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Audio System

Speakers = B&W 803


AMP=McINtosh MA6500


DAC=Always changing, waiting patiently on next and FINAL one (none i have tried to date have made a dramatic difference in my price range...have tried SCHIIT, Wyred4Sound, Teac, Marantz, Sony, IFI, and a half dozen others....I generally find SPDIF and ENET sound better than USB (but i haven't tried any usb toys). 


PHONO=Custom PL-550


My current solution is streaming DSD files via a Heos/Alexa enabled Marantz ND8006).  The ND8006 advertises usb isolation, enhanced jitter reduction, and ability to turn off unused circuits....but i still prefer streaming DSD over ethernet as my main solution.  I also enjoy HEOS functionality, being able to tell alexa to shuffle a playlist, play a genre, artist, song, skip a track, turn on/off, volume up/down/mute, from across the room without picking up a remote.


I likely won't change dacs again, as i have never heard any dramatic differences for all music, like i have with amp or speakers.   When something comes out under $2K that is alexa enabled, enet option, support roon, low phase clocks, with LPS, i may reconsider.   On paper the altair looks good (low phase noise clocks, LPS, enet interface, under $2k, but i have already tried so many dacs and sources with OMG reviews and have been less than impressed, that i have lost faith in audio reviews, and all the hoopla surrounding dacs).



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