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  1. you stated there are many dacs that do this...i wasn't asking which are inexpensive...i just asked of the dacs that you are aware of, which is the least expensive one that you are familiar with? I believe the schiit dacs do this with their "unison" usb, but Miska said the bifrost didn't measure well, so am looking at other options, and would prefer DSD if possible, but not necessary. Even of the "many" you suggest, none are inexpensive, I still want to know which is the least expensive one you are familiar with as a "starting point"
  2. PKANE>> WHen you use one of those models on Gearslutz, did you still have to use a "better" power supply?
  3. I routinely use toslink as it always sounds better than USB "to me", so perhaps i have ground loops (but i don't hear any hum or constant noise, that is typically suggested regarding them, but maybe it is above my hearing level but still affects the overall sound). Since toslink isn't an option if i want to play native DSD files, i continue to look for different usb solutions. When you say you use differeent power supplies, do you use them with the source or the dac? And are there any inexpensive power supplies that you have found that consistently improve this issue?
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows of an inexpensive DAC that pays special attention to isolating well, that also provides it's own 5V reference voltage for the usb, and that reclocks. I don't want to get into the debate whether noise matters or not....just looking for a few different models that do this well. I already heard that the D90 does not have galvanic isolation...and i don't know about the other 2 features I want (provide their own 5v ref and reclocks). I know the Schiits unison advertises it does this (galvanic isolation, reclock/regenerate, and provide their own 5v referen
  5. Can you provide some examples models, especially if they isolate well? I am surprised there would be any difference in interconnects unless they were just "loose"? What inexpensive modern dacs do you have first hand knowledge with that you are comfortable making this statement?
  6. I personally would rather have a solution that recreates as accurately as possible than one that just focuses on what is percieved as the "audible range" if it can be done relatively inexpensively.
  7. Thanks for all of this very valuable information. Firstly....how does one ensure they have no ground loops between devices? Do any inexpensive DACS do this well? I don't ever notice any "hum" but maybe it is at such a high level that I don't hear it...but i still swear when i use anything (spdif, hdmi, network), they always sound better than usb, and what I struggle with, when there seems to be such competing opinions. Also why would a usb thumb drive from my marantz on same ac circuit sound better.
  8. What is lowest price DAC that you are aware of that does "pay attention to all of these details"?
  9. I never saw your response to superdad about your profession and am curious myself?
  10. may be of interest:::: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7065091
  11. I did make the comment that if i had bottomless pockets, that i would reach further over to the subjective side....hell it wouldn't even have to sound good if it looked good. I actually auditioned same speaker system in La Jolla....best I have heard, and they were auditioning it using vinyl...i think the speakers were like $300K by themselves. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/615
  12. So what have you discovered using this DW software regarding what dacs came close to reproducing to the original source? Also, any surprises in all your testing of anything?
  13. Don't schiit multibit oversample/upsample? Or they just don't upsample high enough? I was wondering if you had a recommendation for a "non-diy" PCM dac....or DSD dac that does both PCM and DSD equally well? Many seem to like RME adi-2 and Topping D90? Would it possibly be beneficial to get an older higher end used pcm dac like ayre or emm? As you know, it seems everyone on ASR believe all dacs that measure well sound exactly the same...do you fall in that same camp?
  14. i wish i could and that it would be that easy to get out of this movie...i guess i have to get back into the bible....it's so depressing.
  15. yea, it was refreshing to see nobody believes it on audioscncreview....although i think it is probably somewhere in the middle of the two "extremes"...but it was nice to see other opinions...i feel a lot less frustrated now...thanks inre volumio/hqplayer...i think i am ready for a rest for trying new stuff for awhile, now that i see drastically different opinions, i am a lot more content now.
  16. For now, i find myself in the middle, but still lean more toward measurements and logic. Although i don't necessarily agree with all of "their views" (they seem more like groupies than this site), it was enlightening and entertaining, that it actually helped my recent frustration just seeing there were people with totally different views...between the 2 sites it's like from one extreme to the other....much like politics and news today....this world is flippin' crazy.
  17. so funny.... I just joined audio “science” review, and they seem to get more upset about even suggesting usb noise is a problem, where here it is like life & death wow moments....it's hard to believe there is such division...just like politics, i am right in the middle...ughgghg...this world sucks...i am an outcast wherever i go.
  18. Just out of curiosity, you said vast differences would be a vast exaggeration except for certain pcm dacs....What pcm dacs would be more accurate? I really don't want to have to build a fancy computer with fancy power supply to handle high rate dsd if pcm 192k would be sufficient...is there a PCM dac that would do better at accuracy that you could recommend or are you in the DSD camp?
  19. ^^^ I admit, I am more content without the spaghetti and a single simple interface that sounds "good enough". Besides speakers and amp, nothing has given even a 10% improvement... I just wish audio engineers would concentrate on fixing the DAC instead of all of the spaghetti and band-aids.... i mean really, all this effort to just accurately recreate an analog signal that was previously digitized...surely there must be a better method, when we can't hear beyond a 24/96K file. Someone will think outside of the box sometime and figure it out.
  20. The problem with the hobby is that you need 3 computers, one for the player, one for the streamer, one for the upsampling and you need lots of power for the upsampling computer, and then you need to worry about heat, and if it's not quad dsd or better, then it ain't crap. You also need highend power supplies for each computer and fancy cables, and then you need to make sure that the different vendors play nicely with each other...then everyone has their own opinion, and then when you spend money and time to try to make it sound marginally better, you are unimpressed, and have to start all ov
  21. MISKA>> mandatory ones being such as 128 kbps MP3 huh? i dont get this statement? I can stream DSD256 via dlna..i have been doing so for over 5 years...or are you just saying you can only do somethings with mp3 files? I have replaced all my mp3's with wav or dsd.
  22. I just googled the zen and see they make a zen mini for only $1300...maybe the zen mini and the qutest? Not sure what the differences are with the $2600 version and the mini? edit, i just saw difference is the power supply and it has 2 network ports...yea, i would consider the mini that i could upgrade the ps later and then see if the better ps gave a worthwhile performance improvement for the money....the mini may be worth considering in my budget perhaps with the d90.
  23. so you wouldn't need a fancy computer with fancy power supplies to upsample to 7xxK first if you bought the zen? Wouldn't you rather have a qutest with a different streamer ... The zen just seems like it would be overkill for the mojo?
  24. Well i created a volumio image and i really like the interface!! I really wanted a player I could manage from any browser, as I pretty much live on my computer. I rarely use my smart phone because i should wear glasses, but too lazy to put on reading glasses on and off... Anyway, I am going to cancel roon trial, because i don't want to pay a subscription...it was a nice interface, but going to try volumio for awhile...anyone know if you can use hqp with volumio? I haven't done any critical listening yet, but for every day use, i think this will be my keeper soluti
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