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  1. wow you have tried quite a few streamers... so the pi is connected directly to a usb dac, and where is the storage and how do you control it? there is no enet streaming in your current solution?
  2. Another thought popped into my head...i wish it would stop...I have sleeping disorders. Anyway... Ok so barrows conceded that if electronics were perfect a 44.1K dac would be sufficient. I want to take it up a notch to 24bit 96K DAC just to be safe...so moving forward, this i what the worlds greatest dac will be. Now we have to compensate for "imperfect electronics"... but wait...it is already conceded that the dac already recieves the bits perfectly, and the only inputs to a dac are A) perfect bits B) reference voltage
  3. Archimago doesn't host his own music forums does he? I know he has his blog that i visit at least monthly and see his most recent blog is about this NC252 amp you speak of....I am not a DIY'er...is that available pre-built? Looks nice!
  4. I am DEFINETELY in this camp. I don't want spaghetti. I want simplicity...i know manufacturing is moving in that direction, by the amount of them that keep popping up. I actually have found the SR6013 (that i am using as preamp) that does it all, sounds as good I have heard(insert your own flavor amp for fronts), and am skeptical that something can beat it for less money. Besides the SR6013 having built in DSD streamer, it also has AUDYSSEE eq and alexa capability (smile), and even Jriver can control it if you don't want to tell alexa what to do...i actually enjoy the ability to be able to
  5. Thanks for sharing...have you actually tried enet->usb streamers? I haven't, but i have used much less expensive streamer solutions. I believe that if you are using a general use non-optimized windows pc to a good dac, that you will likely get better SQ using a streamer. I haven't tried enet->usb streamers, but realize these are mostly mom/pop type retailers, and am skeptical that they will sound "much better" (esp for the $) than other much less expensive enet solutions that don't claim you need a high dollar PS for better performance.
  6. Thanks for your input. Hypex is an interesting thought, one that i contemplated when talk first arose about them. I actually have heard some class Ds that actually have sounded wonderful at shows. I also have heard good things about the KEFs and heard them at shows as well...I can't get past the look of them though (grin). I envy your SCM40s (i bought some used 12's recently), but the first pair i heard were 40's and absolutely fell in love with SCM150s. I will almost always buy used, so no problems there at all. Thanks for sharing...agree with everything you have shared...and yes,
  7. I am curious regarding streaming, have you ever "tried" any comparison of higher end streamers or the use of SOTM or ultras with power supplies? I am keeping my opinon open until I have at least tried and not willing to discount it "may" sound better...but what % better and what cost. I have tried a few different streaming methods, and given the same source, i haven't noticed any appreciable difference (it already sounds damn good)....but i will reserve the position that an SOTM or RENDU with fancy power supply "may" sound better until i actually try it....
  8. +1 AMEN - Given my left brained thinking, I usually follow the more objective approach (it usually is cheaper too-grin), but I am a loyalist here and always will be, but i do occasionally peruse other sites as well...just curious where you have landed?
  9. ^^^^ Thinking more along these lines, I am not sure there is anyone more knowledgeable about usb and pcm than Mike Moffat (Schiit) and if 24bit 96K dac is capable, I am not sure I need to put my money anywhere else (provided i ultimately decide on USB). I actually will always have both USB and enet solutions because USB is just more convenient for playback functions, and is less finicky. I also believe that "imperfect electronics" is more prominent in usb than ENET, which is why I will always have an enet solution as well for more critical listening...as has always bee
  10. For my purposes, the fact that Barrows conceded that with "perfect" electronics, you can't better sound than what a 44.1K PCM dac would do, and that no upsampling would give you better sound....I was even willing to concede a 96K PCM dac would do....(and actually is closer to what my belief is). That acknowledged, that also allows for my statement "the better the source" the less upsampling will make any difference. I never saw an answer regarding if there is a theorem for what bit depth is required for human hearing, but i found this https://www.soundguys.com/audi
  11. ok, thanks now it makes a lot more sense to me....only "value" columns are the actual data in the flat file, and you are showing it expressed in hex vs binary. As simple as the signal is, it still requires a lot of unique bits (smile)....still it should be able to be converted to an analog wave form out with relative precision, and should the same no matter what dac was used or how it is upsampled.
  12. what is an example cd i can test what you are speaking about? Can you share a cd, track and time that you are talking about?
  13. for me, if it was an easy return with just paying shipping costs, i would probably try anything where it was suggested try this solution and it included the source and dac for under 3k i would try it....i just am skeptical of anything beating what i am using currently by more than 5%.
  14. maybe the qutest is worth consideration....hmmm.... do you have a "fancy pc" with "fancy ps"? I guess that is part of the reason i am reluctant to try yet another dac, that if i don't experience a "wow" moment, it will likely be that i need a special built computer and fancy power supply, and really do not want to go down that path.
  15. i overlooked his post too...looks like a hell of an endorsement for hqplayer.... I don't want roon subscription, and don't like HQ Players interface...maybe worth trying to figure out how to use it with jriver without reading through a 677 page thread.
  16. That's why i say it is relative to what he compared it to....i believe that it is very likely that i would have been more impressed with expensive dacs if i had built a high end pc with a linear power supply, but i had no desire to do that.....I can see a cheapo used sony bluray player streaming dsd via dlna beating the crap out of a $2K usb dac connected to my "noisy" every day pc for example.
  17. I was trying to think if i could recall any front end really standing out to me besides the theta, and one i could think of was when DSD was first gaining popularity...was the zodiac antelope with its external clock, and they were teaming up with amphion speakers....sounded phenomenal...that was a wow moment for me...it was the best sounding small speaker I have ever heard, and i am sure the zodiac had something to do with it, but i likely would have been wowed with it being played from an iphone as well. Sure, i have seen them all, the aurenders, lumins, naims, etc, but if they w
  18. between san diego and las vegas i have been to probably about 8 shows and have seen them use relatively inexpensive front ends more often than not....i did see SAE power presentation using a moffat theta though....but many use cheap apple front ends, unless they actually are selling front ends, e.g. naim, lumin, etc.. that has been my experience. I have seen many highend front ends as well...i would guess it was about 50/50, but in all likelihood it has always been the speakers that made the impression on me....example, it didnt seem to matter what they use as amplifier or front end, i am al
  19. I have heard wow moments with speakers but never with dacs. Probably the best dac i have had was a gungnir mb, and I think the bifrost with unison sounds better, and I have had no less than a dozen different dsd dacs...but again, i just don't want to put the effort into building a "high end" special use pc just to see if i can equal what i can get by streaming dsd via dlna...i guess I just can't fathom it getting any better without spending big bucks. I have been to my share of shows, and been to audiophile music groups with some pretty elaborate setups, but none really wowed me with excepti
  20. I would be willing to spend $2-$3K on a front end (streamer & dac OR combo unit) if::: 1. I didn't have to do any DIY 2. i could return it easily if it didnt get a "wow" moment over my current front end I also am in the market for some new towers. I sold my B&W 803s awhile ago (but still have some 805s paired with a velodyne sub) Willing to spend up to 5K. I want something full range that will sound good with both rock and jazz ballads. Kind of spoiled right now with ATC SCM 19 for jazz....but they don't do much for rock. Th
  21. ok, i am not sure how i overlooked that he said a basic dvd player....i guess it depends on what he has had to compare it to. I wouldn't knock it, depending on his budget...not everyone can afford "stuff". I know I am on limited income and can't afford a lot of the higher end stuff. My guess is that players i have used have all had used cheap smps power supplies as well, but they all beat external dacs i have connected to my noisy pc. They actually have always sounded excellent, my last one being a marantz nd8006 and I have had some of their SACD players as well. Wha
  22. I am confused, what is the front end you are using that you are happy with? I have found MANY very inexpensive source solutions that have sounded far superior to most external dacs connected to my noisy pc via usb (even trying $2k solutions). I am willing to spend up to 2-3K on a new front end system if it will give me even 10% more quality than what I currently get just playing native DSD files streamed to any one of several different marantz streamers I have used (currently using an SR6013). I must have tried 20 different front ends, none of which I could confidently say sounde
  23. thanks, i realized it would have a header, and assume an acknowlege of some type (even for isosynchronus?), it appears what is actually recorded is the offset rather than a value, and it does appear linear. What does the first negative number represent, and will it eventually repeat? I just noticed your tagline Developer of PlayPcmWin...will have to check it out. Edit to add:: I just downloaded your player and it sounds great.
  24. Is it possible that the yiggy sounds better with some recordings and the hugo sounds better with other recordings? That has always been my experience in comparing different dacs....never owned a chord though, which is why I am most eager to try....i have the feeling that it will not be a "wow moment" though...i haven't ever had a "wow moment" with a DAC.
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