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  1. @Theobetley Have you tried updating/reinstalling the mouse driver?
  2. Great results! Have you tried the xtr or sinc-m and -l filters? Many were interested in running those.
  3. Solstice380

    HQ Player

    Generally, converting sample rate requires more computing power. HQP does a very good job so don’t be worried about that aspect. Only some filters will convert, others are only able to do integer upsampling. If your DAC accepts 48k based material I would upsample to a 48k rate. If not, use one of the apodizing upsampling filters.
  4. @Kirt I saw an Aida demo at a local dealer. Very impressive! I have the D150/MCT450 combo to play SACDs. (I only setup and rip them occasionally so always new ones piling up!) That would be my only reason to get the combo, however, there are great alternatives like the EMM Labs/Meitner DAC-transport combo or dCS Rossini player that would compete against the Mac combo. McIntosh has greatly improved their digital products but I don’t think they are near the level that your other components warrant. I would love to hear whatever you end up with, I’m sure it will sound spectacular in a well designed room!
  5. Why are you being a wiseass? If you have specific information, or a reliable source, please share. Otherwise your posts are useless, and probably wrong. Which is it?
  6. @OAudio The emissivity of black color is better - slightly more heat will be dissipated.
  7. @Kirt I have McIntosh solid state electronics and really enjoy the sound of my Wilson speakers. I’ve heard them with tube amps sounding very good. The owner of this site also has Wilsons with different front ends. If you can find a dealer to audition them it would be worth it.
  8. You could save a lot of money and check the Schiit products. Many very happy members here with a lot of threads on their stuff. Designed and made by real people who have been in the industry along time. Search for Schiit. You'd get awesome sound and have enough left over for a vacation, when we can travel again. Good luck, it’s a fun position to be in!
  9. Solstice380

    HQ Player

    @Acholate Hello and sorry you are having issues. I see that you have not understood the way the Adaptive Rate Output works. I will try to help and Miska will correct details. If your DAC does not accept 48K base material you need to have 48K unchecked and ARO checked - but you also need to use a Filter that can do Rate conversion, like ext-2. Those are listed in the table in the manual. With these settings all material will be upsampled to a 44K based rate that you set as the Limit. I hope this helps!
  10. @John Choate You need to contact @valer_valer who is the developer. Not sure if he is still around here, or even supporting AR anymore. It was a 2018 release date for v2.3.
  11. Dave Mason and The Quarantines remake Feelin’ Alright https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/dave-mason-remakes-feelin-alright-sammy-hagar-mick-fleetwood-the-doobie-brothers-1031791/ Aaargh no picture came through. Has video!
  12. Solstice380

    HQ Player

    NAA works perfectly for me on both a Windows and a Linux machine. Th e recommendation to check all network settings in computer and routers is a good one.
  13. @Nikhil Ah, if we had only bumped into each other here at AS a couple years before we did, I would have met you in HYD when I was there and we would have had the best biryani on the planet together! Mmmmmiss the food, Chris can have the tea. Wonderful write-up! I enjoyed your sense of history and culture throughout your descriptions. And I am sure your system provides great musical delights. It is well put together and it fits nicely in such luxurious decor. Enjoy, my friend!
  14. @bobbmd and @StephenJK both chill a little, please. Stephen seems to be a little “forward” today and Bob seems a little “extra cranky”. Try to play nice kids! And now back to our thread. I had a pretty nice California Audi Labs player in the early nineties that finally got bettered by Mike Moffet’s Theta separates. I’ve heard the Meitner CD player and it is very nice.
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