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  1. Hi Zoltan, dear all, unfortunately I have no such measuring equipment as they are very expensive and there is no way to borrow this kind of equipment I am aware of. The data is the original data published by Mutec. As the data in my post a year ago has been from one of the last prototypes I updated my information of the measurements with the finally sold REF 10 data. For the time being I use professional standard RG59 BNC-BNC cable with a length of 50cm. There are many interdependencies, cable is only one in the whole chain. And your question about measurement or the REF 10 with clock cable attached at the end of the cable is exactly what I would be interested in as well. Mutec is working on measurements of different cables because of the questions all of us raised. I suggested Christian Peters to offer one cable in different length at a recent price where the interaction with the REF 10 is measured and date can be published by Mutec. From my perspective and as an additional sales argument I would even offer a sales option for a REF 10 including one or more cables and individual measurement of this REF 10 including the cable(s). That individual certificate will have a price tag because of extense individual work, but would help us getting the best out of the REF 10. To give an example, I own such a certificate for my Earthworks MC-30 measurement microphone. If we take a look at the market price of other, seriously comparable reference clock generators and other components in our chain this service could be added as an additional option. @all: Would you like to see such an offer from Mutec? Will you be ready to pay for this service as an additional option? What would be the price for the measurement procedure and certificate you would accept? As I am based in Germany I would be happy to discuss CA members opinion on that face to face with Christian Peters. Maybe we find a valuable way forward for all of us? Take care Thomas
  2. Dear all, there has been several quite interesting knowledge exchange started within this REF 10 thread on different topics which is good news. On the other hand we are loosing track and others will not be able to recognize the valuable discussion eg about power supply optimization because they will not search for that in a REF 10 thread, will they? @ Chris: May I ask to move all power supply comments not referring to REF 10 to look&listen's thread "audio power supply optimization" @look&listen: Thank you for starting an own thread on this topic. Maybe you could help Chris recognizing the right postings with naming them to him? Back to our topic: The measurements of the final REF 10 which is in production since a while has been improved against the data I have had available in my starting post a year ago: Here are the actual measurements: REF 10 phase noise: 1 Hz: ≤ -116 dBc/Hz 10 Hz: ≤ -145 dBc/Hz (old: -142 dBc/Hz) 100 Hz: ≤ -160 dBc/Hz (old: -155 dBc/Hz) 1000 Hz: ≤ -166 dBc/Hz (old: -160 dBc/Hz) Noise floor: ≤ -170 dBc/Hz (old: -166 dBc/Hz) My own experience with the REF 10 is very positive. The improvement in music flow, clarity and soundstage is clearly recognized wether with my unmodified MC3+ USB or my modified MC3+ USB which has a floating 6V power supply unit attached. If you have a chance you might take (hear) a look at the High End Munich if you visit Mutec's team. Many thanks for helping us keeping on track Enjoy the music and relax Thomas
  3. Hi John, no reclocking needed, just enjoy all the comming years! Happy 60th birthday enjoy the grounded cake and the party! Take care Thomas
  4. Hi Alrainbow, you might be interested In some of my older post like this one: The comparison is still valid. Take care Thomsa
  5. Dear all, I have started this thread about Mutec's REF 10 with some specs at an early stage of its launch. We have seen some valid discussion and first reports of owners. My own report will follow at a later stage. In between some lost track in this thread. This happens but has nothing to do with some post we are recognizing now. Isn' it disturbing how some CA members with commercial background are posting lately in this REF 10 thread without staying on topic? May I ask to open own threads for discussions like the ones before, in case of commercial postings please make use of your own (sponsored) forum. Many thanks Thomas
  6. Hi tboooe, yes, my old post might be interesting for you: Take care Thomas
  7. Hi Flavio, Microsoft is with Server 2016 not anymore offering the possibility of a switch from Gui to Core. You need to decide about Gui or Core with the installation. If you go for a search you will find many more detailed explanation. But indeed Gui mode of Server2016 superseeds Server 2012R2 Core. Enjoy Thomas
  8. Dear all, here are some more details on REF 10 confirming the measurements I posted earlier: Take care Thomas
  9. ...an this is how she looks at High End Munich today: Same width as the MC3+ USB, double height and more deep.
  10. Hi Cogee, I have posted some technical details on Mutec's REF 10 you might find helpful: Take care Thomas
  11. Dear all, Some may have already recognized Mutec’s finally finished new masterclock quietly presented at Axpona. With the launch of the product on Munich’s High End I am able to share some of the technical details with you. I have been in contact with the REF 10 10 MHz clock for the first time in December 2014 with the first prototype presented by Mutec. In short, the goal was to combine even lower phase noise with a precise clock, it looked very promising already at that time. But it took Mutec more time as planned to reach their goals. We have in between seen learning’s of the development in the excellent Mutec MC3+ USB. At the end of Decembers 2016 the prototype measurements confirmed a very high slew rate square and even better phase noise results for the REF 10 as 2014. Finally these are the measurements for the final product: REF 10 phase noise: 1 Hz: ≤ -116 dBc/Hz 10 Hz: ≤ -142 dBc/Hz 100 Hz: ≤ -155 dBc/Hz 1000 Hz: ≤ -160 dBc/Hz Noise floor: ≤ -166 dBc/Hz Part of the development is a sub-1 Hz optimized linear power supply for lowest noise. The heart is an ultra-low phase noise OCXO from Germany. For the techies between us this should give a valid insight. More listening experience to come when I have the REF10 again on my desk. Enjoy the music Thomas P.S. I have no commercial relationship to Mutec. I am testing and measuring hardware and software in my system as some of us do
  12. Pics missing in blog Hi Chris, well done, I am recognizing more and more great features implemented with the Update of CA. And I would like to mention that your work and open discussion with everyone in this thread is recognized, thank's again. I just stumbled about a blog entry of Miska where the pics of the measurements are missing, maybe they could be added again from the backup? This is the page: Take care Thomas
  13. Hi Phil, well done, quality and stability is the better choice. Folks, the new release will open a lot of new possibilities, check the changelog and think about the new possibilities. Wasapi in 2016 Core Mode is a major achievement as KS has been in Server Core before! Enjoy Thomas
  14. Hi Big AL, this post might be helpful for you with some more details: Take care Thomas
  15. Hello Hammer, the short answer to your question is "garbage in, garbage out". Better explained, you should think about a better signal arriving with less jitter attached to it arrving from your PC at your DAC. Less work, switching hassle and power consumption results in less jitter attached to the signal, that is what you will achieve with an optimized OS for Audio. AO is the easiest way to achieve this with a lot of tool helping for the individual system, not talking about Phil's support in addition. If you take a look at Phil's pdf explaining AO you will get a better understanding. Enjoy the way forward Thomas
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