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  1. Sound card emulation for retro games is not that seamless to transfer, especially with quite a few platforms in the day, Sega, NS, SNES, let alone all the Creative SB. The DAC under discussion is engineered with these protocols and interfaces in mind, so hopefully it will live up to the claims. BTW Sega is kicking off a MegaDrive (Genesis) September 2019 with 42 of the original games built into the one console, complete with original style hand controllers, HDMI out.
  2. Like Audioquest , Kimber have a bewildering array of cables, in one series seems to be good better best extreme and the seven layers of each of these. Each one more $ than the other, far too much choice of the same theme, so no choice makes sense 😁. i built the classic in the 80’s from 16 gauge PTFE and WBT plugs, worked out reasonably well, but best results were with a screened PTFE 2 core RCA.
  3. Oh another one to jump on the ignorance bandwagon, don't show yourself to be like @The_K-Man.
  4. OK, then please put forth your proposal to remove currents caused by parasitic capacitive junctions between gates and the case of every semiconductor from diodes, IC, FETs, switching FETs especially high power ones.
  5. A couple? Try a couple thousand, but who's counting. It's obvious from the mockery from the usual posters, that this topic is far too audiophile for them and not interested in appreciating the music that's on vinyl. @The Computer Audiophile, as the OP of this thread I wish it closed.
  6. Please refer to the snideness in post #121 and 124. If I have to spell out specific examples of stifling free speech, then you have a different opinion of what can clamp conversation to a nil.
  7. There are those here that insist on expensive DBT results for everything, even toothbrushes.......
  8. At Vinyl Engine, is a typical thread, "First impressions AT-VM540ML and Sumiko Rainier" where one user is evaluating long term different cartridges. Members then discuss the merits of each cartridge and others that work with that tonearm or another. The equipment is not expensive, and there's positive discussion. There are more threads like this, take your pick. No mention of: Double blind testing Expectation bias Measurements What a bliss to read, no bickering, just valuable exchange, like it should be. Make up your own mind based on what the experience of others are, and not the sh$t that goes on here, censoring comments and truly stifling people's freedom of speech.
  9. For the audio system, I purchased a 1000VA Topaz and found that with ongoing demand in the future, that Topaz would need to be changed to a larger transformer. This indeed happened, the 1000VA was replaced with a 2000VA Topaz transformer some time ago. For now, the 1000VA transformer is used for powering IT equipment, switches, router, sequencer and so on around the house, the load is very low, some 460mA at 120V. During the summer, there would be frequent drop outs where the 120V failed and during the winter months there were no drop outs. Yesterday I measured the load and the case temperature of the Topaz. With the same 460mA, the case temperature was 49C for an ambient of 18C. In summer, typically 32C + (49-18), the case temperature can climb to 63C. The operating temperature is rated for 0-50C ambient, so it should be capable, but these are old transformers now and still absorbing common mode noise. I suspect that the transformer is getting too hot and the output voltage starts to drop. It would be better if there was a larger load, but not in the foreseeable future. Goes to show that over-dimensioning a Topaz is not entirely a good thing. The Topaz was replaced with a standard toroid transformer of the same value, and its case temperature was a reasonable 30C.
  10. Yes, mentioning the past methods of recordings would be worthwhile from a historic perspective as quite a few items are becoming rarer. Not understanding the past creates an uncertain future. Certainly using modern techniques to capture the fidelity and the message of entrapped music from long ago would be worth an interesting read.
  11. Would you call the music that’s not available on digital media also dead?
  12. Vinyl Engine is a great resource, spending quite a few hours there, thanks for the suggestion, well done. There’s little point to have a mirror site here, when data is already collated on another comprehensive site. Request withdrawn!
  13. When the name changed to Audiophile Style divorcing the computer audio moniker, there's no Vinyl forum, can we have one?
  14. Katie gives a reasonable explanation on you Tube. Use a ratchet crimper, less effort. The correct lug for the wire is the main issue. For the wires in Audio, maximum 10 AWG use the yellow lugs. 14 AWG red ones. Ethernet cores, the white bootlaces where applicable, not in RJ45. Also here.
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