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  1. looking forward to your review of the PPA router vs. your new one...
  2. Could you please comment on the sound-stage size ? Thanks...
  3. I have bought at least 10 DAC's over the past few years, my current DAC was about 2500 USD and is powered by an equally expensive power regenerator and fed by an equally expensive USB chain. I also have or have had over 20 iFi devices and have been happy with every purchase from them. MQA or no MQA would not in any way influence my decision for a future purchase. I guess that MQA might actually offer me an option for streaming high res in my current location which normally has relatively slow bandwidth available.
  4. I have been using the 210W ATX Teradak unit nearly 24/7 for about 3 years with no problems, all SSD's and the PPA card are on separate LPS's and the server has no MB fans and no video card... I do have a small LPS driven computer cooling fan in place near the LPS fins for summer days when ambient is over 30C or so.. I am also using Teradak's to power 2 Uptone LPS-1's, a bunch of cooling fans, and with some tube preamp/buffers in an environment often well over 30C ambient without a single failure... I also found that a better Teradak (The DC30 range and up) when followed inline with an iFi DC iPurifier has a sound quality generally similar to the Uptone LPS-1.
  5. I agree it is an easy mod and in my case was absolutely necessary to get acceptable sound in my system from the SU-1.. But please remember that there could be potentially lethal voltages inside.
  6. Agreed - very off topic already.. I have 2 LPS-1's and power both with separate 5A TeraDak 9V LPS.. easy.. no cheap switching PS in my stereo room.. My GUESS is that the JK battery PS unregulated version is using some type of "trickle-charging" method to hold the output voltage stable while the batteries discharge... not sure.. but he has offered this type of idea previously to improve the original Regen and was very well received from the folks I read who tried it. Would multiple battery cells need to use some type of balanced charging system? Another comment - I have had other (kind of DIY style) battery supplies that sounded great (perhaps preferred in my system to the LPS-1), but they proved unstable and twice I had problems with cells overheating (once when I inserted a cell reversed polarity).. so to me a safe, plug and play, usable battery PS that could be preferable sound-wise in some systems to a regulated supercaps PS would have some value.
  7. To me this is very interesting, it seems like the ( s-clk ex clocked) txbexp card is an improvement, even though it is earlier in the signal path than the iso regen ... ?
  8. HI, could you please advise if you ever got this working OK? I had the same problem (audio stopping when closing light switches - using the IR), so sold the IR - but may like to give it a try again. I am not sure I am keen to the idea of introducing extra grounds into my current system however. Many thanks...
  9. I use a pair of partial barriers with the speakers at a normal 60 degrees. Room is heavily treated. I have the miniDSP based ambio, Carver C9, C16, Amtra, etc, and tried a full barrier at 10 +10 degrees. My current partial barriers add improvements similar to the full barrier. Both barrier types SQ sound better to me than the software stuff I tried, but I will work on that more seriously in the near future.
  10. Hi Phil, Does this work with Server 2012 ? Or has not been tested yet? Thanks
  11. Not cheap, but once used/heard the LPS-1 becomes mandatory. I would not want to lose it. Nope, it's a keeper. Thanks for the review... order placed :-)
  12. motberg

    HQ Player

    Many many thanks for this comment... I tried again and drag-n-drop working OK, Winserver 2012, core, AO, TotalCommander...
  13. motberg

    HQ Player

    I think it would be better to keep the HQP program window fully opened, also need drag and drop making sure you have grabbed the first file, also how would this work with some remote device ? also drag-drop seems does not always work on Win Server in core mode.. my audio files are wav with no meta data so the library management results in an unusable mess....
  14. Hi tbg... +1 to everything you posted.. I have been checking this for the past few months, and seems the Ciunas is a pretty solid contender for an upgrade, uses battery. https://sites.google.com/site/jkciunas/purchase I think there is one still FS at head-fi.. currently I am using 2 SPDIF outputs, so am waiting for the new Hydra-Z reviews.
  15. I am using a 1 meter Supra cable between the computer and iFi iUSB power supply, then an adapter between the iUSB and and the W4S DDC.
  16. Hi TubeLover, I think I have the right link and the specs there say there are Eight outlets on the back panel, one on the front. You can double check... I hope that helps and good luck...
  17. Seems Audiophil sells both.. I would check with him.. Highend-AudioPC
  18. Hi semaj, you have some good questions that I am sure the folks here can help you with. I do not use Foobar, but you are probably heading in the right direction setting up your computer using Foobar as the player. In the meantime, you can look through this thread over at the head-fi forums - lots of great info there that will help you get the most of your new equipment.. Gustard U12 USB Interface 8 Core XMOS chip
  19. Hi rossb.. many thanks for all the effort keeping us updated on this, especially interesting are the results of different (well regarded) power supplies on the same DDC...
  20. I guess you are aware that the DAC must be plugged into the computer via USB before starting the driver install... I suggest to try another USB port.. plug the DAC into another USB port (directly into the computer, no hubs for now..) and try the driver install again.. I do not have that same DAC, but had 2 others that installed the same way.. good luck..
  21. Thanks for the heads-up! I've been waiting for this..
  22. Thanks for all the comments here... I have a totally new server since rev. 1.3 (single PC with PPA v2 card) so difficult to compare 1.26 to 1.3... but I was using 4D on 1.26 with my laptop.. now I find with 1.3 best with 4A and SEHOP per AO recommendation but USB optimization not enabled. 1.3 / 4D on my system now is fantastic sound stage but too edgy (my speakers lean toward brightness).. 4A is a nice balance with natural vocals and good dynamics... Ultrastream, DL, US at 80, WIN2012, Jplay mini, hibernate.. will try the JPlay River engine later next week... when I go against the SEHOP recommendation, I lose the "whack" from the bass kick pedal (I got an idea of what that should sound like from being in bar-bands many years ago..).
  23. Hi.. I currently use a W4S uLink with an iFi iUSB power source, sounds good but for the past few months considering upgrade options. besides the Cuinas mentioned above I was checking the Teddy Pardo U2S model TeddyU2S - 192kHz USB to S/PDIF converter. | USB to S/PDIF converters | DACs | TeddyPardo and the Audio GD DI 2014 (some early mention at the head-fi org forums, I have a DI-V3 but I use JPlay and XMOS works better) ºÍ§Ó­µ响 also considering the iFi iLink and Gemini cable...(since I already have the iUSB and could use 2 SPDIF outputs) but I have not found a lot of comparative reviews either, except the Darko list which seems somewhat dated... The Darko DAC (and digital transport) Index | Digital Audio Review by John Darko or maybe just wait it out until early next year and see if I can find a good deal on a Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB..
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