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  1. Well put Uncle Neil. Whatever anyone may think about the methods of his efforts, I am very glad there is at least one musical artist out there who cares about the sound quality that carries his art.
  2. So.... does one NEED to be using the Taiko SGM for your "cost effective" assessment to hold?
  3. My point, though possibly not clearly stated, is that consumer prices should drop considerably PS Audio is going “factory direct.” Maybe we are saying the same thing in different ways.
  4. Cutting out the dealer mark-up too?
  5. Eagerly awaiting the Carpenters' stuff. I have the "Singles" album on LP, and digital in 24/192 PCM and DSD. IMO the DSD sounds better than the PCM to a degree more than usually accounted for by format.
  6. Finally got around to listening to the Bread snippets - Wow!!! IMO this is probably the most important thing I have seen on this site as far as increasing sound quality. Thanks for chasing this, John. Now I need to get to your more recent posts .
  7. @miguelito For many I think it may not be advisable to attempt to jump from what was your former audio system to your current one. However, all evidence indicates that the regular rules do not apply here: Exceptional. Enjoy! (ps: a system I would LOVE to get my ears on)
  8. No tips, sorry, but am very curious to know if there is a difference in sound quality with playback with local SD card compared to network storage.
  9. GREAT stuff, John. Thank you for this very important work.
  10. Oh Yes! Remember a Micronta (Radio Shack) digital clock with seeming magical powers. May have been the first, if not certainly among the first, of such "audio" items on the market. It's Quantum Physics, man (the explanation when you really don't have one, or there really is not one). Great stuff.
  11. Understood Chris, but IMO that is not what barrows stated. Oh well,, will let it go.
  12. It is my understanding that such displays are a source of noise. Plus they are redundant to the tablet display.
  13. Great move on Sonare’s part IMO. As you know I am very interested in direct play from SD card. Question: It appears that the card used can be purchased elsewhere for far less (hundreds of $$) than your asking price. More info please.
  14. Built like the proverbial brick outhouse and knowing Aurender I expect it is operationally just as solid. Nice review.
  15. "Trojan Horse" Scam? Back in the late '80s or early '90s a company named Theta Digital issues a "high end" product called the Theta Universal Transport priced between $4-5K (think >$10K today). This huge box that played both CDs and laser discs received rave reviews by the audiophile press at the time (big players still today). I managed to snag one off of eBay for an incredibly low price from the owner of a high end audio emporium. Not too long after that purchase the news hit that the Theta Universal Transport was little more than a Philips Laser/Multidisc player stuffed inside of a substantially larger case. I bought model Philips CDV-400 player that was used by Theta and found that I could not hear any significant difference between the two players. So, up for sale went the Theta and kept the Philips (at a tidy profit IIRC). The whole thing is laid out in tremendous technical detail at the link below by Lukasz Fikus of Lampizat0r: http://www.lampizator.eu/lampizator/REFERENCES/THETA Universal/theta.html
  16. Been listening to Oxygene (orig French pressing LP and a MoFi) again recently and still love it. Great stuff. I want the music on this video! Hires pleasie.
  17. This “product,” if it does in fact exist, has been around for quite a long time. I first encountered the web page touting it at least ten years back. I do like the concept,,, just need the price reduced to one or two percent of the one quoted.
  18. "Pops" traveled the world for decades as a musical ambassador of the United States. That being the case, there may well be a number of Satchmo Jrs. scattered around the globe. Been a while since I've listened to his seminal stuff... on my "to listen to" list for the near future. Thanks.
  19. I find both sound and musical quality excellent on this very early ,GREAT sounding stereo recording issued in 1959 ... my fave Satchmo, aka: “Pops”, record:
  20. Ok,, had me quite baffled as this N’Awlins boy never, ever heard of any Satchmo Jr. 😁 👍
  21. Totally with you here. I am quite happy with the sound I am getting with the Lush^2 sans 'boxes." I may have lost a bit of something, though what I am hearing is that I have also gained something.
  22. Here’s a page w/pics, info: https://littlemart.wordpress.com/audio-accessories/hi-fi-rack/ How to purchase here (not click n pay): https://littlemart.wordpress.com/home/wheretobuy/ Hopefully Bernstein has something better.
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