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  1. My thought is, to my knowledge Could another solution or alternative to Bluesound( which I have no gripe about), be waiting for software apps like JRiver ,Ardrivana, and others to start offering to handle the higher Rez streaming services. Now their interface would bypass Windows and iOS all together. If I'm missing something, my bad.
  2. May I ask for an opinion, ( dumb question). I own the Project S2, any thoughts vs Modi multibit? I do appreciate it.
  3. Where does the Project Box S2 fit into this list? I have one, been getting the itch to maybe change again. But to what. My budget is under 500.00 at 399.00 the S2 fit the bill, per amp, MQA, etc
  4. Hi, I searched abit and could not exact find an answer to my question. I'm running a Project Pre box S2, with a USB stick as storage with Jriver. My question is, what piece of equipment might give me even better performance, sound quality, yadda? A streamer, or a Mac Mini and going towards that eco system, or am I headed for deep water money wise which might not be the best R.O.I. I've heard and read many use the mini as the brains. My laptop is an Asus, Intel I3. Every sounds very good, not unhappy. Listening to Tidal MQA, plus 2k AIFF files. I know
  5. Thank you for posting this. I guess I am covered very well! I read a few people were going to a regulated PS, other than the supplied wall wart. Case closed for me.😁
  6. I have searched for any comments( discussion) on the Pre Box S2 owners that may have experimented with different ways to "power" this unit. I just ordered one ( open box 320.00 ) it was a good deal. I remember seeing some comments months ago about hobbyist using "regulated power supplies" to power a usb powered dac. Anything from a cell phone charger, to a bigger heavier table top RPS. I saw today that iFi makes one for 50.00 that is supposed to be WAY better than a cell phone charger. Before I go in that direction, I thought I would reach out and see if anyone has tried anything else and the
  7. I agree on best analog section being more important. I'm kinda over my MQA bug. Would you comment on SMSL 8 V2? Seems to be right up there with the D50, and has a remote.
  8. Another product? I saw the AUNE x8 is now out. I too am about to get an S2D. Now I'm curious about the X8. Waiting to see reviews etc.
  9. Hi, I am enjoying this thread very much. Everyday we run across more information or read something. Does anyone have a SMSL su-8 vs? I see good reviews on it. I like that it has a remote, so I can run it right into my power amp. The top contender for me so far is the Project S2D. The Topping D50 is right there too.
  10. I may be beating this time hard into the ground. I have a Schiit WRYD which will power any down stream USB component better than just the PC USB port for sure. And it removes some nose. Some may say not, I've listened with and without and it's better with I'll contact Support and confirm it will auto switch. Why would they make their own battery supply if it did not? I could also try a cell phone charger to see what that does. Haven't gotten one yet. It's on the list to do. Thank you you all.
  11. The ability to be a pre amp with a remote is tipping the scales in that direction. Another thought, instead of a linear power supply I was thinking about using one if those cell phone charging power banks. Project makes one and says it really adds to ever cleaner sound due to no AC mains pollution. Theirs is around 200.00. It's 2600 rating. Maybe I'll contact their support and ask. Taz do you have a suggestion for a linear power supply under 100.00. I looked at Amazon. The nobsound is unavailable at this time. There are a few on eBay. The cell power bank was the outcome of my
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