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  1. You need check/change fuse , it found on the bottom of IEC connector :
  2. When you turn on PSU you see red led on button light on ?
  3. Hоw i assembled this (sorry for my english) : I have Streacom FC9 Chassi . We need to disassemble the rear panel of chassi , in the rear panel there is a fee for the power cable Streacom, it is necessary to remove: I then drilled a 3 cm drill : then cut in one corner of the power connector Teradak : And this all : I hope this helps to someone . Best regards , Roman .
  4. Received ! Thanks Ben ! For you help and patience with all this .
  5. Hi Ben , You can check what with my order , I not received the tracking number . Thank you .
  6. It's good news . We 're talking about everything except how it affects the sound .
  7. In the construction of the audio system is always a compromise ... I'll buy the WD Red internal .
  8. Unfortunately as I thought all turns difficult . I understand that it is best to use a SSD HDD but I need 4TB HDD , and it's too expensive . Do you think there is a difference between WD HDD RED and GREEN ? Maybe better to buy another company ? I've seen bad reviews about WD GREEN . Thank you "Allan F" , I think you're right , it is better not to use USB storage if using USB DAC's . Best regards , Roman .
  9. Hi ,What do you think it's better to storage music external or internal HDD ? External via Ethernet or USB3 ? Now i have something like 3TB + of music , and i cannot storage in ssd disk .... Best regards ,Roman .
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