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  1. LOVE the pix, Dynobot, thanks for posting. how does the cubox->USB->BNC->DAC fair?
  2. That recalls something I read in a USB DAC round-up article a couple of days ago: Six Budget USB DACS Put To The Test! Clive Meakins checks out some USB equipped DACs and how to get the best out of them. USB DAC shootout featuring JPLAY and the Rega DAC, Beresford TC-7520 (modified + Burson Buffer), Halide Design DAC HD, JKDAC , M Scroll down to the section titled An Interesting Tweak, where he talks about USB and "direct connectors". The article is dated (Apr 2012), so the products are a little dusty, but the detail is good. hadn't considered that yet (removing Vcc), good idea - worth a try, anyway. i'm swimming in spare USB cables. i like this guy's hi-tech design...
  3. Regarding Low-noise, linear power supplies, i've just been informed of this AQVOX product: love the gold micro-USB connector!
  4. oh, that's a bummer. still, puppy on pi is possible, so maybe some enterprising/bored dev will make it happen! excellent! i'll sign up as a beta-tester for your new distro... same! it could certainly handle it well if the OS (TBD) was running in RAM, which there is 2x of, compared to an RPI.
  5. oh, yeah, power failure, right. there is always piCorePlayer, or mpdPup (abandoned) for running OS in RAM...
  6. have you measured the output of your PS, to ensure that it is not dipping below the req'd spec? see the below vid on that. SPOILER: he recommends this 5.25V PSU.
  7. A new embedded hardware platform to consider: the Odroid-C1. With 4x ARM Cortex-A5 cores @ 1.5GHz, an RPi killer at only $35!
  8. that surprises me, though i believe you. i've read that the LMS server can even run on a Raspberry, much less the clients, without a problem. Is there anything about your specific setup or usage that might contribute your issue?
  9. agreed, that's my goal. i got root... yeah, i like the sound of that! yeah, i use RaspBMC/OSMC - love 'em! yeah, it does. i have a feeling it is the guts of the new OSMC-based Vero yeah, that's what i've read too, but I've also read that, with the B+, they changed from linear to switching regulators, which makes me a little nervous, acoustically speaking. another vote for BBB, cool! thanks.
  10. that's what i suspected, thanks for confirming. now *that* is interesting, I'll keep that in mind. did you document all these changes and mods you made? might come in handy if they were all to be found in one easy-to-digest place... btw, i read your "Computer Audio" write-up (in your sig) - nice work, sounds like you've spent a lot of time on this stuff!
  11. jc, did you try oskar's work-around to use an earlier kernel (<=3.12.26)? Interestingly, I see that my recently installed OSMC/RaspBMC image is running 3.12.26+, whereas my freshly installed Raspbian image is running 3.12.28+ ... of course, I do not have a DAC on either one, so I can't test anything myself...
  12. thanks for the info and the link, Eric. interesting looking beastie...
  13. Does anyone have thoughts on the power supply for the audio PC? I have read in several places about the importance of using a power supply that does not generate too much background/white noise, as that can interfere with the audio playback. This points me towards a linear power supply, with low ripple, versus a switching (or other, non-linear) power supply, which might be more efficient, but is less than ideal, acoustically. Is worrying about this overkill for me? I don't mind spending the extra few bucks to do this right, so if it is worth it, are there any recommendations (keeping in mind a BBB/RPi type of device, so say 5V ⎓ 1.2A-2A)? Bonus for Micro-USB connection.
  14. 4est, According to the website's description of the product, it is an LMS/Squeezebox Player only, not an LMS server. You have to point it to an LMS server. I don't know much about LMS...is this how you use it? I would prefer to have a single box/PC that is responsible for serving the music. And if you can simply install LMS onto the host running piCorePlayer, then why wouldn't the piCorePlayer come like that, or at least be configurable that way?
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