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  1. THANKS!! i will definetely check it out...i was wondering if there was any good windows software out there (it is windows isn't it?) that supported DSD. jriver is bloatware imo, foobar is ok, hqp needs a gui and better interface and configuration capabilitieis, audiogate sounds great, but lackluster and also they won't sell full version separately without their dac....so this Audiophile Inventory may be just the ticket i am looking for.
  2. if you use a mic eq, it will tell you if your speakers out of of phase...but for topic of this discussion i am talking just stereo, and hardware working at manufacturers specification...e.g. everything setup properly.
  3. I just noticed your tag you show you have ifi DSD nano, which i have tried. Do you now have the "lampizator chipless", and you were blown away with improved fidelity with the upgrade, or why are you mentioning the chipless?
  4. You can disregard my last question about what dac you use..i saw your tagline...so i googled your signalyst dac... DSC1 is an Open Hardware, "discrete" delta-sigma D/A-converter specifically designed for 256x and higher sampling rates and optimized for seventh order modulators used in Signalyst HQPlayer. There is no hardware support for PCM at all and minimum recommended sampling rate is 5.6448 MHz. Playback of PCM and lower rate DSD content is accomplished by using realtime software conversion such as provided by Signalyst HQPlayer.
  5. No, i have not. is there a concensus on that model among this crowd that it is rated among the best in that price range that believe it is not just a different "sound" but actually better fidelity and worthy of an audition? From what i have read that under $1K, the concensus is that you can't do much better than either the TEAC 501 or the IFI Micro. Is there currently a similar concensus among this crowd of a DAC under $2K that is a "huge" step up from the TEAC/IFI Micro? Dacs i have tried over the IFI micro are sony, marantz, and a used PS audio...and i never heard anything that b
  6. >>Upon testing 100 speakers and several DACs with two amps, you are stating that the amps are more important to the sound. I am not saying amps more important than speakers, and I also am not saying amps are more important than DACs. What i am saying is that in my experience, in a less than $5K system, that upgrading a $1K amp to a $3K amp will gain you more fidelity than upgrading a dac from a $200 DAC to a $2K dac. That was also at that time. I haven't tried any new dacs in the last couple years, so maybe i would think differently now, and willing to try if someone wants to s
  7. at the moment, i am using the dragonfly which i kept for my pc usage when i sold the other 10 dacs.... I just (moments ago) repurchased a Korg Dac that i once owned. The Korg doesn't get great reviews, but what many people don't know (but paul here knows), that the software that comes with it is phenomenal for DSD. The software makes a much bigger difference than the DAC itself. Whether you use AUdiogate with an IFI or Korg, marantz, sony or whatever DAC, it makes the bigger difference than the DAC itself also. Sounds much better than jriver or foobar. It's simplistic interface is lackin
  8. My stereo system is only my amp and speakers. I just sold my $1k turntable and $20K worth of vinyl. I do have a decent sub, but i get enough bass out of my bookshelves that i rarely even turn the sub on....so my entire system was $500 (SR5008 or 9) and $500 Speakers (B&W 1NT)....i ditched the DACs and opted to just play mostly DSD files (&some flac/wav) on flash drive and play in internal usb port on marantz. I was willing to spend $2K if i could get appreciable improvement, but was unable to with USB DACs. So my stereo system basically went from a $1K system to $3K system with
  9. Have you ever done a DAC upgrade where you heard a significant difference and one that you are content with, within your budget? If so, what did you upgrade from and to?
  10. I am not trying to improve anything at this point..the point of the thread was that in the past i always believed the AMP would have insignificant improvement by upgrading. I never even tried to upgrade my amp past the 1K old budget, figuring the law of diminishing returns. I was willing to spend $2K on a better dac, but after trying about 10 different dacs priced from $100 to $2000, i was underwhelmed with any improvement over the fidelity i was able to get out playing dsd files on a flash drive of the internal usb port on the marantz. I figured it was about as good as it could get s
  11. from what i understand the amp was 3500 new, but retains it value very well...still sells for $2500 to $3000 on ebay. i got it from original owner (my brother) The marantz is either a SR5009 or 5008, i forget which.
  12. in my particular case...everything was the same... speakers, amp, cables, room, etc... just talking swapping out the amp made a MUCH more significant difference than switching out any dac ever did. to the op, yes, i used dacs from $100 to $2000 on the marantz...if i would have to say that ANY dac sounded "better" than the intenral dac on the marantz, i would suggest it was playing from a marantz sacd sa8005 player with analog out to the marantz (or possibly dlna out a sony bluray)...there was no appreciable benefit of any usb dacs over playing dsd from a flash drive using the internal
  13. since you have a MC amp, you seem to understand what i have been trying to say...as you state moving up to the mc amp was significant. it was the most significant for me, even more so than many speakers.... Since you seem to be the only one on the same page as me, i am curious did you try lower end dacs before your schitt or BDA? in the lower end dacs, i hardly noticed ANY jump in fidelity....can you say you heard any considerable differences in any dacs sub $1000 (e.g. from $200 to $1000). If i keep this mcintosh, i can hardly afford a $3k BDA-2.
  14. I haven't jumped from 1K dac to 5K dac, so possibly most people that said DAC over AMP have much higher priced systems....but i would have difficult time believing someone would say DAC over AMP on lower priced systems that actually tried a higher price amp...
  15. This isn't the case in my scenario. I literally test drove not less than 100 different pairs of speakers in my home over the last 2 years in ranges from $100 to $2000 with Denon, Marantz, NAD, Sony, and a few others within a 1K amp/receiver budget. The combo i finalized with sounded the best. I tried several dacs from $100 to $2000. There was a jump from $100 to $300 (dargonfly to ifi), but nothing else i tried sounded significantly better. I couldn't even say that any dac sounded better than the internal dac in the marantz, and i finally dumped all the dacs, and just used the internal dac
  16. So it seems most people believe a DAC has a bigger impact on fidelity than the AMP. I used to believe the same until I got a much better AMP. Since it seems many people have an Ifi here, and they come pretty well respected, I am curious.... Do you think an ifi micro on a denon receiver will sound better than a ifi nano on a mcintosh amp? I used think that a DAC would mean a bigger difference than an amp too, until i took a big step up in the amp dept. I personally have tried many dacs from 200 to 2000, and i really could not say one sounded phenomenally better than the other...bu
  17. room treatments wasn't an option...the question is what makes the biggest difference between these 4 Preamp Amp Dac cables
  18. anyway, of those that voted, 5 to 2 say DAC over amp and that was my belief before today...i will never think that again. And short of re-writing the poll, i will just summarize that: For a sub $6K stereo system, between AMP and DAC, the AMP makes the biggest difference...jmo
  19. i meant the music source...e.g. the file ....even an amp can be considered a source to the speakers, and the speakers a source to our ears.
  20. not applicable...got same hum using dac from usb port and pc with no wifi.
  21. since you have that up so high, i assume you use tube amps and record player?
  22. ok, room treatments aside also.... I used to think the amp didn't make the much of a difference after listening to many (mostly recievers but several amps also). After trying NAD, rotel, marantz, denon, sony, and several others, i was able to tell a difference in many cases, but none that i would consider significantly better. I heard better differences in DACs trying dacs from $100 to $2000. But today i heard a mcintosh amp using just a dragonfly, and it sounded SIGNIFICANTLY better than the marantz and and any dac i through at it. I am not sure i can justify a $2500 amp in my budg
  23. For 2 channel stereo, [h=2]besides speakers and source what makes the biggest differnece in fidelity[/h]My opinion just changed from what i used to believe... PREAMP AMP CABLES DAC for sake of poll, consider all are fully functional to manufactures specifications.
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