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  1. How about a multi-use windows pc and playing high speed dsd with a noisy power supply? Do you have a way to capture that?
  2. I don't want to agree with one side of the camp or the other. I am unbiased, and just want the facts. Two years ago, i started this a topic with this same thinking... ============================================================ As a matter of fact, here is an exact quote of mine from 2 years ago::: I accept noise of all types affect SQ, but everyone kept suggesting that the DAC gets the music bits perfectly, but that noise affects the dac in processing. This suggests that the DAC doesn't even receive the music bits with accuracy due to noise....big difference. Som
  3. I am not going to read the entire article, but if you want to share what are the line(s) that state what the resulting sound will be in the case of loss bits, i will entertain the thought? This discussion came up many times, and i used to be on the other side of the thinking...but it seemed all/most of the audio engineers here agreed that the bits are received correctly and when not, it just caused a glitch.
  4. logic dictates that if you "improve" on a system that compensates for a bad recording, that you will degrading it for better recordings. It is also a reason, imho, people shouldn't get too caught up in spending countless hours trying to squeeze out 2% better, because more than likely, they will end up with more music that sounds slightly worse (smile)....back to beer.
  5. ^^^ just an FYI for anyone else they may be interested in this lost legend. http://evacassidy.org/ http://www.bmansbluesreport.com/2015/10/eva-cassidys-complete-1996-blues-alley.html
  6. I agree, unless you would consider perfect shrill better than distorted shrill (grin), and likely the more you better your system, the more annoying the video would be. The only thing that could make it better is to make it less accurate with others have suggested "distortion". I actually just realized, i posted the wrong video that i meant to post...i meant to post fields of gold, but posted over the rainbow. here is fields of gold. It's a shame she never got some good recordngs before she died of cancer (she never realized her fame in her life and reaching #1 c
  7. ...hmmm...thinking....maybe he has figured out the whole timing thing, why a spinner can sound better than other playing methods...i am not willing to knock it until the verdict is out....i have seen crazier things in my engineering lifetime.... Any audio engineers here know why spinners sometimes sound better than playing from a player even if using the same dac? We all know about how power can cause havoc, but is there something unique about timing that an external clock couldn't do? Maybe it uses a spinner as a clock (smile)> I know Mr. Moffat is prob
  8. if that is all there is to it, he could make a unison eitr without a cd transport for much less, and may be a bigger seller.
  9. Network is not schiit's forte...you can only specialize in so many things for a company their size. I think a cd will be great if it delivers, just not my interest either....but don't knock it until the reviews are out. But even if it got phenominal reviews, for the money, i don't want another spinner. Would rather have my marantz sacd player or an oppo with more features....but for the purist that enjoys listening to cd's, it may be the ticket. I do believe it would be in mikes forte to be able to provide a thumb drive input at some point in his life though, and that i
  10. Looks interesting, but wish it supported usb out to dac (it says only spdif), and only can select 99 songs, using only their player. Still, it's a start...would love to see more features....i bet it sounds really good though!
  11. I am sure it won't have optical, network, or dsd support...i have never seen anything with those technologies in his forte....but maybe a usb slot for thumbdrive? That is the best thing i could think of given his past products, and would be worthwhile imho...but likely just a reclocker, which we already know it has unison, so no surprise there.
  12. We already know it has usb unison which includes a "reclocker" and is already in all of their current dacs, no?... I guess if you don't have a schiit dac, or another dac that has a reclocker, and feel the need for one, then it may be desired by a few, but i would rather see an sd card reader or usb input slot for a thumb drive included....then i would be a buyer.
  13. It certainly is amazing when you stop and REALLY think about it. How much music, emotion, and God given talent, can really be put on a small .wav file, and how many of these files can be stored on a micro-sd card. If not for digital music, there would not be the diversity we have across the world....it's only 1's and 0's, yet it makes so much color.
  14. Here you say CD only, but in another post you say it will do more than spin cd's, which gained back my interest....so which is it, will it only play one medium or will it play another medium as well? Or did you mean it will do more like just another feature of a cd player (like usb vs analog out)?
  15. If he could add an sd card slot to it, i would be a buyer, but not just for a cd player...jmo.
  16. I agree, i just commented in another thread that I have spent a lot of money and time "chasing" best hardware, when I realized that depending on the music, I much prefer some hardware vs other hardware and that there isn't any "magic bullet". In some cases I may prefer a schiit dac and in other cases I prefer a dsd dac. When i play rock, it sucks on my jazzy speakers that I love for vocals. I never did find speakers that I liked better for both rock and for jazz...although i am tempted to try tekton now, but I am relatively certain i wouldn't prefer them to ATC for jazz ballads with vocals.
  17. playing a dsd file in a thumb drive on my sr6013 sounds damn good....what is this custom thumb drive you are talking about?
  18. I have that...and yes, if i recall it is a better recording...do you know more about that specific recording or? That has one of my better songs of her...as a matter of fact, thanks for reminding me...i need to add it to the best youtube videos.
  19. Yea, i read his article....very good, and it actually emphasized my own thinking about "why try so hard to find the perfect hardware", when no hardware sounds better for all things. Sometimes I think about buying speakers that sound better for "rock" as my "jazz" speakers sound like crap for rock. And sometimes I like a Schiit dac better than a dsd dac. I am not much of a "DIY'r"...i am probably not a true audiophile. I am too lazy and my time is too precious, so i doubt i will try the software, mainly due to laziness and time. I spend too much time writing messages in the forums to do
  20. You earn much more than whatever you make, that is for sure! People are just envious. You have a successful business that is a service to the community...you couldn't be more proud.
  21. Chris, I haven't followed this guys posts but based on his last post questioning your IQ, i would give him the boot...clearly he is a trouble maker... I am sure you got your wilsons for a dance, and I am envious...this guy is just trouble.
  22. You asked, i just gave you my opinion...i am not stating I am any more perfect...i just found it funny that you just said "no personal attacks". I guess it is just "relative".
  23. "you believe you are smarter and more competent" "you have determined" "be our savior" "start your own company" could be::: Is it possible that there are more costs involved in running a business and that the BOM is the least of the expenses? Have you ever owned your own business and know the costs that are involved? My mom used to always say to try and phrase your remarks as questions as to be less confrontational....not that i ever listened to my mom (smile).
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