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  1. Before selling the SE and buying the Statement it´s maybe of interest for you to read what Nuno wrote to me in september 2018. Yes, we are planning an external USB reclocker module including the same USB board as the Statement and the two linear power supplies required to power it in one box. The objective is exactly for SE owners to upgrade to a sound quality closer to the Statement without having to switch their systems. Hope this helps. I asked about the reclocker again some weeks ago but I haven´t got an answer yet.
  2. Hi Nuno, glad you are here! What about the planned upgrade clocking unit for USB-out of the Zenith SE you mentioned before which will close the gap to the Statement a bit?
  3. I just get stuttering or the playback stops when I skip to the next track with the new experimental option. So I try to avoid that and really enjoy the much better SQ. It´s worth it for me.
  4. Thanks for the nice report! Have you tried the new experimental feature in the new Zenith firmware? This would be another significant upgrade - even if it´s not completely stable. Another step could be to replace the fuse of the Zenith.
  5. Did you follow all points of the instructions including point 9? I think RAM playback is part of choosing this experimental feature. You can´t choose it as a seperate option. Disclaimer - this is an experimental feature which may have occasional dropouts. It uses the Squeezebox integration within Roon which supports only audio up to 24bit/192 and DSD64. Quarantine and Import will be disabled as they require the internal LMS to be active and that would conflict with this feature on Roon. Go to Settings > Choose Server Integration Activate the Roon switch then select the option "Use Roon Core with Squeezelite Player (Experimental)" Click the Apply Changes button Launch the Roon App Go to Settings > Setup Activate the switch for "Enable Squeezebox Support" Go to Setting > Audio Disable any players shown under "Connected to Core" Enable the Squeezelite player under Squeezebox.
  6. I don´t understand. Did the RAM playback finally work after changing the latency setting to normal again?
  7. Some more who want to share his experiences with the new firmware, especially with the new experimental feature?
  8. But at the same time hearing with firmware 1.41 reminds me about the days I had LP and a Linn LP12. You have to hear music without skipping. The new firmware definitely doesn´t like when you skip tracks.
  9. I just took the tx-USBultra clocked by an Cybershaft O13 out of my chain. And it sounds slyghtly better now. The chain benefited from them before I switched to the new firmware. So for now: Zenith SE (with firmware 1.41) -> Lush^2 USB cable -> Chord MScaler -> Chord DAVE -> Hifiman HE-1000SE sounds best.
  10. Maybe it´s only for the SE.
  11. Go to settings and then at the bottom of the page under the green sign "Music Player" you come to "Configure USB Latency Mode". Choose low latency if it works with your DAC.
  12. After the unexpected big step up soundwise with the new firmware of the Zenith SE - isn’t it time for a new evaluation between NUC-AL and Zenith SE?
  13. Do you know more when it´s coming and how much it will cost?
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