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  1. I explain, please, that use settings to use Pulse to dsd256 frequencies? With Hqplayer and Geek Pulse V2 I am only able to do so go to the max DSD128 and only DoP ....... native dsd dsd256 and I can not get it going. HqPlayer use it without networkaudio (without NAA) but only ASIO I am managed to go the pulse to dsd256 and native dsd with JRiver
  2. I have an i7 4790K CPU and CUDA enabled the CPU usage increases, optimizations are active Process Lasso and Fidelizer 7.0 PRO
  3. Use Fidelizer 7 Pro on WIN 2012 R2 without any problem
  4. Hello X Windows, I tried the version 6.13 with very satisfactory results. Surely soon I am purchasing the PRO version, just wanted to know if Fidelizer lived well with Process Lasso and possibly if there were precise procedures to be followed for the start of the two programs. thank waiting Best regards Lorenzo
  5. Lector will present this: Dot Bit DSD DAC IMHO of considerable interest since it is a dac Nodac without chip (as a concept similar to Lampi DSD) Digital code of the Lector is a great drive and I hope that the new Dot Bit DSD DAC can be just as wonderful. While you're in Monaco if you can go to listen to him
  6. A few days ago I arrived home the USB Regen ..... just wonderful. TRFA most air tools and wider soundstage are its characteristics. I did not think he could improve the sound result. Having purchased one REGEN of the first, I already requested the upgrade to the Regen V2 (I know it was wrong because I had to wait 10 June to make order) .... I want to give it a try putting two regen in series. Putting more master clock in series ottengonomigliorie the sound message and I wonder if this can happen even with more regen ..... we'll see. greetings Lorenzo
  7. I received today the shipping notice ...... can not wait to try it. thanks alex
  8. Sorry for the delay but I was a bit 'busy lately. arrived at my destination ATX-350 ..... what about .... is aesthetically impressive ... but mostly it works optimally, improving even more the excellent work they already did the pico psu. I wanted to ask a question: among the various connectors (various colors) There are three red; one is the 20-pin, another is the 4-pin / serving for the mobo + 20 4 / and the third is a 6-pin ... where it goes? Thanks Ben.M and thanks to the great work done for Teradek greetings Lorenzo
  9. Also I am in your same situation .... I hope to get the track before 18 ........ would be hard to wait .......
  10. To be able to organize the work, would also serve to me to know the day of shipment and the track number.
  11. the components I described above have already been assembled within the pc that I casa.lo to use only as a component audio. I know that you do not need such powerful pc, but I hope I have made ​​a pc future proof. I want to delete both the picopsu that the power supply atx psu. If possible, what leaders should put the meter watts? regards lorenzo.
  12. Hi, I'm new on this forum (although I follow you for a long time); I recently set up a new server with music on board: cpu intel i7 4790k asus sabertooth tuf Z97 markII kingston ssd v300 sink Bequiet rock 3 houses fractal design node605 I'm feeding the mobo and ssd with a picopsu 160xt, while the CPU is powered by the psu atx Seasonic fanless 520 has been so long since I'm trying to follow the trail linear supply for the whole pc. Today I see quersto project and would like to participate. In your opinion, having regard to the components of the PC, which of the two proposals teradak is right for me, the 275 0 350? regards lorenzo
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