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  1. First of all, I must admit a couple of elementary mistakes here.... embarassing facts actually.... As Alex pointed out, the unit did come with the GI switched at down on at "I" position. I had assumed the "on" position means GI is on. Secondly, while fiddling yesterday, I noticed that the "red light" at the back was not lighted when I lose connection, which suggested to me there is some power issue. I suspect that the Oyaide plugs does not connect well on the Regen power input due to the weight of the plug (by the way, should it be a 2.1mm or 2.5mm input plug?). I have since added extra Silicon rings to support the connection. So far no drop outs this morning (fingers crossed). I will report back after the next few days to confirm this finding. Also to clarify, the ticks happened when the GI switched off. With the GI on, music flows beautiful. I understand that my DAC has GI on the USB input side, but even this, I found some improvement with the Regen. Volume seemed abit attenuated but I am also hearing better separation and imaging. Once again, apologies for raising the alarm bell and for the embarrassing nature of the user error. Really appreciate this community support. PS : I use Acoustic Revive USB cable.
  2. So gents, first off, I apologise if this issue has been discussed. This thread is now 38 pages and I have trouble sifting through to get the answers. Basically, I received my ISO Regen a couple months back. Plugged it in, not realising the GI was in the disable position. Been using it lightly since I was just also assigned on a major project at work. At that time, I noted that the USB connection will disconnect after an hour or so of playing music and sometime, not connecting at all. I had not time to investigate until last week. First I took the LPS1.2 out of the equation and power direct via JS2. Same thing, disconnected after an hour. Then I realised the GI was switched off. Switching it on, I notice clicks and pops during passage of the music. I could be wrong, but I doubt it is a grounding issue. My equipment as below : Preamp : Accupahse C2850 DAC : DC37 Server : DIY server powered by JS2 All power cords are Ansuz US plugs connected to Accuphase power regenerator Power amp : Accuphase A45 Power regenerator and power amp connected to Ansuz powerboard. Any help will be much appreciated as I am on the verge of giving up soon.
  3. I am planning to get a new hifi rack and need to plan some space for this. Could any one give me the dimension if the atx275?
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