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  1. Agree 100% from my experience, Windows, Server, Euphony, Volumio, etc.
  2. This is an interesting result - what was the amperage rating for the LT3045's... maybe not enough overhead ?
  3. iiuc, UPL is .wav files playback only ? So if possible, a comparison of flac via U192ETL general quality vs. the UPL/.wav general quality would be extremely enlightening..
  4. Thanks! I did not notice a mention of the remote at the SZAudio site.....
  5. Montrose - Space Station #5 Near the end, just before getting to the strong standard swirl-around-your-head phase effect, there is a wave that travels back and forth behind the listeners neck.. Pretty much that entire album is a true rock classic... For more natural stuff, +1 on the Chesky CD's A high priority for my preferences is a large deep sound-stage, so I built some columns to help inter-aural crosstalk cancellation by delaying some of the opposite side speaker arrival. I think this helps stabilize my system's performance for this attribute - and
  6. If you could be so kind as to share photo of the front panel and navigation, that would be appreciated 😊
  7. Thanks for the review! Is this your first experience using i2s?
  8. If you like studio prog rock, rock, jazz, pop, I think an r2r DAC should be considered as an option, to me r2r offers a more natural, lifelike, dynamic presentation for these genres vs. my limited experience with AK and ESS. I also get the impression a competent r2r offers better "drive" for a tube preamp. I think it was someone at Schiit who refers to "plankton" - pretty good description in what I noticed missing in my 2 AK4497 DAC's and a few ESS models. Lots of options, but I am looking at this or the flagship Audio-GD stuff... or maybe something used.... maybe next month will be able to pu
  9. One other thing is that, (from my direct experience not directly related to audio), maybe the factory engineers offer a considerable contribution to the design and production engineering. So I would not be surprised if many of the noticed shared characteristics actually originated from the factories' capabilities.
  10. Maybe we think of our music more like a David Copperfield performance.. 😉
  11. I suggest you also try Euphony Stylus vs. Roon - free to try for a month and very easy to setup... I never used Roon, but recent comments iiuc are it is going downhill for audio quality.. I personally would try software (and any possible room/speaker/chair adjustments) before a new DAC or preamp test...
  12. My Love Over Gold is a SACD rip a friend did for me a long time ago. Sounds fantastic, one of my favorites... I hate to mention this, but somewhere in one of these groups a few months ago I posted my impressions of the D50, and 2 comments I included were something like; acoustic guitars had a slight plastic sheen (first noticed on "The Clap" by Yes) and most bass guitar elements sounded like they were recorded by a cheap DI direct to the mixing board. So it could be your separation issue is partially DAC based, but should not be a severe as what you are mentioning. Standing by itse
  13. The way I understand things, -25 db should be audibly acceptable given a competent software volume control implementation (whether inside the DAC or written into the control software) ....but I think this could actually be a bit more complex.. To me, that means that for most DAC's you should be able to run direct as you have been and attenuate in software without audible degradation. Maybe someone with a more technical background could comment additionally. Some cool info in this thread (pros and cons of preamps) if you have not yet seen it...
  14. Opposing viewpoint on the idea to learning recording methodology. I would think the artist usually wants the listener to experience their work as a finished piece, not dissect it into its parts. The absolute worst thing I did in my life's audiophile endeavors was to start a DAW based project studio after I left my last band and work up some original songs. After a few years of that, every time I listen now I am considering the process as much as - or more than - experiencing the artists' solicited emotional response. I guess a little understanding of the recording environment
  15. Gustard A20H - if you can get an audition with return capability. This is smooth, detailed, modern and sufficiently dynamic. To my ears, more analog in presentation and more natural in tone than the D50. But I think your speakers deserve something exceptional in a DAC, If you are using USB, from what I have read the Schiit Bifrost 2 may be a good match to the KEF's. Also imho this DAC represents some really impressive technology, being multi-bit and user up-gradeable. Possible end-game for many audiophiles, but there are some limitations such as no DSD input. I guess yo
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