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  1. After JFHSQTs reply I installed Roon 1.7 without any problems. 1.7 seems to be a lot more responsive with Experimental mode (on the SE) and I don´t have as many freezing issues as before. You now can skip a track and there is a greater chance that the next track actually will begin to play immediately. Sometimes Roon 1.7 is jumping forward 2 tracks though and sometimes the music stops playing - but less often than before. Maybe @nvitorino is able to start his work with the Experimental mode again to close the last gaps. All I can say that I enjoy the Experimental mode more with 1.7 than before, even because I hear a nice little lift in SQ. The soundstage becomes a little wider and deeper and voices gain a little more intimicy and naturalness. I have to tell though that the music stopped playing once within an half hour with a note "album is missing".
  2. Someone who already updated to Roon 1.7? Does it work fine with Innuous servers? Maybe someone who tested 1.7 using the experimental mode at the same time? Will the skipping, unexpected behaviour get worse?
  3. I hope for the best. My point was that the tx-USB Ultra made a change in sound with the regular firmware istalled. This change in sound was not so obvious anymore when I changed to the experimental firmware. The experimental firmware sounds much better overall, but the reclocking with the tx-USBultra seems to have less inpact on the sound with it installed.
  4. I sold my tx-USB-Ultra with Uptone LPS 1.2 after I installed the experimental firmware on my Zenith SE. To my ears it didn´t sound better with the Ultra anymore, but neither worse. Therefore I am a bit sceptical if the Phoenix will be worth the imoney. Is it so much better than the tx-USB-Ultra? We have to wait and see. I would like anyone who gets the Phoenix with the SE even to test it with the experimental firmware.
  5. The Quartz Canyon NUCs will come with a 500W internal power supply...😥
  6. Is it correct that the experimental feature is still part of 1.43? I want to know that before I will update. Are there benefits regarding the experimental feature (less skipping, better SQ) compared to 1.42?
  7. Sorry, I am not in the mood for further experiments just now.
  8. After trying different configurations the last months I always went back to the default configuration which was the most "natural" sounding to me (using the Lush^2 between my Zenith SE server and MScaler). But two thumbs up for the JSSG360cubed configuration (same jumper configuration as Kurb after I had a Lush^2 which I not use at the moment)! I hear slightly more details and better imaging. But it´s harder to describe how much more I am allowed to dive in in the soundscape of Hoziers fantastic NFWMB. It´s easier for me now "to get lost in the music" - getting a deeper, more convincing 3D-soundstage from my HE-1000SE headphones. Thank you, Kurb! I will stay with JSSG360cubed.
  9. I hope it´s OK for Innuos that I share the information I got from Nuno some weeks ago: "Our USB Reclocker will include the Statement USB Reclocker Board as well as 2x Statement-Level Linear power supplies in half-width chassis with the same depth as the SE. Price is TBC but in the region of $3000. Do note that this would replace the equivalent of a TX-USBUltra, a very good LPSU for the TX-USBUltra, a Mutec REF10, clock cables and at least one good power chord. Compared to that, we're talking about half the price. We expect to launch it around July but still to be confirmed."
  10. @str-1 did you try the SE with new firmware with the "new experimental feature"? I find it so much better that I sold my tx-USB Ultra (powered by LPS 1.2) which didn´t gave me better SQ anymore. Maybe even good to know for you that Nino informed me that an "external USB reclocker module including the same USB board as the Statement and the two linear power supplies required to power it in one box" at the end of Q2. It should close the gap to the Statement to some extend.
  11. Before selling the SE and buying the Statement it´s maybe of interest for you to read what Nuno wrote to me in september 2018. Yes, we are planning an external USB reclocker module including the same USB board as the Statement and the two linear power supplies required to power it in one box. The objective is exactly for SE owners to upgrade to a sound quality closer to the Statement without having to switch their systems. Hope this helps. I asked about the reclocker again some weeks ago but I haven´t got an answer yet.
  12. Talking about the fuse - I just can´t find it on this forum anymore. Which fuse size and fuse rating is needed (for the Zenith MK2 SE - should be the same as for the MK3)?
  13. Hi Nuno, glad you are here! What about the planned upgrade clocking unit for USB-out of the Zenith SE you mentioned before which will close the gap to the Statement a bit?
  14. I just get stuttering or the playback stops when I skip to the next track with the new experimental option. So I try to avoid that and really enjoy the much better SQ. It´s worth it for me.
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