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  1. I had a situation with HQPlayer vol. control, where I tried upsampling at a rate that was incompatible with my DDC, resulting in full vol. static. So I think even if the software vol. control is stable (HQPlayer works great) ..... with digital signals, and various hardware and software being involved, maybe potential incompatibilities should be also considered.
  2. I am also using the MiniDSP for subs... subs only, monitors running full range... the miniDSP 2x4 HD version was an audible upgrade from the prior model in my system.
  3. What do you guys think about adding sub-woofers in a DAC direct to amp system? Is it OK to split a 2V RCA output and run a set of cables 1 meter to the amp, and another set to the subs maybe 4 meters each? I get the feeling that most DAC makers generally are expecting the user to use a single set of outputs to a single receiving device.
  4. I am pretty sure Ghent can make that for you.... just send him an email... http://www.ghentaudio.com/pc/hg01.html
  5. I know this is a stretch... but has anyone compared a Schiit Freya S to software volume control ?
  6. But I think to use software volume control, you need modify the source file digitally. So isn't the choice digital manipulation of the source vs. analog manipulation of the DAC output?
  7. I just ran AO on the HQPlayer Win2019 GUI NAA machine... Wow.... I was shocked how good this software volume control is using HQPlayer. I have tried other softwares years ago and recently the built in volume control on a Topping D70 and a Gustard A20H without major success (the Gustard was pretty good though). I have not run through all my normal test tracks yet, but my preliminary observations indicate the HQPlayer vol. control has no major audible drawbacks in my system. Thanks to everyone who helped get me this far.... much appreciated....
  8. Thanks, can you please advise a couple software volume control options that you consider well implemented.
  9. I have not seen any valid study done where the THD was reported detected at less than .5%. That is why I was asking, since you seem to be sure 0.25% is audible. In any case, it certainly is not the bottleneck in my system. And now that I got HQPlayer setup direct out, I am more convinced that the Lightspeed is more representative of the direct signal than any other preamp I have heard in my system.
  10. Any scientific back up to the claim 0.25% THD as tested in your example is detectable by average humans?
  11. I already saw them... I am sure was well below audibility... remember some decimal points and zeros, etc...
  12. The maker has posted also his distortion calculations and seems really low to me.... Not sure if the PS has any effect, but mine is powered by mains regenerator into LPS into 4 x LT3045 regulator The Lightspeed has been on Stereophile Recommended Components list and gets great comparative reviews. It certainly subjectively was much clearer to me than my Schiit Saga + in passive mode. (already sold the Saga +)
  13. Here is real world configuration: Using @ericuco suggestion (thanks!) I set max vol to -10 db my normal volume level will be a couple db less than max. So - at 44.1/16 -> 176.4 K, HQPlayer vol set at -12db, what am I losing in terms of dynamic range? Are there any settings available to optimize this (such as increasing bit depth) ?
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