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  1. i think this will do it Sony - UBP-X1100ES plus it will play blurays and support 4k, sacd, dsd via dlna and more.
  2. Ok, thanks for sharing...i think i understand a "little better" now....is this correct:: I guess this is where i was going with this thread, that from a "logical" perspective, 24bit/192k should be MORE than sufficient to fully capture and accurately reproduce all recorded music that we can possibly hear. Unfortunately, as Barrows points out, that whereas logically that may be true, but because of "imperfect electronics" that it is not true, and that higher sampling rates don't give you more music, but it helps creating the analog output with less noise than would be possible at lo
  3. Can you expand more on what "discrete" conversion is, and what the other solution is besides discrete? And how would we know if it uses discrete or "non-discrete"? Does pro-ject, rme, teac, mojo, or any dac below $1K use discrete?
  4. about 3-4 years ago, I was very close to buying the original altair (good clocks, lps) when i found out the only control method was apple, and like you, no apples in my house....back then i heard they were working on something for andoid, but don't know if they ever resolved for that. I really don't want android either. I want something i can run with windows (without an emulator). I wish there was some player that just used a web browser, that would be nice....right now, i think volumio is the only one that does that??
  5. Yea, I am not sure what the schiits do differently that (at least to my ears) make them sound more lively, more like "real music" compared to about 10 different dsd dacs i have tried. I even stuck with DSD for a several years, thinking that the schiit sounded better in some way, and recently bought another one just to see if I was missing something, and again, it just seemed to make the music come more "alive"...that is when i started reading more about the benefits of DSD (previously believing that with more samples you get more music) and to find out that is not true....that the only purpos
  6. thanks for all who assisted including the private pm's.... Seemed most people that responded like going to a remote computer or pi connected directly to dac. I happen to have a half dozen asus vivo mini computers here, and i googled "asus vivo roon rock" and did find some have had success using it with roon rock, so i gave it a shot...i had a few initial problems, but got it working. As much as I have bad mouthed ROON (mainly because it is subscription based) it does look pretty cool...not sure I am willing to pay the monthly subscription but i have 14 days to check it out, so i wil
  7. Yea, i have tried several DSD dacs, korg being one of probably 10...i loved it for the audiogate software and it sounded really good to me when using audiogate. There is something magic about the schiit sound, but apparently (according to miska and pkane) it is crap by measurements and can't even accurately recreate a 1k sine signal.
  8. I looked at the original altair, but they only supported apple...is that still the case?
  9. I would have to agree with that, and wouldn't want a schiit DAC if it isnt capable of producing even a simple sine wave...i am just surprised that I have never heard this before...even if it does sound better than anything else i have hooked up to my pc...the hunt will continue.
  10. so to clarify pkane, are you saying and confirming with MISKA that schiit bifrost mb DAC does have problems and that there are audible differences at the analog output (even with a 1k sine wave)?
  11. ok thanks for taking the time to share. When i first questioned you, i said for comparative purposes, i wanted to use a schiit for pcm and a rme adi-2 for dsd (because those are 2 dacs that I am considering), and wanted to know if there would be anything that is audible between the 2 assuming most of what i listen to is 44.1k. I used to think that higher resolution would mean "more music", but recently i read that the upsampling is only to push reconstruction noise out of the hearing spectrum. (maybe i am not phrasing this correctly but that is what i recall). An
  12. ok that sounds like something worth trying. With that solution are you able to ff and rew in jriver by using the slidebar? I don't know if it's an issue with using dlna on my marantz or a dlna shortcoming where I am not able to use the slidebar to change position of the song?
  13. Ok thanks...i googled and find many references to ropiee with roon but not jriver...can you share a link if one exists on how to create this solution?
  14. PCM at 1.5mhz? when you say digital domain tricks, that sounds like you are referring to within the dac? I am talking about measurements at the analog output of the DAC, after all digital to analog conversion is done
  15. It doesn't sound like dacs do their job very well if they cannot reproduce the analog out with consistency and relative accuracy, especially for a simple 1k sine wave?
  16. pkane seemed to disagree in one of the first posts? Is he incorrect or misunderstanding what you or I are saying/asking? If I understood him correctly He suggested you are "vastly exaggerating" ?
  17. ok...lets go with 24bit PCM 192K then? That's really what i am considering anyway.
  18. this is pretty greek to me... question again is, assuming 1) original 1khz sine wave recorded at 44.1k 2) all hardware is the same but the dac 3) would there be any measurable differences (within the audible spectrum) between 2 different competent dacs one being pcm 192K and the other upsampled to quad rate dsd at the "analog out" edited I meant to include within the audible spectrum.
  19. Does hardware have to support RAAT to work with it? I guess I am asking will it work with my marantz reciever or would i have to use roon with dlna instead of raat for it to work? Not sure if that even makes sense??
  20. do you also stream to the pi and use dlna? I know jriver has a downloadable image "id" which i believe is for a pi, which i contemplated trying at one time.
  21. ok, that makes sense then...it's always been my experience that i get best results when streaming... does raat allow you to fast forward and rewind? or is it kind of quirky like DLNA?
  22. ^^^^i am awake now....boy i think of a lot of stupid stuff when i am half awake...next time i will be smarter to post than when i am half awake (grin)
  23. thanks for sharing will read through it later tonite...just got home from outing to fallbrook...always a fun drive...found a lot of unique cd's to go through...
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