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  1. smile...before you answered, i edited my previous post above....(wink) figured it would be a political answer. surely you have a favorite...
  2. Is it your main method for critical listening? I would have thought roon w/hqplayer engine would have been? PS, i know you have to keep all the vendors happy, so would understand if you can't answer (grin)
  3. PS- did you like the interface? Roon sounds like good concept, but sounds bloated and doesn't allow file browsing, and requires subscription.....
  4. Thanks for this tidbit...i would probably be willing to budget up to $1k for a streamer (which is why i got excited about superdad's belief Schiit will provide an enet port), and I know that aurender is out of my budget, but it got me googling "CIFS WEB MUSIC PLAYER" and so far i have found samba for android....will keep looking...maybe some day my concepts will come to fruition. A web player that uses this "CIFS" sounds "groovy".
  5. inre client user interface, you mention jriver as separate than DLNA...does jriver have a network protocol different than DLNA? DLNA has issues, and I have always wondered if there were any other windows based players that supported enet that wasn't DLNA? I know roon and hqplayer have their own proprietary, but curious if there any other windows mainstream network players besides DLNA? It sure would be nice if you could just operate a music player from a web browser that didn't have the misgivings of DLNA?
  6. Interesting....I have always believed that both USB and ENET are fundamentally sound, but believed that my preference in past (for critical listening) was due to first generation dacs not properly compensating for noise. I "believe" they are getting better in that regard, and I certainly hated that DLNA seemed to have a lot more "hiccups" than USB, but have for the most part stuck with it for the past 5 or so years for critical listening, but would really love to get back to USB. I don't know if ROON handles enet better than DNLA misgivings, but didn't want to go down that path for money reasons. Anyway, i decided back then, that i would stick with DLNA until DAC engineers better engineered their dacs to compensate for noise on what I believe we both agree is otherwise a "fundamentally sound" technology. I notice the things you mentioned that need to be compensated for (clocking, power, and isolation) are all things currently marketed in the UNISON design...perhaps DAC design is finally getting there? NOTE: i sometimes mix you up and SONORE...i thnk you are REGEN, right? I would understand if you do not want to see DAC's to get it right and may not be unbiased in answering?
  7. in my thinking power "shouldn't be that critical based on the suggested fact that DACS receive their bits accurately and even if they didn't it wouldn't be an subtle change in SQ, but a dropout. A competent DAC design should be able to provide their own reference voltage, isolate usb noise, and reclock the "near perfect bits"....not to mention the final output is "wave shaped"....but i am still "open" to accept any "logical" reasoning someone can debate with me that differ from my own views... If a DAC gets the bits near perfectly, and the only function of the dac is to shape those bits into an accurate analog waveform out, then the DAC is not doing it's job if it cannot compensate for noise.
  8. I am "EXTREMELY" surprised you think it will have an enet port?? What gives you that idea? Sounds like insider trading to me?? I have never known Mike for including ENET on any past products?? This certainly is welcome news if true, but "I HIGHLY DOUBT IT" unless you have heard something from whispers?? Very curious as to why you would think it would have an enet port???? PCM only, for sure...and I am ok with that these days....In past I would have never considered something that didn't support DSD, but with little knowledge I "think" I have gained, I am actually leaning more back toward PCM these days. If it has ENET, and under $1K I am a buyer for sure....i only hope my belief that you are very wrong is incorrect and that you have heard something through the grapevine, and that it indeed has enet, but i won't get my hopes up on that one.
  9. Before we can get where I am hoping to get, there has to be a consensus on some very basic principles (at least to me). The first phase of my objective is to see if we can get a concensus, that whether a 1K sine wave recorded at 44.1k will "sound the same" whether it is played natively, upsampled to 192K PCM or upsampled to quad DSD. Initial Assumptions (will modify these later): .wav file in it's most simplest form same quiet USB source Competent well designed DAC all other hardware the same (assume competent mid-fi) simple chain using USB compliant cable and standard 16gauge copper speaker wire)
  10. To be honest, i have always believed you would probably be the best person to answer my questions, as I know Miska is both biased and busy, but did expect relatively accurate answers from him (although for some reason he seems to purposely "beat around the bush"). In the past, I have been reluctant to even ask you a question, but right now at the moment, I am feeling differently (smile). I know i can be antagonizing, and generally disliked by many in my manner of speaking, even though I have no idea why...(It is likely my ADD and passionate quest for logical reasoning) but it has been my case my entire life...i am just me. I retired young mainly because of my inability to be socially acceptable and lack of sleep. Anyway...i edited the question above asking about Schiit...I have owned his stuff before and have liked it, but in the past i just wanted DSD, because i "think" in my mind, it was better, but ever since i got rid of the schiit, i have thought it had some "magic juice" that other dsd dacs have not...and I think i have gained "a small amount of knowledge" where i think I am more acceptable of PCM now ....anyway, that will come later...there is no reason to go further down where I am trying to go, without first a response to my question above (in previous post that i edited), about Schiit DACS.
  11. Thank you sir! I have always known that you are well respected for your knowledge but have been a bit of a pain in the past, so this type of response to a layman such as myself that is just seeking to gain knowledge to make a knowledgeable purchase is well received and appreciated. So in your opinion, when I asked MISKA what are differences in the audible range, he is exaggerating to say they are VAST. That is what i believed to be true. I understand everyone has a product they want to sell or to be on one side of a camp or another...i am just trying to make an educated decision based on my desires without any bias or desire to create conflict...so thanks again....let me gather my thoughts based on that response for my next question.... I really am trying to get to a certain point, but it will likely take me a few days to get there based on how many accurate responses i get. I guess my next question would be do you consider Mike Moffat's (schiit) current DACs a competent design. It is on my shortlist.
  12. Here are 2 engineers that explore and sell products that believe that bit errors are rare and that when they exist, it does not cause subtle degradation. Note, i do not know if they are correct or not, and i remain unbiased as to different technologies. But there doesn't appear to be a consensus of what exactly is happening that causes differences in SQ.
  13. And just for reference purposes, does anyone know what a 1khz signal would look like digitally? say 1/10 of one second recorded at 44.1K and assume "cleanest" with no attenuation....or in layman's terms, the "most simple".
  14. First off I am a layman when it comes to audio engineering....i know very little, even less than 10 percentile of those active on this forum. I will have ridiculously stupid questions, and will want to understand things on the most simplest terms. I am ADD and a bit scatter-brained, so please work with me, as many times I may think that what others believe are not related where I do. Anyway, on to the topic at hand. Of course the greatest DAC in the world will do many things more that my "hypothetical" dac will do...but for the purpose of this discussion, there is only one thing this DAC will do that no other DAC can do.. In my understanding the purpose of the DAC is to "accurately" recreate the analog waveform that which was recorded from analog to digital. To keep things "simple" the only purpose of this dac is to output a near perfect 1khz sine wave that was accurately recorded and digitized into a 1 second 44.1K wav file. IMHO, The person that is deserving of the most respect on this webiste (MISKA), suggests not only can a DAC not accurately reproduce a 1K sine output, but that the final analog output that is just trying to accurately recreate this 1K sine wave, will be "VASTLY DIFFERENT" between 2 dacs, say a Schiit MB PCM dac and an RME ADI-2, even given all the other same hardware and source file. If DAC engineers cannot create a DAC that I would consider (as a layman) should be a relatively simple chore, then we need a DAC that is capable of doing this FIRST before we worry about more advanced features. Is it not possible for a DAC engineer (or even a team of the most skilled engineers) to create a DAC that is capable of reproducing a 1K sine wave that is relatively accurate? Also, if modern day DACS are not even capable of performing with some bit of accuracy the most simplest of functions, then imho it would be ignorant to pay much for any dac.
  15. I am ADD and admit i am "scatter brained". Fair enough, i will start my own thread. At least I have garnered enough new answers and new questions to keep my interest.
  16. Yet, the analog output of a schiit mb dac and and rme adi-2 dac would be "vastly" different even for a recording of a simple 1khz sine wave with all other hardware the same?
  17. Thanks....worth framing and adding to my "Music Facts & Theory" notes... The golden question is, what is the threshold for what defines "what a good USB source is"? And even if the source is not "good", does the statement "Bit errors do not cause subtle degradation in sound quality"?? This of course is in contrary to what i have read before that in isosynchronous transmissions that large errors will cause dropouts but that small errors will cause subtle changes? And what does that mean for the "lush" cable and "usb toys"?
  18. On another note, i wont forget the story I heard where a "best of show" just used an iphone as a source, and nobody knew it....i don't know the details or if it is even true, but several people reported it here.
  19. back to this....would they be vastly different even if the recording was just a one second 1khz sine wave? could neither dac reproduce a near perfect 1khz sine wave?
  20. you haven't figured it out? The answer is always the same...."it depends" "bad" is a relative word. The crowd isn't as rough as it use to be. THe question really depends on if you are or will be an audiophile or not....you can always improve on it. If it sounds good, then you are fine.
  21. Ok, i didn't realize that. I thought the purpose of the dac is to present an accurate analog wave form which is a depiction of the bits in the source file...i thought they would/should be very close to identical on the analog output? If they are vastly different, then we have a serious problem. would they be vastly different even if the recording was just a one second 1khz sine wave?
  22. If you have the "same" analog output from both dacs and the amplifier is the same the resulting sound should be the same...which is why i am asking for the measurable difference on the output that is within the audible range. ----- Perhaps i could gain better understanding if we started even with something simpler than a wav file. How about if we start with just a 1khz sine wave, and we recorded it at 44.1khz I would "think" that whether we upsampled it to 192K PCM or 256DSD that the output in both cases would be a perfect 1khz sine wave presented to our speakers.
  23. If you have the "same" analog output from both dacs and the amplifier is the same the resulting sound should be the same...which is why i am asking for the measurable difference on the output that is within the audible range.
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