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  1. Just didn't want to see an objectivist vs subjectivist argument start in this thread, but sure @austinpop would moderate if it did.
  2. @Confused have you received your November SR4's yet?
  3. I think you need AO 3.0 in WS 2019, AO 2.20 will not recognise the newer version of windows server.
  4. Sort of tempting to add a 'green sheild' to my set of Blaxius^2D🤔
  5. The EtherREGEN does have the features i'm after, I was just asking if it was possible to add a port, expecting a 'no' answer but there is never any harm in asking if something would be possible is there? 🙂
  6. Thank you for the new information on the EtherRegen, @Superdad @JohnSwenson now we have a clean side and a not clean side as it were ( active digital isolator circuit/moat) is it possible to add another port, be it copper or Optical on the same side as port 5?
  7. @Superdad I suppose its too late to ask for 2 optical cages on the ether regen? 1 for netowrk in and another on the output side to feed an opticaliRendu and then aksing the wish fairy to make the optical on the output side as good as the cat5 isolated output?? I know its not probalbly practical at this point in time, but with the iminent launch of the opticalRendu i think several people would now like more than 1 optical connection
  8. @mikey8811 I used to have a lps-1 before I got an SR4 last April it's a marked improvement over the lps-1 and then another jump up when you use a good mains cable. Well worth getting, I think it would be easier to order a new one, Paul has a few spaces left on the march build if your quick. @str-1 have you bought build 35?
  9. Ah i see, I'm set then, already got all of that from FS.com EU warehouse a little while ago, cost was under£30
  10. Extra's? what might they be?
  11. so the anticipated price is just shy of $1300?
  12. I was afraid you were going to say that, seems my ultrarendu may be needing a new home soon then, and i need to start looking for a NUC.....
  13. Can't answer exactly but the ISORegen still improves the sound on a UltraRendu into an M-scaler here ?
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