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  1. The listening/ chill room is complete and waiting on the arrival of the Sony 85" 900h tv. I love my Regan in my 2 channel system as it is as simple as it gets. Modem/Router> Supra Etthernet> Regen> Sotm cable> Cary DMS 600 Streamer/dac. I am asking if the Regen will lose SQ if used a switch to the Sony also. Not so much if it will improve the Sony. Just do not want to lose anything from my 2 channel setup. Thanks, Russ
  2. Hey Gang Whats a solid Cat 6 or 7 cable that I can run 100 ft from my modem/router to the EtheRegen? Have a SoTm 77 from the EtherRegen to my streamer. Going to be running part in wall. budget under a 100.00 or so thanks, Russ
  3. I have the same findings. In fact it may be surpassing the local files played off an attached 1 tb hdd usb attached hard drive to my Cary DMS 600 if I attached the usb hdd to a router and then to the ER would I get the same benefit as the streamed files from Tidal? Sorry for my ignorance. Russ
  4. +1 on Marseilles. I have had my ER in my system for 3 days Xfinity modem/router >ER>Cary DMS 600 >Odyssey Kismet Extreme Monos. Ethernet cables are Supra and I did swap out the stockPC for a Audience Au24Se cable I had laying around Simple as it gets and I wondered if I would benefit as much as the computer gang Wow. Everything has already been said. Texture and low level detail. I swear I can hear the note on a few songs with horns actually moving out from the instrument. I wish I could explain better. My new listening room will be ready in 6 weeks or so and can
  5. Translated from above per Google translate I now use DIY supra cat8 whose shielding is only connected to ground on one side. This in such a way that earth loops are never possible. I also use SOTM black cable and TLS reference, this after Audioquest (cinnamon and vodka) and SOTM iso cat6 lan isolator and the SOTM dcbl cat7. With the ER, everything improved in a way that had never happened before. Really amazing Inspired by the ER in terms of noise and interference removal, I took the same guess by also tackling the AC side. I already use the Z3 and monsoon cables from
  6. Hi all, In the January batch of shipments but just wondered about a few things. ‘First my system is as simple as it gets. Supra Ethernet from a Xfinity modem/router directly into a Cary DMS. Streamer/dac. Streaming Qobuz/Tidal sounds great about 95 percent of local usb attached files and 90 percent of the integrated SD card player in the Cary. I am building a dedicated room and am integrating a HT in with my 2 channel. New 85 inch Sony 4K and an Atmos system. How is the video side benefiting from the ER? How is it integrated into the system? sorry for my ignoranc
  7. Although I have moved on from multiple Aurenders , Stillpoints ultra minis worked the best in my system.
  8. Thank you TuckDoller. Looks pretty much the same but now milled from a solid block. Plus price came down but minus the Cd transport but now has the the addition of Phono.
  9. Can someone check out the new Lindemann Source? Being unveiled for the first time. Thanks, Russ
  10. I owned both the A10 and the T2. You can listen to an Aurender all day long. The Lumin sounds fantastic with certain music with much more detail than the Aurender but sometimes that comes with listener fatigue. Naturally the A10 has 4tb of storage. The T2 can play files from attached USB. I Sold them both as I anxiously await the new version of the Lindemann Musicbook. It incorporates the AKM 4493 dac chip and the Muses 72320 ladder volume control ( which is found in the Pass labs XP30) so I am hoping to get rid of my pre which I could not do with either the Aurender or the Lumin. The musi
  11. Believe it or not I sold my A10 but missed it so much I bought another one. This one is having a hard time recognizing the usb as it shows it attached but no options where you can either download or play from the the Stick. Cannot move files over the network either. I have a call into Support hopefully they can figure it out. Has anybody seen this before? Thanks
  12. Musicdirect is an authorized dealer and offers 60 day in home trial.
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