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  1. I upgraded the firmware on my Micro IDSD (silver) to the latest firmware 5.30C. I noticed the LED is yellow when playing 16 bit 44.1 files. Is this normal? It used to be green. Thanks
  2. I upgraded my Micro I DSD (silver) to firmware 5.30. I am getting occasional dropouts on MQA through Roon. I am using a IPad as a Roon endpoint with the Micro in my headphone rig. I have no issues with drop outs on high Rez streaming to the Ipad up to DSD 128. I have the settings in Roon set to Renderer for MQA and I am getting the yellow light indicating MQA. wondering if anyone else having issues? thanks Tom
  3. I recently purchased a used Auralic Vega DAC and I am having some issues getting it to work with Roon. I run Roon on a Windows 10 laptop. I downloaded the latest Vega ASIO Driver. Roon seems to have problems when switching from PCM files to DSD. It will hang briefly and the start to cycle through each track on the album. Sometimes it says it can't find the audio zone. I also have J River 21 on my laptop and the Vega ASIO works flawlessly. So I think the problem is with Roon. Has anyone had any similar issues? Any suggestions? Thanks! Tom
  4. I have a question. If I purchased Fidelizer Pro for my Windows 8 laptop server, would I still be able to download and rip music using that laptop? Thanks!
  5. Computer audio newbie here. I have about 350 DSD titles in my library. Almost all of them have significantly lower volume output than my PCM stuff. Is there a way to configure J River 20 to add 5-6 db in volume to DSD files only? Hope this isn't a stupid question but would appreciate any info! Thanks! Tom
  6. It would be nice if someone from Tidal would weigh in on this thread. I have seen posts from their Reps on other threads in this forum.
  7. I feel the same way. I keep hoping Tidal will address the issues with standalone player and the Chrome Web player. I will give Tidal another month to see if the can correct these issues.
  8. I couldn't have said it better! I am having the exact experience you are having. Tom
  9. You are right. The web player is much more stable than the Windows player. Been listening to the web player for the last 3 hours with no glitches.
  10. I'm really enjoying Eric Bibbs new album Blues People. Streaming it on Tidal right now. Great music and sound!
  11. I have noticed the windows version of the Tidal player is very sensitive when the computer does another task when it's playing. For example , the sound drops when my laptop screen shuts off automatically. I would think that my 1 year old Dell laptop with an I3 core processor and 6 GB RAM would be powerful enough to run this program. I never experience any issues playing my files on hard drive with J River 20.
  12. I tried plugging my earphones phones into the laptop and set the output device in Tidal to the computer speakers bypassing J River. The little skips still are present. Very bad on the new Neil Young release. i tend to believe the problem lies with Tidal and not J River. Tom
  13. I too have been having problems with little skips and drop outs usually at the beginning of each song. I too regularly get the pop up warning about low bandwith. I have a pretty decent internet speed of 25mbps. I am using the Tidal Windows player through The JRiver 20 driver. Interesting that I do not get these issues with the I phone or iPad apps using my home wifi. Tom
  14. I am getting the same stuttering and skipping at the beginning of each track. I was thinking it was a problem with Tidal but I am thinking now it's a problem with the J River WDM driver. I am not using JPlay, just the latest version of J River 20. Please post if you figure it out. Tom
  15. I am having problems with the Windows desktop player too. Dropouts and hiccups and I have Internet speeds of 25mbps. I get the pop up advising they are having problems with playback due to bandwith. I really want to like this service but will probably unsubscribe due to these issues.
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