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  1. She's pulling up her top to show what's underneath, so not a usual way to wear clothes, anyway the angles are all sort of weird, looks like a photo editor is at work.
  2. First of all, a thank you for the developer @Zaphod Beeblebrox to work out a unique development of computer audio processing. He found a problem with the processing of the Chord DAVE and decided to do something about it, hats off to you. When reading through the FAQ and the guides, let's get to the gist of things: i) How much will it cost ii) What work do I need to do to setup PGGB iii) Could there be any benefits to SQ Cost a) Purchase another 32GB ECC RAM b) Purchase another 10 TB HDD to store the processed WAV files c) purchase another 10 TB backup
  3. Thanks John, had to look up glass transition temperature, and once gain, Wikipedia article states the Tg for PTFE is some 115C. I don't store my teflon/PTFE cables in a fridge, and use them with a variety of temperatures without becoming sticky. Is Teflon not a PTFE or the other way around?
  4. The size of the power transformer is a trivial exercise compared with the requirements of the ATX power supply requirements. The spec for that is available on the Web and lays down rules that the power supply must adhere to factors such as tolerance of voltage, delivery of current, and failure shut-down systems for the mobo in case the psu fails. More than one 3 3V supplies for the CPU need to be connected in parallel and load share correctly, when some CPUs can take 45A this is somewhat not easy for a linear supply that also needs to have a ultra noise footprint for audio purposes.
  5. Duh, was thinking of a table in Wikipedia that compared the electrical resistance properties of different materials. Air has a resistance of 10^9 to 10^15 Ohms, whereas Teflon has 10^23 to 10^25 ohms resistance, so concluded the dielectric would be 'better' . Never mind, Teflon is pretty tough material and for wires just about the ideal. For the voltages experienced in hi-fi systems, Teflon wouldn't allow any breakdown or leaching, dare I say would not require burn in either, cause the capacitance wouldn't change. That can't be said though for Furutech AG power cable, the other day used it to
  6. Agreed, since the agitators have left, the place has less conflict, more consensus and valuable discussions. We may not get into nitty gritty splitting hairs of abstract topics which in retrospect went nowhere anyway.
  7. I really like Teflon (PTFE) since the only wire that can handle that heat when extruded is silver plated copper. SPC doesn't corrode, heck the other day I used some 12 gauge I bought in the 80's and the conductors are as shiny today as they were then. PTFE has dielectric better than air. For hobbyist, McMaster Carr supplies cut to length per foot, for mains input cable I used this type. For DC, the same cable could be used for a star quad application. PTFE is not exactly flexible, but it's bendable and a small gauge cable can handle a lot of current. the 18AWG can handle 10A at
  8. I'm going to respectively disagree here. The Etheregen doesn't care, the clock may not either since it has very stable supply inside. The issue is how will that supply affect the rest of the system as far as conducted emissions (noise) is concerned. More power supplies create more noise, it's fact. The less of them the better.
  9. At the music server side. Switch -> Baaske -> [Music Server jcat nic 1, nic 2] -> ER A side. If you have two more, outgoing of switch to music server, the other in the drawer as spare.
  10. The setting on your x to flac converter slider needs the compression level set to 0, good to go then.
  11. The harmony fuse would have to be the ugliest fuse on the planet. Synergistic at least make a good looking product in comparison, so is perfectly flawed. That coating on the fuse looks like painted on cow poo, must be that CEF treatment . The etching on the fuse rating is very much an industry standard, and no distinction between fast or slow either. Just a standard fuse. To provide that level of attenuation that fuse would get so hot, the holder will melt. The shoe insert was mildly entertaining placing a conductive material on an insulator, the sock and shoe,
  12. I must admit to hearing sibilant from Diana Kraal recordings. Since the Baaske isolator, Jcat net femto and bonding chassis and drives together I don't hear many cases , cause I normally stop listening and try something else. Lumin U1 for nearly two years now.
  13. Depends where the existing one is, how the network is structured and where the files are stored. A little drawing or a workflow would help heaps. 😀
  14. Re question 3. Ok on a mapped drive where the music is stored. If a new album is saved, how long does it show in the list to play? Also does clearsound receive upnp?
  15. Thank you for the focus! Questions - Take it playback is at the file sample rate - what's the maximum DSD rate? - plays over network? - prices? - different versions for WASAPI, Asio, fair enough, what's the OS support? I'd guess no Linux or MacOs, which versions for Windows? - any library size limitation? Interested!
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