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  1. If wanted I even could offer an Uptone LPS-1 together with the OM.
  2. View Classified Sonore Optical Module Only used for 3 months. With 2 SFP and optical cable. Shipping to EU. Seller yellowblue Date 09/06/21 Price 240.00 USD Category Accessories  
  3. Time Left: 12 days and 23 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Only used for 3 months. With 2 SFP and optical cable. Shipping to EU.

    240.00 USD

  4. I really like what I see and what I hear after installing 2.0 (without any problems). It´s not night and day against the experimental mode plus Roon I used before but I hear some distinct improvements. Music sounds more relaxed with silkier treble and more air around the instruments. If there was something like silkier midths I would even use this term to describe the more pleasent listening experience. I get a feeling of more intimacy listening to voices with a slightly improved depth of soundstage. Or you just can say that voices sound more real to me. For the first time I can listen to Lana Del Rey on my Hifiman HE-1000 SE earphones without jumping up from my seat when she is singing a word beginning with "s" 🙂. Now I have to learn to live without all the enjoyable features of Roon because there is no way back. Innuous MK2 SE with Phoenix USB and Phoenix Net into MScaler-DAVE
  5. And how does it sound?
  6. Lush^2 USB-cable 40cm View Classified The cable is in very good condition. Will ship within EU. 100 Euro Seller yellowblue Date 02/12/21 Price 111.00 USD Category Cables
  7. This listing is completed.

    • FOR SALE
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    The cable is in very good condition. Will ship within EU. 100 Euro

    111.00 USD

  8. Is it just me or does it sound better with 1.47? I didn´t hear any difference between 1.45 and 1.46 but for me it´s more 3D and better sound overall with my Zenith SE plus Phoenix.
  9. I only could compare these to the Oyaide-cables I had before (with ferrites). And they are better by quiete a big margin. Not dark sounding (I found the Wave cables too expensive and didn´t want my chain to sound darker). Sorry, this comparison might not help you.
  10. Got my Phoenix today. And it clearly adds some magic. I got the same feeling as when I added the MScaler to the DAVE. Difficult to describe the sound. Maybe my recordings sound more "binaural". I am diving deeper into the music. Everything opens up a lot more. Out of the box without any burn in. Working fine with my two Lush^2. Edgerouter > Sablon > Ether Regen> Sablon > Zenith 2 SE > Lush^2 > Phoenix > Lush^2 > MScaler > Sablon BNC > DAVE > Verite, Hifiman 1000SE, Omega Alnico
  11. Someone who owns both the Phoenix and DAVE/MScaler? There are people describing the effect of the Phoenix in nearly the same terms as the the MScaler.
  12. What Orange Fuse do fit to the S-Booster? I myself use the S-Booster with an Idovr DXP-1A5S for my M-Scaler with great results. I find the Farad a bit too expensive.
  13. BTW, the experimental mode that comes with new firmware is not as stable as I reported first. Last evening I wanted to listen to different new albums on Tidal and skipped to next track often within 20 seconds or so. Playing stopped sometimes and sometimes the Roon-player skipped two songs instead for one. Much better than version 1.4.3 but still not perfect. But a normal evening when you don´t skip every few seconds you very rarely will have much problems. I really can live with that.
  14. @BigAIMc Alan, I thought you were using Audiolinux NUCs instead of the SE? How do they compete after the Innuos firmware update?
  15. Did you see that there is a new firmware out from Innuos? It gives some benefits for SQ - especially in the "experimental mode". I was in the same position as you if I should sell my SE or buy a Phoenix. Now I am tending to buy the Phoenix (just hoping for a good deal).
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