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  1. 2 and a half years ago i was laughed at here when i said dsd is to stay and that dac engineering is still in it's infancy..haha... my guess is that we will have mqa and $500 dacs sounding better than $2K dacs of 3 years ago in another year.
  2. minim server is the only free one i know of that supports dsd
  3. you may be right for you..i don't know...i just know this mcintosh sounds a WHOLE LOT better with a $200 dac than the marantz sounded with a $1000 dac. but to each their own, and even with NO external dac (using sony bluray and dlna ) it sounds tons better than the marantz too...i even bet if you heard dnla through my sony to mcintosh, you would agree it sounds much better than marantz....i can't speak to the outlaw, but i would guess the mcintosh sounds better too...but maybe not.
  4. so you were serious? What company are you talking about that will ship you several dacs at once to try? I have never heard of any such thing????
  5. huh? call the cable company? I don't think either teac or schiit sends demo units. i can buy and return or buy and sell used which is what i typically do...i have already auditioned a half dozen a few years ago...and likely will again, but just want his advice on which to try first.
  6. I think i understood his point that given a small budget, he would rather have a cheap dac and a good amp...he wasn't saying that you cant improve on a dac all the way up to 3K with considerable improvements. everything is relative.
  7. Of all the people on this site, i value yours and miskas input the most.... regardless of this thread, i have a mcintosh amp now and am ecstatic about its sound. That said, you indicate above that you would be content with a $700/$1500 spread given a $2200 budget. I am curious what dac you would buy for $700.... also... Let's say i have up to $1200 i am comfortable spending on a dac. What would you buy for a dac (besides a diy) and if you had to use foobar or jriver (no hqp) would you consider a 1. Teac UD-503 (doesnt seem to be very popular here, but has great reviews, won s
  8. that might work for the interim. so using jriver i could control the ID. It does have rca analog out? i didn't see that in the picture in the link you sent...i will look for more pics. I also could select usb out remotely (so i could switch between rca out and usb out from the jriver client).
  9. i have android tablet...i just want to control from windows because i spend a lot of time on windows and i never pick up the tablet...also file transfers from android would be a pain. I have all my music library on windows...i just want to have an external device that i can drag and drop from windows.... i read that auralic is working on windows..i was just curious if anything existed already...but i guess not.
  10. is it capable of playing dsd via analog out, or do you need to use usb dac? I am trying to get away from usb.
  11. that sounds great, but that is relying on a remote pc which would require a usb connection to a dac. the thing that is nice about the Auralic Aries Mini, is that it has analog out not requiring a usb dac. Will this roon work with the auralic aries mini to allow you to copy files to it and play it?
  12. Can you explain more what you are talking about with playing with filters? Can't this be done in settings with either Jriver or foobar? (or in my case audiogate software). Are you talking about just changing sampling rates or something more involved that Jriver and foobar aren't capable of?
  13. +1 Agreed! That is what i have been trying to say.
  14. that technical jargon makes my head dizzy... Can you confirm that is what is done both with the KORG w/audiogate and the TEAC ud-503 w/Teac software? I just want plug and play.. i never manually do anything with the software. All i have done is just trying different upsampling rates... I just ordered the ud-503, so i can't speak to it yet, but the korg sounded pretty impressive to me via audiogate software. Do i need to know something else besides just playing the music via the included software? I am not sure what you mean by other references about manually tuning the software...
  15. Correct me if i am wrong, but a UPNP controller is for streaming? i don't want to stream music. I want ability to copy (like drag and drop) files from my pc to the ssd in the remote box and to have control features of the remote box from my pc. When you say upnp controller, is that the name of a specific program or are you just saying any upnp controller like a dlna server? Can you clarify please? Again, i don't want to stream...i just want to control the remote box with a windows pc. The music will reside on the music box and played from there. PS, you told me about minimus dlna
  16. what will sound better, the bitfrost multibit or the gunger delta-sigma?
  17. i just want the exact same thing as the auralic aries mini, but that i can control from windows os vs apple os.
  18. Is there a music server on the market that can be controlled by windows pc or web browser? I want a physical box with standard rca analog line out that that has ssd and is networked, but can be controlled (e.g. copy files and play controls) from a windows pc. Something similar to aurender, but i can drag and drop files to a ssd, and play from pc. Not like minimus dlna.
  19. they have the 503 now, i just bought one...$999...DSD -> 11.2mhz, usb isolation, much more features now and won japanese most prestigious product of year 2016. None of the shiits support DSD.
  20. i meant to specify windows pc. I know aurilic works with apple or iphone...i want something i can control from a windows pc.
  21. Do you know if there are any network media players that have standard rca analog out that you can control from a network pc? (e.g. copy files, play controls)
  22. are you speaking from experience when you say yiggy is wonderful? It seems if you are connected with a site that sells DSD, that would be your preference? Just curious, what your preference is? Do you prefer listening to DSD or PCM?
  23. ok, my apologies...he also didn't say he would live with..he probably has a bigger budget (grin)...but there aren't a lot of dacs in the $200 range....the ones on this board that get decent reviews are the ud-301 and ifi nano in that price range...he likes hqp and audiophile inventory for software and the regen...but i will let him respond...the only reason i butt in was because i misunderstood you...anyway, my apologies.
  24. First, It's an open forum, so i don't care who you were addressing, i felt like replying. but you quoted Jud's statement "With the present state of technology, I would say very much the former, because there are DACs in the vicinity of $200 that allow you to offload a great deal of what affects sound quality to external software" Jud simply said "DACS in the vicinity of $200......", so I am not sure why you are asking him to tell you all that other stuff...it makes no sense to ask that question, especially since it is not possible.
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