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  1. to play music over the network port, they support DLNA...kind of a pain imho...i am happy with my ud503 and usb...because of dlna, i am not sure i would use the network port, otherwise i would send the ud503 back...but since i don't think i would use the network port anyway, i decided to just hold onto the ud503....if i really wanted to use dlna, i could simply use a network port on sony bluray player and use digital out to the teac with same results i think....but i think i am done with dlna....just prefering to use usb. The teac supposedly isolates all usb noise prior to the internal analog
  2. thanks, no desire for DIY, and would prefer a well known brand name, unless someone has specific experience and can attest that they know the spacious signature i am seeking, and that there is either easy resale or free demo available if i am not happy.
  3. also, does anyone have any comments on emotiva...there seems to be a lot of hype on their amps as being great bang for the buck, but again the thing that is important to me is "depth, spaciousness". i don't care about big power or big bass. I like jazz and like b&w speakers.
  4. I couldn't justify the McINtosh that i just sold for $2500 in my budget, but now that i have been spoiled, I am in search for a replacement. I am currently using a NAD C 356BEE, which seems ok, until i can replace it. Hoping to find an amp (new or used) for less than $1000 that i can be content with. It can be stereo or multi-channel, integrated or not. I was the one that swore up and down (and still do) that the mcintosh amp was a bigger upgrade than any DAC made any difference. So whether you agree or not with that statement, the signature i am looking for is depth, spaciousne
  5. I bought mine (UD-503) on amazon...you can always return there without an issue.....but i like mine, and not returning. i also love having the coax in, so i can either play from my cd or from my pc. i like the ability to upsample to DSD or use native DSD. I think there is too much to like about this or the nt, that i am not sure why it doesn't get more love. sounds much better than the marantz or sony dacs i have tried (or numerous other lesser dacs). I love the remote with volume control (remember to change the setting from fixed to variable for volume to work). I think anyone
  6. My brother swears he can hear a difference with silver speaker cables and insists on sending me some $400 cables. I don't doubt that he can hear a difference, but i don't think i can hear a difference over a decent gauge copper cable....i have some higher end monster cables which i think are more than sufficient, but don't doubt some people can hear a difference "up to a point"...
  7. roon doesnt play native dsd....it downsamples to pcm first then does dop...better off with auidovarna+ ??
  8. I lived quite happily for awhile with a marantz SR5009, picked up at best buy new open box for around $500. Prices have fallen and you can get new on ebay for about that price now. They have a usb port on the front that you can put digitial music on and it support all files even DSD. Also supports streaming and interent radio. If you want one unit to do it all, this sounds great. You can select your songs from the gui (hdmi out to your monitor). Its a great all in one unit.
  9. I don't really want to spend hours converting. Most of the music i have that i listen to is 2.8 or 5.6 DSD files already. i googled audiophile inventory and it looks like just a converter? Don't they have a player too? do you have a link where i can download the player?
  10. Ok, good time to try that...i will. Have you used it with windows or only mac? Is it your "go to" software now?
  11. What I am saying is that the audiogate software (made specifically for Korg Dacs), will only allow me to select DSD sample rates for KORG DACS. It will allow me to select ASIO and other DACS (have tried IFI and TEAC), but will not allow me to sample higher than 192K. The teac DAC allows me to upsample everything via hardware/firmware internally to the DAC. All I know is that everything sounds better when played with audiogate. Even 192K through audiogate sounds much better than native dsd through either TEAC player, or jriver or foobar, or even HQP. Now that i know the software w
  12. So many times i have said i haven't been able to tell a good step up in audio by trying new dacs, even by upgrading from $170 dacs to $1500 DACS. I also was the one that was amazed at how much improvement i got by upping the ante on the amp...much more than any dac has done for me in the past. I think i realized why i wasn't able to improve my audio even by getting more expensive dacs...yes small improvements but nothing worth the difference in price. Jud suggested that might be because of the software doing a lot of the work for me. That was my first clue as to my new realization.
  13. agreed....i just recieved my 10th DAC. A teac ud-503. Rave reviews, highest japanese audio award of 2016, usb isolation, 2 internal clocks, 2 torroidal transformers, ability to upsample everything to quad dsd....Yes, it sounds great, but still upgrading from a marantz amp to a mcintosh amp was a much more dramatic improvement than going from a $170 DAC to a $1000 DAC (i also have tried 2 others exceeding 1K). I got better boost of performance from software (audiogate) and mcintosh amp than the dac. The external dac is overrated imho... heck, people can't even agree unanimously that a
  14. so a windows 10 pc running squeezlite is a dsd capable device? what version of squeezelite ? so install lms 7.9 on remote pc and then i can play dsd is there anything wrong at all with that setup? can the audio be improved on or bits is bits, and it would just be depending on my dac and hardware on out...
  15. it may just be marketing, but this says it prevents ALL noise leaving the usb from entering the analog section of the dac...e.g. if the noise is isolated before the analog output...that anded with the 2 clocks, sounds pretty bullet proof? -====== So, all noise coming from digital input sources, starting with noise from the computer via USB, is prevented from entering the analog section by way of the power line or the ground.
  16. M I S K A, MISKA !! Have you played with SCHIITS BITFROST? I read and remembered that you liked the teac UD-501 a couple years ago, and now they have a UD-503 with lots of new features including galvanic usb isolation, 2 clocks (plus input for 10mhz clock), dsd up to 11.2mhz, and a ton more new features. I was just wondering if you would prefer the schiit bitfrost multibit or the Teac Ud-503? I am contemplating buying both to compare as i haven't seen any comparison reviews, but am leaning toward the teac mainly because of my fondness of dsd....just wondering if you have any input?
  17. I guess if i use squeezelite, i can just do regular copying files from pc to pc....the squeezelite on a windows music pc seems to do the trick for what i want?
  18. this sounds interesting...Squeezelite looks like that and LMS will do everything i want except for dsd....if i want dsd i can just use the dsd player that comes with my teac. So, how does this sound..is this feasible? MUSIC PC with both Squeezlite and TEAC HQ Player running all the time, and connected to my TEAC ud-503 install LMS on my remote pc. From my remote pc i can play and control the MUSIC PC for all flac files or USE HQ PLAYER for playing dsd files locally on MUSIC PC. and both squeezelite and LMS are free?
  19. cebolla>> When you mentioned the Aries Mini as being the "exact same thing"... ok, so it streams internally...that is fine..thanks for the info. Yes, you mentioned to me minimserver for dsd streaming, and that worked fine but not exactly what i wanted (old account i used when i asked you). I used that to access my files from bluray player and it sounded great, but looking for something different now. What i really want is to be able to control music playing from the pc that i sit at a LOT. This LMS looks good, but i dont think it supports DSD, and looks like it is made to suppor
  20. since it was said that they serve different purposes, I am curious would any of the 3 devices (Intona,RUR,REGEN( offer more than the other (or needed at all) for a new technology dac i am supposed to get in mail tomorrow (teac ud-503). It says it already has usb isolation...and would it matter if i used the 10mhz clock or not? ---=-=-=--= Between the digital and analog sections, the circuit design uses a digital isolator to completely isolate both the power supply and the ground. So, all noise coming from digital input sources, starting with noise from the computer via USB, is prev
  21. Interesting you mention bitfrost...I bought a UD-503, but also am buying a bitfrost multibit. I am relatively certain i want DSD and none of the schiits support DSD...but i want to at least hear why so many people like the schiits. The ud-503 is $1000 and the bitfrost multibit $600, so it may not be a fair audiition, but none-the-less, i want to make sure i am not making a mistake getting the teac because of DSD and discounting the schiits just because they dont support dsd. I am hoping i will like the teac as much or more, and will then sell the bitfrost. If i end up liking the schiit muc
  22. thats what i was hoping to hear. it's not slam dunk, so i might as well go with a cheap auralic mini and forget about this whole usb thing.
  23. i looked, they didnt have dacs i was interested in...but thanks for the info.
  24. What do you think would sound better An auralic mini analog out to a TEAC UD-503 A windows pc usb out to a TEAC UD-503 everything else is the same You can substitute any dac that has both usb and analog inputs and usb isolation Also do you think auralic analog out direct to amp (no external dac) would sound better than pc usb out to dac to amp?
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