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  1. Hi, I freely admit I have not at all kept up with the 500+ (!) posts in this thread.... Now that I see from the post above that the Dirac Live Processor is for sale.... could anyone summarise or give their experience of the real-world useability of it with Roon (I assume via an AU/VST host)? Or link to a post that does? Thank you....
  2. I just purchased a pair of these but am yet to receive them. I see that firmware is now at version 4.2.2.... has this fixed the issue? Did the workaround in post #44 above do the job?
  3. For similar money the RME ADI-2 DAC would be worth considering. You lose MQA but gain 768khz higher rate as well as DSP functions.
  4. Wasn’t there supposed to be a preview at CES? Is there any more info?
  5. I think the Dante hopes are more dream-wishlist than likely reality :-) :-) But it certainly would be cool... In any case despite the "details", without any timeframe I don't see anything that puts us substantially closer to a real product we can buy. I'm in the market for a new DAC/Pre (I don't need headphone use) and need to buy something pretty soon... While I'd like to wait to see just what this one will turn out like, expecially given the supposed network functionality of some type, it's been so long coming I think I'm just going to go for an RME ADI-2 DAC instead.
  6. Indeed the RME ADI-2 DAC looks very interesting and competitively priced in my opinion (999 EUR or 895GBP inc VAT). Compared to the Pro you of course lose all the AD conversion functions and the flexibility that comes with that. And also the option for balanced headphones which personally I don't need. On the plus side the clock is supposedly a bit better and some improvements in teh analogue stage (they say), but the addition of remote control is very welcome. I will probably be ordering one when they become available in January.
  7. @MayfromSOtM or anyone else.... I'm confused by the SMS-200 specifications. The manual on the website (maybe older version) says: PCM 32bit/384KHz max, DSDx64, DSDx128, DSDx256 The product page says: PCM 32bit/768KHz max, DSDx512 max What I want to confirm is whether it can play 768khz PCM, and DSD256 over DoP?
  8. But Roon doesn't support AU plugins so not sure how that could work. To be fair this is Roon's issue not Dirac's....
  9. Any chance of direct Roon integration? I know it can output through DL as soundcard but was wondering if some closer integration might be planned?
  10. I don't use it, but I am interested in this option... As there is no trial for iPeng though, would be helpful if anyone that does could post a few screenshots from their iDevice, as I'd be interested to see how the interface/GUI is....
  11. I find it odd the DAC+ only supports 384khz when the 3028 chip does 768khz.
  12. This subject has been puzzling me for some time. I guess I've only ever had USB HID control (Audiolab MDAC) so I've always been used to it. Maybe I'm making too big of a fuss about not having it. With it, I only have one volume control to think about - the DAC's actual internal volume control - even if I am using volume sliders in different apps to remotely control it from my Mac Mini. Without it, as you suggest, how do you manage having essentially two volume controls? If I have the DAC set high and use Roon/Audirvana set low/mid, then if I open some other app on full volume it's going to be dangerously loud. What do people do? Set the DAC/Pre at a middle volume and have their app set somewhere in the middle too? On the SQ side, is there not some advantage to having the player output at full volume and the DAC use its internal.... versus.... some kind of half/half combination? I'm sure I'm confused and would like to understand the advantages/disadvantages more, because ruling out various DACs due to not having it is getting frustrating... :-) Thanks.....
  13. Think we're now safely past Q3.... any further news?
  14. Hi, I'm interested in the exact combo you have i.e. SMS-200, Brooklyn and Roon. Would be really interested to hear any more experiences you have with it please... Also can confirm that you are able to stream Native DSD256 from the Mac to the SMS-200? I get really confused about Native DSD and Mac OSX. I thought you could only output DoP from Mac? Or is that limitation only when going Mac>USB>DAC? Does using the SMS-200 inbetween get rid of that limitation? Thanks
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