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  1. First of all, I must admit a couple of elementary mistakes here.... embarassing facts actually.... As Alex pointed out, the unit did come with the GI switched at down on at "I" position. I had assumed the "on" position means GI is on. Secondly, while fiddling yesterday, I noticed that the "red light" at the back was not lighted when I lose connection, which suggested to me there is some power issue. I suspect that the Oyaide plugs does not connect well on the Regen power input due to the weight of the plug (by the way, should it be a 2.1mm or 2.5mm input plug?). I have
  2. So gents, first off, I apologise if this issue has been discussed. This thread is now 38 pages and I have trouble sifting through to get the answers. Basically, I received my ISO Regen a couple months back. Plugged it in, not realising the GI was in the disable position. Been using it lightly since I was just also assigned on a major project at work. At that time, I noted that the USB connection will disconnect after an hour or so of playing music and sometime, not connecting at all. I had not time to investigate until last week. First I took the LPS1.2 out of the equa
  3. I am planning to get a new hifi rack and need to plan some space for this. Could any one give me the dimension if the atx275?
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