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Audio System


Auralic Aries (Femto clocks) digital music streamer - music files fed in via Supra .7m A-B USB cable from Western Digital Black 2TB drive in OWC Mercury Elite Pro USB case , Teradac LPSU.

Lampizator Gen 5 Level 4 DAC fed from Aries via Phasure LUSH^2  USB cable .7m

All digital equipment plugged into Blue Circle FX2 X0e CxT power conditioner.

Aries controlled via Auralic Lightning DS on Apple iPad Air.



Well Tempered Labs Amadeus turntable/tonearm, London Audio-Technica AT33PGTII > modded Rogue Audio Ares phono preamp w/custom blue MC transformers + upgraded caps/resistors >DIY HiFi Django Mini TVC.


Speakers and amplification:Custom Hawthorne Audio Sterling Trio Open Baffle speakers w/three 15" drivers - bi-amped by a pair of substantially modified Quicksilver Mini-Mono amps plus two Dayton Audio SA-230 woofer amps,  2 x RSL 10" SpeedWoofers, Velodyne FX-18 sub (40Hz and below).


Interconnects, speaker cables and power cords DIY designed and fabricated.

Audio racks and various damping/isolation devices utilized as well as room treatment.

music room gear end.JPG

music room ceiling.JPG

music room sweet spot.JPG


quicksilver mini amp.JPG


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