looks like the Dylan 3 record bootleg has gone from the offer in France, I'd guess Qobuz will wait for the correct files from the label ... On another search I noticed, that from the Hadouk's ecosystem the Hadouk Trio's - Live a FIP is not available in your catalogue (in France). To my taste this would be the most sought after of Hadouk's oevre. You may be able to add it ? A bientot, Tom
  7. @dmackta Bonjour from France The new Dylan Bootleg Vol.15 streams only in 16/44 instead as advertised 24/96. Saw it first in Audirvana, then confirmed it via ROON (see screenshot), not sure it is only a loacal french problem, but if so, you may forward it to your collegues. Best, Tom
  8. Headlining Coachella is kinda BIG, I'd guess. Regarding Tool: I didn't like their early stuff too much, but the "Fear Inoculum" took me by storm with the first listen. The sounds they have recorded are so much more than just a kind of different music, they create atmosphere and resonance for your listening room. I might sound like a fan boy, but this album is my album of the year 2019, even it includes some Metallica-like material, and to me its quality equals the 2018 Dominique Fils-Aime album. Cheers, Tom
  9. FORBES (sic) says they will play Coachella next year https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevebaltin/2019/11/01/confirmed-rage-against-the-machine-to-reunite-in-2020-headline-coachella/ What is your opinion about that ?
  10. Morgan James shouldn't be excluded from a list, imho
  11. Excellent review, Rajiv!!! Best, Tom
  12. Bonjour @Le Concombre Masqué, this is a question quite difficult to answer. Christophe Cabasse played a drum solo for me (I think it was Joe Morello) and I could enjoy it played loud from the Pearl. I was impresse, the microphone I used for the video did not like it at alöl and the recording is flawed, while the Pearl was performing greatly. I have heard the Kii 3 with BXT in Munich, I think it had been Yello's Electrified, a showcase with BXT on/off, which did not touch me. Need to admit, I heard that same track just an hour before at MBL .. so it's a bit unfair, at least. There is a big difference in relation to the Kii, in my opinion, the Pearl is upper end lifestyle - HiFi, and I think it does a lot of things very good and impressive. It has a cloud based DSP processing and traditionally (Cabasse is having along partnership with them) ICEpower based amplification. So they may compete rather with Devialet and with the Pearl Akoya range against Elipson's Lifestyle-Fi products, which are half the price, though one unit can already play stereo. This may be the biggest disadvantage of Cabasse, you need two for the breathtaking stereo effect, which isn't completely conform with lifestyle-Fi and has severe effects on your budget. On the other hand, they are competing for a place in your living room with a WAF-factor, and visually I like them a bit better than the opponents. If the price is not an issue for you, it's a question of personal taste due to the high level of DSP which is involved in any of the speakers. Another disadvantage is its inability to carry a vase with flowers, but that's another serious PLUS for the Kii 3 ;-) The Devialet, so I was told , does most of their improvements in the signal processing. The few times I heard the phantom (Gold, I think), I was just stunned by the hyper-controlled bass response. Point for all impressions, the environment on HiFi Shows is far from perfect, especially if you play loud. I.e. when I heard Monitor Audio driven by huge Cambridge EDGE Amps on Sunday morning, the Gold 300 was accommpanied by extremely low metro frequences from the M8 line in the New Cap centre. A bientot, Tom
  13. The Cabasse room with the Pearl and the Pearl Akoya (little pearl):
  14. Day 2 report: I made 2 videos short of 5 minutes with Damien Plisson from Audirvana and Christophe Cabasse from Cabasse. And talked to the people from Atoll and Atohm, which are represented in the USA by the same distribution company. Most of their products are made in France, that is why the do not compete on price but on quality & perfomance. Imho, French HiFi has a much better reputation than French cars. As note, the streaming amplifier looks interesting, inherently so becaus it follows Atoll's principle to stack their amps with very powerfull toroidal transformes. In this case it's output 120 watts per channel on 8 Ohm from 670 VA transformers. Did not verify, but assume that it profits from the dual mono design of the IS200 Signature integrated amplifier, which is equal in output levels. And it should integrate wll with Audirvana. And I went back to the Sonus Faber/ Lyngdorf Room, listening to Madonna and finding out, that there was a kind of mistake in my reception. They gave me the brochure which was left - the Sonetto one - because all their material was already gone coming sunday morning. The real speakers, who have the walnut finshish that resembles a bit the design of the Sonetto 2, are the Olimpica Nova , which are 6k Euro without stands. Madonna sounded lovely, indeed. Looking forward to get the Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 into my room and my system, end of next month. The show officially ended at 16 h, but come lunchtime everyone was in a hurry. My impression: the effect on/with the public was great, on the buiness relationship perspective a bit less (that's what I've heard), and it several levels away from the Munich High End show. Though it is still a young event and may have room to develop. Cheers, Tom
  15. Update for the Klipsch post: you find a 2 minute video sequence on my Instagram:
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