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  1. @ray-dude it was ordered in Jan, but Jan batch was all sold so I had 1 on the Feb (ship March) batch
  2. Just received my SR4-12 from the February schedule. It's worth the wait!
  3. Hi @AudioPhil Any release date yet for AO 3? I've just had to install a new OS drive and took the opportunity to update to server 2019. Hoping that it's not too far away now🤞
  4. What build month were your SR4's if you don't mind me asking, so that the rest of us waiting for SR4's can get an idea of where paul is up to on catching up
  5. I've got a Feb SR4 and a Mar SR4 on order with no news on those yet.. Anybody else on those production months with any info?
  6. @paulhynes perhaps you should swap premises with our politicians? they wouldn't notice the smell in your building what with the amount of excrement they have all been talking just lately 😁
  7. thats strange i am on a Feb and Mar order list and haven't seen anything yet
  8. Just didn't want to see an objectivist vs subjectivist argument start in this thread, but sure @austinpop would moderate if it did.
  9. @Confused have you received your November SR4's yet?
  10. I think you need AO 3.0 in WS 2019, AO 2.20 will not recognise the newer version of windows server.
  11. Sort of tempting to add a 'green sheild' to my set of Blaxius^2D🤔
  12. The EtherREGEN does have the features i'm after, I was just asking if it was possible to add a port, expecting a 'no' answer but there is never any harm in asking if something would be possible is there? 🙂
  13. Thank you for the new information on the EtherRegen, @Superdad @JohnSwenson now we have a clean side and a not clean side as it were ( active digital isolator circuit/moat) is it possible to add another port, be it copper or Optical on the same side as port 5?
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