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  1. Thanks to all, the case is sold. Realy appreciate everyone chiming in to help. Honoured to be a part of this community.
  2. I understand that but don’t have Roon Core licence anymore.
  3. I don’t, I only have Roon a few times but not anymore. The primary system is all analog
  4. I do this ritual each time, it work and thanks for the advise. As for the time from when I start turning things on to being able to listen to music is longer than getting my vinyl playback up. Man has certainly evolved!
  5. No, it’s too expensive to use in my secondary system.
  6. The dac is a valve one so certainly not recommended to run it all the time.
  7. The BubbleUPNP is installed on the UltraRendu. Only the DAC is powered off the UltraRendu stays on. I never add new music and the Minimserver is always fine and appearing in Lumin. Its the Renderer that’s the issue.
  8. Iam so tired of the Lumin, BubbleUpNP and Mimserver. Have to restart everything when I want to place music, always mucking around for 10 mins before any music can be played. I so miss Roon, it’s rock solid but expensive.
  9. Also my Bubble UPnP goes missing from the Lumin output devices.
  10. Iam using this config for now, is this the latest Peter’s preferred?
  11. Seems that this thread has been abandoned !
  12. Hi All, I recently bought a second hand Lush 2 Cable, could someone advise on the common - more tried and tested jumper settings that everyone seems to like. What would be also helpful is to know what the sound signature was for these recommended settings. Thanks in advance all.
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