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  1. SACD_Extract#1
    SACD Ripping using an Oppo or Pioneer? Yes, it's true!

    To users of sacd_extract using the server method:


    I have been working on improving the sacd_extract client program from the currently inactive original sacd-ripper repository past few months.  I thought I would share that in case someone is interested.  Here is the git repository: https://github.com/setmind/sacd-ripper/  (Sorry, you need to compile the code to use it).


    In addition to performance improvement and bug fixes, I have added features like concurrent extraction of ISO and DSF/DSDIFF in a single scan of a disc, padding-less DSF generation for some players that cannot handle DSF tail padding properly, extraction of multi-channel and single-channel tracks in one shot, and addition of more ID3v2 tags from TOC to DSF.  Details with compilation instruction are described in https://github.com/setmind/sacd-ripper/blob/master/readme.rst and performance comparison with the original is here https://github.com/setmind/sacd-ripper/wiki


    It seems to work fine on Linux and Windows, but unfortunately is unverified for macOS since I do not have a Mac.  If anybody has a chance to try this on Mac, please report back.  I welcome any feedback.



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