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  1. I think any version will work but would recommend 2.1 or higher assuming V1.21.345 firmware. Just looking at a W20SE connected to a macOS machine smbutil statshares -a shows it capable of SMB 3.1.1 - see attached screenshot.
  2. It can be edited as it is a SQlite database. I wrote about this in a blog post in 2019. https://www.sound-lab.com/blog/aurender-playlists Hope this helps
  3. I wanted to ask the same as that will be what I compare this product too. Yate is the most sophisticated editor I have ever used. However, I will say to be able to use it to its potential takes a commitment to learning the nuances of the tool. You can script virtually anything in this tool for batch processing and the developers of the tool are incredibly helpful if you run into issues on how to code something.
  4. Good to know and I plan to take a look at this product now that it is on macOS. btw dBpoweramp does this as well both for individual albums but can also do this in bulk. I attached screen shots of Arrange Audio "Codec" which is file rename function if you don't add any DSP effects. I also included the screen shot of the naming logic I use to name files the way I want. What is nice you can use same string in the CD Ripper so rips are named similar during ripping.
  5. walk down memory lane with Escient Fireball, two Sony ES 777 400 disc changers connected to it, Sunfire processor and theatre grand amp, B&W 800 series of the time, Kimber cabling, 18 years ago roughly.
  6. Thanks for sharing. I like you have almost two decades into a digital library curation starting back with ripped FLACs on an Escient music server that I am sure most have never heard of at this point. At end of day having a solid backup is most important and this is a reasonable approach. My approach is a little different from a philosophy standpoint. I view my library spread across two Aurenders as a copy not the source of truth. There are many reasons for this but largely because I do some much editing on computer and often on massive scale with scripts and automation if I
  7. It's only available on the M1 chip as it is a similar ARM based processor architecture as iPad/iPhone.
  8. I have been experimenting with an Apple Silicon (M1) based MacBook Air and the ability to run iOS apps on the machines alongside normal macOS apps. I attached a screenshot of dCS Mosaic running which was directly installable from the AppStore and Aurender Conductor running which I had to extract from an iPad and hand copy over to machine. Windows are not resizable and things generally work. Early experimentation at this point. Carlin Smith
  9. In Conductor use Settings->Backup & Restore. When you click backup a set of files will be placed on file system of your Aurender that you then have to copy/move to some place for safekeeping. I wrote a blog on how to edit this and even create playlists on the computer here https://www.sound-lab.com/blog/aurender-playlists. Thanks Carlin Smith
  10. This is true and google does not have this restriction on retrieval time. For my use case of Disaster Recovery (DR) I would only retrieve or restore in case of a castrophic failure. Any normal restore will come from my in-house infrastructure. This is essentially a cheap insurance policy. Thanks Carlin Smith
  11. I keep a copy of my music library connected to my iMac on an external drive. I consider this the master since in my case I edit all metadata here as at times have done large scale complex batch operations using the computer. I use the application Chronosync to update my Aurender when I make changes to the library master. What is nice about a program like this as you can have it auto mount the Aurender drive(s) and unmount once syncs are made and also ignore things like macOS specific invisibles such as .DS_Store from being copied to the Aurender file system. These are harmless if they are
  12. For my fellow Aurender users I spent some time exploring the backups that can be created using Conductor V3. I discovered while not necessarily the documented purpose of the feature I was able to successfully author a playlist on the computer and then restore to the Aurender essentially acting like an import. I wrote up all the details in this blog article along with some other technical details about star ratings etc. https://www.sound-lab.com/blog/aurender-playlists
  13. Thanks Ari I figured that was the case and pretty easy fix.
  14. Seeing artists on left and right hand side of my N10 displays with Qobuz. Album doesn't seem to make a difference including the Jack DeJohnette's album you mentioned.
  15. Grabbed this from the Aurender Korean web site outlining the difference between the W20 and the new W20SE that is being shown at the California Audio Show starting today.
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