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  1. Thank you Richard - I really appreciate that feedback. You’re right, I love the sound of the Sony. I have many dsd and high res flac and they sound superb. I’ve been enjoying my music more now than ever. My only real gripe is the frustration over the slow loads and interrupts. Perhaps I’ll do more to speed it up and find a better way. Thanks again for taking the time!! I’ll stay with it. Marc
  2. I haven’t had anything like this happen. The player works incredibly well and switches from one song to the next quickly. My only issue has been getting music on the drive. Once it’s there, it’s great. I’ve read a few things about using a program in windows that can read Sony’s format making it much easier to add music and edit. Of course, the caveat is that if it doesn’t work, the HAP may want to reformat when you plug it back in - negating all that work. Ill admit, a genius computer guy I am not. I’ve been a Mac guy for years and obviously have a foundational knowledge but feel a bit lost in some discussions. I love music and great sound and high res digital has been a joy but also a bit of an enigma at times.
  3. Just chiming in on the Z1ES. I’ve had mine for several weeks and have been very pleased with the sound. I was using an Oppo 105 for all my digital files but after a 4K blu ray upgrade, decided to get a separate music only player. The Sony is the best sounding device I’ve owned and I could easily notice the difference. Soundstage was especially more open. BUT - loading this thing with music. What a chore. A slow, arduous chore. Painful. I’m using WiFi as it wouldn’t make sense to keep in in the same room with the router and wire it up. (I did try it wired but The speed wasn’t much improved). I have a 5TB external hooked up and slowly adding music to both that and the internal. Is it faster with windows? Some days are better than others (not sure why). Right now it’s 2 hours for 700MB. Ugh. When it’s “fast” 700MB can be 20-30min. i miss the plug and play of the Oppo... any help with a speedier upload? Damn...
  4. Okay - So I've tried many times to rip the high res audio from a blu ray on a MAC without success. I can get 16 bit but not 24. I have used make MKV - but then what? I get this big file I can't seem to use. I try DVD audio extractor but it won't pass the copyright. I've had people tell me its possible only to realize they don't own a MAC... its super easy on a PC - but MACs seem to block ripping or decrypting of these files... I've used a few used PCs to do this using DVD audio extractor with AnyDVD running in the background (this seems to be the magic potion) and its a cinch. easy-peasy. no fuss. BOOM. done. Unfortunately, I no longer have a PC as both died - and I have some big titles i want to rip for portable listening. so - drumroll please.... In lieu of buying a new PC laptop, is there a way to run windows on a mac and get the same result? OR has someone used a MAC successfully to easily extract blu ray audio... thanks so much for any feedback!!
  5. Well, I'm sorry to say the Playstation is no longer working. It powers up, shuts down and I get a blinking red light. Time to try and return this thing. I admit, I'm feeling a little over my head. Not sure I'll try this again - although I would absolutely LOVE to rip some of my SACDs!!! Does anyone ever sell their PS3 with all the software for sacd ripping installed?
  6. The $100 mod will get this up and running? Is it difficult to install? Sorry for my ignorance on this topic, but I'm new to modifying software and hacking anything. If you think its easier to just return and start at square one, I'd do that. I appreciate your suggestions as I'm steering blind without them!
  7. Greetings all- I've been watching these forums for sometime and finally decided I had to score a PS3 and try this out. I have over 100 SACD's and I'm dying to get some portable versions of my favorite music. I recently purchased a PS3 from Ebay - 3.55 cecha - plays sacd, correct model, firmware etc. I get it home and realize its a rogero downgrade to 3.55. No applicable file is all i get when I try to install the update and from recovery mode I get the same results with "please enter version 9.99 or greater". Question is, AM is done before I begin? Do I try to send this back as it's not the original firmware (which was what was stated in the auction) - or is this an issue I can work through. Dying to get some rips! Thank you!
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