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  1. ok, thanks for the explanation...it seems to make sense to some degree, but if the computer software is more capable of upsampling, why not just use the computer to upsample to same rate as the chord does?
  2. are there any others you are talking about besides the gustard a18 that use the same chip as the d90 in the same price range?
  3. why would that be possible since the mojo or qutest will upsample it much higher? so if you start with a 44.1k file and then upsample it to say 192k, it can't make new music that is not there, the software just guesses what "music would be there" right? it can't make music that doesn't exist? i would think the fpga algorithms would "guess" better which is what i thought we were buying when we buy an upsampling dac...one that sounds more natural. Can you explain the "theory" where upsampling first to 192K then to mhz rate the mojo/qutest upsamples to vs just upsampling the 44k file to t
  4. thanks, i will read through closer and digest, but quick question...if the qutest "always" upsamples, then by davide upsampling to 705k First with software (seems like an odd number?), but then the qutest would upsample even more right? Also what is the rate that the qutest upsamples to?
  5. many times i will download videos if i like them, but if i am just "surfing", would just like a way to possibly make them sound better...thinking an fpga dac may help...something that upsamples everything, not just what a music player sends it....
  6. I enjoy watching videos and just wish there was something you could do to improve the audio on them. If i like a song enough, i will almost always download as flac if i can find it, but i still enjoy watching the videos....many times, it "pulls me in" more than audio only. I am thinking a "FPGA" type dac may be able to make even lossy audio sound better?
  7. hmmm...your response seems to conflict with davides response above (although he said mojo but i asked about qutest), but this is closer to what i understood...but can you clarify a little please... so whether my windows 10 pc is playing a 128k mp3 file from windows media player, or playing a youtube video from youtube.com, or a native dsd file from jriver, it will ALWAYS and with no other options, play everything at this "high rate fpga rate" you speak of? do you know what this high rate is? I couldn't seem to find it anywhere... Also if that is the case do
  8. since the qutest thread popped to the top, i thought i could ask the owners here does the qutest have the ability to either upsample everything that goes to it (e.g. NOT just from a music player) but everything on a windows pc...like if i am playing a youtube video will the audio automatically be upsampled? And if so, does it also have the ability to play native dsd without modifying it? I want a dac that has multiple modes, where in one mode i can have it upsample everything going out the windows pc, and then another mode where if i am using a player playing a native dsd file tha
  9. I am unsure, even if i buy a usb dac which dacs support hardware upsampling so i can try upsampling from youtube.com. i think the chords, psaudio, and schiit upsample everything that is input to it? I would like the option to either upsample everything OR play dsd direct.
  10. thanks for the welcome...i will try to digest what you wrote here later, thanks for your input...i currently don't have a usb dac, just streaming dsd to my marantz. Someone on jriver website said they have a wdmdriver that may work...i have had several usb dacs but found i preferred optical or dlna sounding better, but that may have been because i didnt have any usb toys and i was waiting on a dac with good isolation without a "toy" in my budget, and just sold off all my usb dacs....i am in the market for a usb dac again, now that it seems you can get more for your money these days.
  11. i meant i wanted to be able to play from youtube.com and just everything...i found out that Jriver has a wdmdriver where you can just select that as your driver and everything will be routed through jriver as your default speaker, that way you can upsample even youtube while you are watching it from youtube.com...i haven't tried it yet as i had a hard drive failure and busy doing restores...will try it tomorrow...anyway if i am reading correctly, i can upsample youtube.com to dsd rates https://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/WDM_Driver
  12. Does anyone know if the RME ADI-2 has galvanic isolation and if it will hardware upsample without software?
  13. when i first read this i thought it was the digital box s2, but just now re-read and it says ds2 ultra which is a different animal...i am not familiar with this and have not heard of it before. Did this come out before or after the s2? do you know if it has galvanic isolation or any circuitry making it superior to the s2?
  14. We all know you can play music through a player or a streamer to get optimal sound for your flac/wav/dsd files, but what about best way to play youtube? probably very few lossless files on youtube (if at all?, is there a way to search just for hd, and do the hd all have lossless audio?) no way to use a player like jriver to upsample? Is there a way to stream it so you don't have to use noisy usb? without building a high perfomance server with audio optimizing software, what is the best way to be able to play youtube from a windows pc?
  15. thanks...the link about the 30K dac in comparison to a $800 dac was less helpful....(grin). It doesn't seem like there is anything that competes with the topping d30 or gustard a18 in that price range for features and components. The only other dacs in that price range on my short list are the bifrost multibit unison and rme adi-2....i had the bifrost multibit gen5 before and it sounded very nice for the money, but i wanted something that would do native dsd...have been looking for a nice dsd dac under $1k for quite awhile that had galvanic isolation, and have been out of market for
  16. I found this:: Power: The DAC has a built-in switchable power supply 110-120 50/60 Hz and 220V-240V 50/60 Hz and uses a standard IEC Power Cable. Here:: https://forum.headphones.com/t/topping-d90-dac-official-thread/5334
  17. Can you point me to a link that states it has a linear power supply? Even in their marketing I don't see it indicate that? I am wondering if i should wait on the gustard A18 or just jump on the Topping D90...
  18. the gustard a18 states it also has linear power supply which i have heard makes quite a difference...does the topping have a linear power supply do you know?
  19. The soon to be released Gustard A18 looks phenomenal for the price? balanced, femto clocks, linear power supply, bluetooth (i dont want but someone else may), dual ak4499, assuming it will have galvanic isolation, since their older models do... THat's what i am waiting for right now,unless someone comes up with better for the money??
  20. it doesn't have galvanic isolation, and i don't want to have to worry about buying any usb toys to daisychain I think i will wait for gustard a18
  21. Ok thanks..i saw it here, and just went back and looked and just noticed "presale"... looks like a great price though for it's feature set (including balanced, linear power supply, femto clocks, and other components used). https://shenzhenaudio.com/products/gustard-dac-a18-ak4499-balanced-dac-lme49860-6-decoder-with-remote-control
  22. use the audioquest dragon fly output to a used 7.1 or 7.2 AVR then you can use all your speakers and get a subwoofer later (smile)..you can find used avr's for $20 at garage sales.
  23. Which has better measurements? Which has better usb noise isolation ? Which has better power supply? Do either do hardware upsampling or rely on player to upsample? how do the 2 compare in subjective listening? Anything out there in same price range that should be on the shortlist?
  24. I have been out of the market for awhile...Curious if any newer dac on market: 1) can upsample everything to DSD256+ without needing software to upsample 2) has option of playing Native DSD bypassing other non-needed circuitry 3) superb usb isolation from noise (e.g. doesn't need usb toys) 4) less than $1000 5) good reviews
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