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  1. I only could compare these to the Oyaide-cables I had before (with ferrites). And they are better by quiete a big margin. Not dark sounding (I found the Wave cables too expensive and didn´t want my chain to sound darker). Sorry, this comparison might not help you.
  2. Got my Phoenix today. And it clearly adds some magic. I got the same feeling as when I added the MScaler to the DAVE. Difficult to describe the sound. Maybe my recordings sound more "binaural". I am diving deeper into the music. Everything opens up a lot more. Out of the box without any burn in. Working fine with my two Lush^2. Edgerouter > Sablon > Ether Regen> Sablon > Zenith 2 SE > Lush^2 > Phoenix > Lush^2 > MScaler > Sablon BNC > DAVE > Verite, Hifiman 1000SE, Omega Alnico
  3. Someone who owns both the Phoenix and DAVE/MScaler? There are people describing the effect of the Phoenix in nearly the same terms as the the MScaler.
  4. What Orange Fuse do fit to the S-Booster? I myself use the S-Booster with an Idovr DXP-1A5S for my M-Scaler with great results. I find the Farad a bit too expensive.
  5. BTW, the experimental mode that comes with new firmware is not as stable as I reported first. Last evening I wanted to listen to different new albums on Tidal and skipped to next track often within 20 seconds or so. Playing stopped sometimes and sometimes the Roon-player skipped two songs instead for one. Much better than version 1.4.3 but still not perfect. But a normal evening when you don´t skip every few seconds you very rarely will have much problems. I really can live with that.
  6. @BigAIMc Alan, I thought you were using Audiolinux NUCs instead of the SE? How do they compete after the Innuos firmware update?
  7. Did you see that there is a new firmware out from Innuos? It gives some benefits for SQ - especially in the "experimental mode". I was in the same position as you if I should sell my SE or buy a Phoenix. Now I am tending to buy the Phoenix (just hoping for a good deal).
  8. Just be sure to use the "experimental mode". It sounds much better and now is 10 times more stable than the older version. You can also choose "low current" in the menue.
  9. This one was really worth the wait! The experimental mode now works without any hassle, super stable. Had no time to evaluate the SQ. But it seems that it gained more depth, a more realistic soundstage, and voices sound more real. But this is just a first impression. Thank you, Nuno! I am glad I kept the SE and maybe it is time for the Phoenix now.
  10. Romaz talked about a poweradd batteri https://www.amazon.de/POWERADD-Powerbank-Kapazit%C3%A4t-schnellladefunktion-Smartphone/dp/B07WKLT87H/ref=sr_1_13?__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&dchild=1&keywords=poweradd&qid=1588068990&sr=8-13 in combination with a Idovr DXP-1A5DSC as an excellent low budget alternative. Would it work well with the ER at 12V?
  11. Will a PowerAdd battery + Idovr DXP-1A5DSC work well with the ER? I use the Idovr (with SBooster) with my MScaler and it is amazing.
  12. I got my ER with the second batch in january. I conclude with what others are saying that the ER is a worthwhile upgrade and I am not the right person to describe how it sounds. But there are some interesting points from my perspective after using the ER for around 400 hours. When I listened to the ER for the first 50 hours I honestely thought my system would sound better without the switch. For me it was a little flat sounding - maybe even a little fatiguing. First after 80-90 hours I could hear all the benefits described in this thread - still improving until 150 hours. For me burn in was really important (and I think it was not just brain burn in). The effect of using the ER was that my system sounded a little more fatiguing even after burn in. There was more detail and more treble. The ER was just showing up the weaknesses of my system. I had to change my cheap BNC-cables between the M-Scaler and the DAVE and even Ethernet cables. I bought Sablon cables and now everything sounds even better without fatigue. I am glad to hear improvements using the Zenith SE (Router > ER > Zenith SE > MScaler > Chord DAVE). This was not clear before because the Zenith itself has an extensive treatment of the ethernet signal and it not always works so well with other switches. I was using the ER with a LPS 1.2, but after reading Romaz test on "Mono and Stereo" I tried the the supplied Power supply instead and I couldn´t detect any difference. That´s a good thing because the LPS 1.2 got really hot with the ER. Roy (Romaz) supposes that the LPS 1.2 is no good option because the switch draws too much current. He recommends the JS-2 or the new Paul Hynes SR4 turbo. Romaz recommends even to use the A-side instead of the B-side or even better to use the fiber port with special SFP transceivers. I tried both options. I can understand what Roys point is - maybe the A-side sounds a bit more musical. But I found the B-side to be cleaner and clearer and stayed with it. Unfortunately my transceivers didn´t work so I couldn´t check the other option. But we may have to ask Romaz if his ER was fully burnt in. For I really could conclude with him - just at the time I had used the ER for 50 hours. But as I said - after that things changed quiet dramatically with the ER.
  13. After JFHSQTs reply I installed Roon 1.7 without any problems. 1.7 seems to be a lot more responsive with Experimental mode (on the SE) and I don´t have as many freezing issues as before. You now can skip a track and there is a greater chance that the next track actually will begin to play immediately. Sometimes Roon 1.7 is jumping forward 2 tracks though and sometimes the music stops playing - but less often than before. Maybe @nvitorino is able to start his work with the Experimental mode again to close the last gaps. All I can say that I enjoy the Experimental mode more with 1.7 than before, even because I hear a nice little lift in SQ. The soundstage becomes a little wider and deeper and voices gain a little more intimicy and naturalness. I have to tell though that the music stopped playing once within an half hour with a note "album is missing".
  14. Someone who already updated to Roon 1.7? Does it work fine with Innuous servers? Maybe someone who tested 1.7 using the experimental mode at the same time? Will the skipping, unexpected behaviour get worse?
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