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  1. I have an older model Intel NUC D54250WYK i5. I have it in a Akasa fanless H1 case. My question is would this model be suitable for this build.
  2. I’d love to give your pieces a listen also interested in Cabrera plays Debussy. Many thanks Sir
  3. If this just for 4K. Then why not get a Apple TV 4K. Couple of hundred dollars or so. And maybe a RPi for Audio.
  4. Glad you approve. When you get time listen to A strangely isolated place by Ulrich. One of my favourites.
  5. Not sure if this is the type of thing your looking for. Ulrich Schnauss:- From the album Far away trains passing by
  6. I know there have been many covers of Prince - Purple Rain. But this is my favourite. Never new Natasha could sing so well.
  7. I use a dune H1 to play my multichannel files. I just created a network shared folder on my NAS. Ethernet cable into Dune, hdmi into my AVR, hdmi into TV. Browse to folder in the Dune. Plays all of my multichannel flac files no problem. I don’t use any media server on my NAS as the Dune plays most files natively. Only problem is you need Tv on to browse folders. Unless you use some kind of app. Surely the shield should work the same as it supports a lot of audio codecs. Have you checked the settings in plex/shield to see if there is a setting to pass files without transcoding. If I were you I wouldn’t use plex to play music only movies.
  8. Not really heard much of Mark Knopflers solo stuff but I’ll certainly check it out. Not heard any Wes Montgomery. But. I’m not really into jazz.
  9. Thanks for the link I’ll certainly take a look/listen.
  10. Yeh Solstice380 I have the A Tale Untold compilation. Some good tracks on there. Favourites are Daydream and Bridge of sighs. When I was younger I liked the rockier tracks but as I get older it prefer something a bit more mellow should we say. Seen Robin back in the seventies. One of the better concerts I’ve been to.
  11. Hi all Looking for your suggestions on your favourite electric guitar tracks/artists. Not Heavy Metal something a bit smoother. to give you an idea here is an example of some of my favourites. Santana - Bella Santana - Aquamarine Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lenny Joe Satriani - Cryin Jeff Beck - Brush With The blues Looking for something new to listen to.
  12. I use one of these https://markgrant.co.uk/power-supplies/297-sbooster-15-16-volt-linear-power-supply.html and to my ears is excellent. You could also use the Auralic linear power supply available here. https://www.audioemotion.co.uk/auralic-ultra-low-noise-linear---psu-for-aries-aries-le-and-aries-mini-9241-p.asp. I can’t comment as I’ve not heard it.
  13. Definately in Scotland. Not sure about Wales. They talk funny down their. Lol
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