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  1. Although I have moved on from multiple Aurenders , Stillpoints ultra minis worked the best in my system.
  2. Filled my I pad pro using an Aurender A10
  3. Thank you TuckDoller. Looks pretty much the same but now milled from a solid block. Plus price came down but minus the Cd transport but now has the the addition of Phono.
  4. Did you happen to see the Lindemann Source?
  5. Can someone check out the new Lindemann Source? Being unveiled for the first time. Thanks, Russ
  6. I owned both the A10 and the T2. You can listen to an Aurender all day long. The Lumin sounds fantastic with certain music with much more detail than the Aurender but sometimes that comes with listener fatigue. Naturally the A10 has 4tb of storage. The T2 can play files from attached USB. I Sold them both as I anxiously await the new version of the Lindemann Musicbook. It incorporates the AKM 4493 dac chip and the Muses 72320 ladder volume control ( which is found in the Pass labs XP30) so I am hoping to get rid of my pre which I could not do with either the Aurender or the Lumin. The musicbook is a real nice analog pre-amp to boot. Instead of the bridge with the PS audio DSD I think you are better off with a used Aurender N100 feeding it. The network card seems to be its weakest link and for a few more bucks used you can really kick up SQ. But again another box. Good luck with your choice but check out the Musicbook.
  7. Believe it or not I sold my A10 but missed it so much I bought another one. This one is having a hard time recognizing the usb as it shows it attached but no options where you can either download or play from the the Stick. Cannot move files over the network either. I have a call into Support hopefully they can figure it out. Has anybody seen this before? Thanks
  8. Musicdirect is an authorized dealer and offers 60 day in home trial.
  9. I have notice that Qobuz has yanked some files recently. They will show up in your Que and try to play for a few seconds and then go to the next track. Also there is MQA files sprinkled in on Qobuz. I am not sure how the N10 works with Qobuz as it will do the first unfold on Tidal. I have had 3 Aurender Streamers/dacs and they have all been rock solid. Usually the glitches are on my part or network issues. Hope you hang in as the N10 is a highly regarded player and Aurender support is second to none.
  10. In the Que it shows the current track as a Tidal MQA stream. Up top it shows as a Local DSD file being played. Am I missing something?
  11. Just saying Tidal does not stream dad so this is a fictitious screen shot
  12. Me either ... a DSD file playing on Tidal in MQA. They must know something we dont But we do know this is not an actual screenshot.
  13. This is/was a safe haven for Aurender discussion. Please lets keep it that way. Not going to make Axpona this year. I am sure the A30 will be around and hopefully not just a static display. If the preamp section was good enough I would consider this down the road. Love the sound of the AKM chips.
  14. "Using a prototype version of the Aurender Conductor app (proprietary and dedicated software interface for the A30 and other models), Harry played me a wide variety of music through the A30 and as the unit slowly came up to temperature, my initial positive impression of the sound only grew as it continued to open up and become ever-more fleshed out timbrally and tonally with time. Read more at https://www.audiostream.com/content/aurender-a30-new-top-tier-all-one-road-trip-and-demo#i39TIkHJsT70kyWX.99 New update to the Conductor as we have been hearing. Take a look at the pic.... everyones favorite color!!
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