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  1. yea, not what i was looking for...looking for a streamer dac under 2k with dual 9038's, linear power supply and femto clocks...the altair g1 is very close... i don't think there is anything else on the market that checks all those boxes.
  2. do they have a command where you can play a play list or all files in one directory ? if so, it may be worth the effort to set up, but if you have to issue a command to play every song, that sounds a bit tedious and not worth the time. i remember trying jplay and if i remember, it was command line driven too, and sounded phenomenal...
  3. bump for miska? do you have any idea what would cause it to report 88.2 khz and even the 2nd figure is incorrect? (e.g. 22579k for a dsd256 file)???
  4. ^^^ thanks for bringing this 2 year old thread back to life...i noted that i would be happy with the altair if a v2 came out that checked my boxes....i think it pretty much does now (altair g1), except it STILL doesn't support android..still apple only, but i believe i read elsewhere that it has a web player now in addition to ipod player?
  5. I liked resonic, so i decided to give musicbee a shot based on the recommendation...i never thought i would try a program called "music bee" simply by the name (grin)...but i was quite surprised with how fast and easy it was. I did install a upnp plugin and it immediately saw my streamer. I literally had everything working within 3 minutes...this is how all programs should work! Its fast switching, has good bass punch, and nice simple and easy interface.....I will play with it some more, but right now i really like what i am seeing!! It also supported high res dsd with no configuration ch
  6. I think ethernet over optical is best possible solution, and whether you take that optical out to usb>dac or optical out> streamer/dac just depends on design. I think noise isolation from usb out a noisy pc has come a long ways over the last 5 or 6 years, but you aren't going to beat noise isolation using one of the 2 fiber over ethernet solutions.
  7. I am curious what others may think of resonic...quick and easy and VERY FAST especially switching in middle of songs...the thing i like about it is that it will show let you browse by your own file structure (something roon lacks). download it and it works right out of the box, supports dsd, and you can be up and running as fast as you can download it...check it out.
  8. thanks for your knowledge on wtfplay....can you confirm when you say no networking, so you have to have your music stored locally? Also, you can't control it from remote node? (both local storage and command line interface only option of playing?)
  9. oh, ok...i didnt see that thunderbolt had the usb connector option....if that works, that would be great for me too..i can afford that cable (smile)...i will keep my eyes on this thread...if those optical cables will work with usb dacs, then i think i may just have to be happy with a schiit multibit with unison usb and a optical cable...I can't afford a sonore optical solution....if i were you though, i may consider trying the sonore optical solution (your host, computer audiophile, also has one).
  10. I just looked at your system...you clearly have the money...if i were you, i would get the sonore optical solution...that or even get the lumin x1 with fiber....wish i had your money! Fiber over ethernet is the way to go if you can afford it...look no further. It's the first time i have recommended sonore product, but right now there aren't any other fiber over ethernet options that i could find short of the lumin x1 at $13k...
  11. can you clarify this 5v isolation design (pic?) would it work with any dac? Is this a diy or store bought device?
  12. you may need to lean on the optical usb cable link that you shared...the thunderbolt doesn't even use a usb connector so i am sure it is not compatible.
  13. there is the argument that there is no such thing as noise-free, but i believe you can get "closer" with fiber. the "hans channel" likes the sonore optical rendu over the previously highest praised sotm ultra solution. I was looking at using fiber over ethernet a couple years ago, when i got sidelined...i still think it is the best way to go....not paying $2k for streamer though that the sonore will set you back with power supply and xceiver. I am not convinced that it would be that much better than just using a cisco switch with fiber to a network dac. For someone with money though
  14. looking at the diagram it looks like only fiber (no power) is interfaced between devices??? its hard to believe that the conversion though can happen inside the usb cable like shown without power? especially like from high dsd rates?? sounds way too good to be true.
  15. i am sure all the fiber usb cables have copper for the 5v...bummer...i wonder though if even a fiber usb cable connected to a schiit unisom usb might be the answer since they "advertise" electrical isolation and self powered dac, that between using the unison usb and a fiber usb cable if we can effectively claim noise isolation up to the dac? I am thinking about trying another schiit since they are now advertising the unison usb input.
  16. If a optical usb cable would work that would isolate all nosie for both power and data, that seems like it would be the cheap and easy way to do it all?!! Could this be the key we have all been yearning for? forget fiber over ethernet, forget dlna, forget unnecessary endpoints? This sounds too good to be true??
  17. i have tried all but aes and a few others you haven't mentioned...oddly enough i liked spdif...which is frowned on by most, but it just sounded cleaned and didn't have hiccups that many dlna solutions had...but didn't support highres dsd...i want to go to fiber over ethernet but there aren't any reasonable priced complete solutions imho. I bought cisco switches and sfp and xcievers with anticipation, along with audio linux, but shortly thereafter got pulled in different direction and then moved, so I am ready to give something a go again....i saw sonore has a xciever for $249, but i have a $3
  18. funnny this thread show up tonite...i have just upgraded to jriver 26 yesterday and just tried audirvana first time (windows version). Jriver has so many features, but seems bloated...i was just thinking i would want something simple to work out of the box that supported dsd. I haven't done any comparison testing, but i like the simple interface, and i didn't have to google to get it working out of the box like jriver or foobar with dsd. Is volumio the only player that has a self booting image (good for streamlined os for audio) that supports dsd? I wish there were more sof
  19. yes, i would like to see a lot more products like this on market to make more competitive pricing like the market continues to do with network dacs.
  20. music servers with sfp inputs is way of future...right now i am not aware of any besides the lumin x1?
  21. can you set it for batch conversion? Which conversion method would you recommend that has the fastest conversion time? Like can i just point to a directory and say convert all and let it run until it completes? I am guessing that the record is just a bonus feature, and not really designed for batch conversion? Have you heard of the other batch conversion programs and would you recommend them?
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