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  1. Yes I do, surely hope so. I'm sure they'll pick up something from all of this (not only my comments). If not, missed chance again! Before I sign off to have some dinner and enjoy some music let me ask you a counter question: do you feel JRiver has handled this incident well? If yes, why so and if not/not completely how could they have done it otherwise?
  2. I'd like JRiver to become more customer friendly, sensitive to it's customers needs, be more tactful in their communication to customers, stop censoring user feedback, remove or change the HOAX warning message/popup plus sabotaging code in their product and sort out their differences in a professional way with the party directly involved (so not it's customers) Simple as that, although it looks to be a mountain too high for JRiver to take.
  3. It looks like you're finally beginning to get the point I'm trying to make here!
  4. I already figured you'd miss that what I stated was a meant in a general way. Yes I am an ex-customer of JRiver but I still am a '2014 customer' in a general way.
  5. That is indeed what it means (unfortunately, I have to deal with it as well). Anyway, the customer is always right and king.
  6. For me it's become clear that JRiver doesn't have a clue on how to handle a '2014 crowd'. They're after some totalitarian control which is both an illusion and impossible in this day and age. When I try to rationalize JRiver's ill advised actions I really can't come up with any valid, purposeful reasons. To me it's nothing but an old(fashioned) man's childish fight for power (and it's misuse) and control with which they only hurt their own customers who'll now run away. Someone talked about big ego's, well I've found a great example here. JimH has every chance to explain his views in more detail, he does post on this forum but so far has given no explanation. It's a missed chance. The only thing I've see him do here is insult his (former) customers and refuse any explanation. To me this clearly shows a great lack of respect and it will cost him. Signing his messages with "CEO bla bla" doesn't impress me at all, I'm Dutch, we don't like hierarchies. No, all I see is a CEO of a small company that is still directly supporting end users himself all day and doing wrong (by today's customer relations standards) about everything I can think of. (And also one that celebrates business successes with cheap bratwurst BBQ's on the pavement next to his old business building, see Facebook for pictures of that ).
  7. Well the news is spreading, so the flame wars will probably continue for a while! http://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/vt.mpl?f=pcaudio&m=140794 http://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/vt.mpl?f=pcaudio&m=141042 JPlay driver not showing in JRiver 20.0.44 AndAudio.com • 사용자 포럼 > JRiver&JPLAY 포럼 1 페이지
  8. I suggest you do the same. I see you even have three to four flavors (iTunes | Audirvana | BitPerfect | Decibel) to choose from.
  9. That's what happens when a company creates disgruntled customers by not listening, doing the opposite of what customers ask and censor their concerns. It's 2014, we live an Internet age, people feel free to express anything in any way they like using their keyboards, it's something JRiver has to take into account beforehand.
  10. A good technical question, one for the guys of JPlay and imo a bit off topic now but I assume it has to do with the inherent low latency nature of ASIO and the ease of interfacing.
  11. Personally I've never let any of this stand in the way of "good feelings of listening to great music and great sound". And in the end people will choose the software that works best for them. I think people have the right to let JRiver know what they think about their actions. There's nothing wrong with not simply accepting and fighting their, what many see as, malpractices. Again, they as a company can decide to do with that 'feedback'. I for sure will not simply be 'shut up' because they don't like what they're hearing. On their own forum they censor like hell any negative feedback so we'll find other ways of addressing them and can choose to do so using any available resource.
  12. So you're actually saying you find the software too expensive for what it does. Would it have been OK if it cost €1? People have a free choice if they'd like to use and buy it at it's price or not. They can even try it out first. I personally find AO very convenient, it's a fully automated software that allows easy switching between server core mode and full gui mode and with it I've actually outsourced the work of finding and implementing the best OS optimizations. Also the support Phil provides with his product is excellent!
  13. I fully agree (although I do find JPlay betters music reproduction)!
  14. It's the entitlement people have when they buy a product and it's support. Or better said, a freedom to express their wishes and fight decisions the company took or the way they took them. They're in the public arena. It's up to the company to decide what to do with those wishes. You could consider this the opposite of a feature request, instead of adding a feature customers are asking to remove a 'feature'. And of course some people will also simply vote with their feet, and simply walk away/turn their back to the company.
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