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  1. SD player would be nice...especially since sd cards can hold a LOT these days...cd not so interesting.
  2. I have heard this before, but I am not sure I believe it. Most everyone agrees that the dac gets the digital bits perfectly, it's just that there is noise. So if the DAC implementation is well, and it can get the bits accurately, why can't it regenerate the bits "that it gets perfectly", and then provide it's own 5v. In theory, this should be a good implementation, and also what the unsion usb markets? I would think that every "good" dac should do this by this generation of dacs?
  3. From schiit:: The new Unison USB input board features: A completely unique USB input receiver based on a Microchip PIC32 microprocessor with Schiit's proprietary code. Complete electromagnetic and electrostatic isolation. Self-power by the DAC for the critical low-noise re-clocking and latching sections. Precision local clocks for both 44.1 and 48k multiples. Unison USB is Schiit's unique, proprietary USB input that is the result of 2 person-years of development. Running on a general-purpose Microchip microprocessor (rather than a typical XMOS or C-Med
  4. For my 2nd (or you can even call it my 3rd stereo system), i just want to use my NOISY windows pc without needing any specialty noise optimizing software. Since everyone agrees the digital data gets to the dac via usb perfectly and that the only problem with USB is noise, and that unix or an optimized windows pc will have less noise, my question is, if a dac is engineered properly regarding usb isolation, would it still make a difference whether you used your every day windows pc or a optimized pc if the dac isolates the usb properly? The unison usb markets that no othe
  5. Two more from my new playlist "beauty comes with age"....and just for kicks a picture of some ducklings...a mama duck layed eggs in our backyard and the ducklings just hatched (smile)
  6. saw them live...love it when the harmonica kicks in....watch it through..you will enjoy!
  7. came across this while searching youtubes... I actually think i prefer her voice at 70 (or however old she is in this video) then in the 70s...especially when she reaches down deep (about 2:09)
  8. i didn't even realize there was so much 4k and even 8k videos on youtube these days. (too bad i dont have an 8k tv "yet")...this one is pretty amazing considering it was posted on youtube 10 years ago!
  9. found this 4k video...i am pretty sure it is the same one that runs as demo on costco's 4k tvs...i think i am going to start a new hard drive just for 4k videos (smile)
  10. re-reading the thread...fortunately my pc has spdif output...thanks for the reminder....i have often used it in the past before switching to dlna/enet many moons ago....i got myself a schiit dac today (had one before and liked it ok (just preferred enet so i sold it), but now i am circling back as i want convenience of playing everything out my main pc to stereo, and i will definetely try both the spdif and the new unison usb.
  11. ok, i saved at 1024 resolution and still got 44.1K audio which is still pretty decent... if i come across some videos that are really hot, i will download in 4k video.... i downloaded a program i found called mediainfo which tells me about the file. it would be nice if you could download 1k video with 529k audio (smile).
  12. ok...i will see if there is a freeware program that will look at the mkv and tell you the bitrate....curious because sometimes the video isnt that great where i don't want to waste a ton of hd space for a 4k video if a 1024 video has the same bitrate audio... example for this video i can download in mkv in many different video formats and some take a ton of hd space...see attached table.
  13. yea this dlna stuff is going to have to go...its great for listening to stereo (I have been saying dsd sounds best over enet for nearly 8 years now), but i want something more "functional"...willing to give up a little in audio to have more functionality. I picked up a schiit usb dac to hold me off, but will likely try the gustard a18 when released, and ultimately would like to get a qutest....oh yea..i just remembered, jriver told me they have a wdmdriver which will allow me to redirect everything from my pc over ethernet...so i will try that too before i spend a lot more.
  14. yea, i saw that....and even set it to subscribe to a channel so you get downloads automatically...i don't think i will do that though..i like random selections and don't want to build up the library too big, but maybe 500 will be a nice start.
  15. jriver played it fine and both the video and audio sound much better...super thanks! now i will spend the night downloading videos (smile)..... this wasn't exactly what i was looking for, but in a way better...now i can build a video library (smile)
  16. Recently moved and setting up my mancave...yea i have several firetv's (real alexa nut here) and yes have tv still in the box (smile) ..i have been really slow with my mancave since moving here....(not that we needed another tv, already have one in bedroom, living room, outside patio,and family room...so why not a 4th for my mancave...they are so cheap these days....been in the box for going on a week now (grin). What i am really looking for though is for listening from my windows pc since i pretty much live on it.... I like the idea of downloading the videos i like wi
  17. but that is audio only...can you download the video so that it has 529k audio?
  18. thanks for this....i am downloading the Freeware 4K Video Downloader now to try.
  19. ^^^thanks all..a lot to digest, but i have screen captured and will study closely. At some point i want to buy a used qutest, so this is all good info...thanks! Will likely try the gustard a18 first once it comes out mainly because it is more inline with my budget.
  20. and one more question for davide.... since you have mojo and plan to upgrade to qutest, can you tell me al the differences between the two?
  21. 104mhz? wow..had no idea....but still why not upsample to high rate dsd first and then to the dac...still higher than 705K? I understand 705 is highest pcm, but chord accepts dsd input so why not go to dsd256+ before going to chord if computer software is better at upsampling...why stop at 705?
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