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  1. The Cable Company allows for trying cables if you're in other countries?
  2. The Shunyata Venom is on sale. Good buy ?
  3. Using currently a wireless bridge with 100Mbps ethernet ports to connect to a Netgear GS105 switch to further isolate the network noise. Connection from there is to a UltraRendu and then to a DAC using USB. The question I had was whether there was any benefit with upgrading the wireless bridge to something with 1Gbps ethernet ports. I currently don't experience any delays or lags with my music playback.
  4. Something like Curious Cable or lush 2 . Please PM me.
  5. I've decided to use Roon for a while as there is the 60 days trial. But yes I had tried reinstalling app also installed it on the iPAD but same issue.
  6. Its sounding better than it has ever, I believe the Ultrarendu is an awesome engineered product.
  7. I installed the app and setup Minimserver, the music plays and that's fine but the playback controls on the top of the app seem to have grayed of. So I can select a song to play but cannot stop or pause a song.
  8. That’s a little dearer in Australia, sure it’s a choice if it’s beats competition in its price range. Its $160 here in Australia
  9. Iam currently using a printer cable as the one I had someone build for me with the power disabled does not work with an UltraRendu. I know Curious Cables are the most popular and probably the most expensive. Iam after something that’s more sensible priced and available here in Australia.
  10. The Lumin does not show Ultrarendu as a player, its blank. Does it take a while to discover?
  11. I just connected the Ultrarendu streamer and the led is amber. Do note I just bought it used online and this is the first time I'am connecting it all. I rebooted it twice, ensured the micro sd card is inserted , anything I'am doing wrong? The device is not being detected by Sonicorbiter URL
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