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  1. been away awhile. found out from a post & pic some-web else. colourful eccentricity is precious commodity in a world that has (mostly) accepted too many shades of grey. as i remember, he was a fondly respected personality here. someone who shook my world (a little bit) when he suggested that not all digital data may be stored/transmitted/shared precisely. thanks, sandyk. for that gift: a seed of doubt. a reminder to, sometimes, question, listen and ponder bit deeper. and, the many smiles, laughs, outcry and shenanigans you “facilitated” in a
  2. 'Arse Technica'? But, anyway, thanks for the reminder about that little black box that one has not switched on for quite sometime
  3. If it makes you feel better, they sold at least 2. Used to use 1 Btw, 'new' DSD playback is 'over DOP'. 24/192 PCM is cool, though... original hi-res playback was ‘capped’ to 24/96.
  4. DP-X1A is incoming… https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://www.jp.onkyo.com/audiovisual/headphone/dpx1a/&prev=search ONKYO DP-X1 | Dual Sabre Dacs | Balanced | Sabre BTL Amp | MQA | DSD 256 | Android 5 | - Page 771
  5. Are you sure? Blame IATA, if the Enix LiBs cannot be shipped directly to you/your country. If so: Why not address the issue directly with Chord Electronics? Perhaps, a query on head-fi to the makers: John Franks and/or Rob Watts? For the sake of (many) Hugo owners worldwide… some of whom cannot find the replacement batteries and some of whom prefer a more affordable DIY approach? Do bear in mind that we are discussing a scenario of existing customers seeking to buy replaceable batteries (spare parts)... and not claiming replacements under warranty. Do note t
  6. Hugo TT (Table Top) is Hugo's closest relative. It runs on (more) batteries + a bank of super capacitors. 2Qute is an upgraded version of Qute... which ran on AC because it was specifically designed to be a home hi-fi solution. DAVE replaces QBD76 HDSD as Chord's highest-end home AC-powered hi-fi DAC. Beg to differ. Always a higher risk when modding a device, designed to run on batteries, to run purely on LPS. If one adds a better charging unit to charge the batteries, and/or supercaps to the battery circuit, there is less risk (and likely less rewards). Which is why, maybe, Chord
  7. Firstly, congratulations to @Jud. 5-for-5. The man Secondly, did not expect to hear differences. But did*. Thirdly, cannot speak for everyone, but was not ‘guessing’. So, listened to files one more time: Well, T2 still ‘showed’ the most difference. And, still prefer 2B. More ‘open' mid-highs/highs, clearer vocals and bass notes, better high-hat decay. Same reasons why 3A ‘sounds’ better than 3B. Imho. Two systems -> one’s ears/brain. Do not know what to make of it. *For everyone who ‘heard’ a difference or ‘expressed’ a preference, this is the point.
  8. IINW, Charging/maintenance of the LiBs in the Hugo are said to be managed by a smart battery management circuit that also protects the unit’s ‘sensitive parts’. Have no idea how low the voltage drops before Hugo goes to sleep. A fully-charged Hugo (with normally functioning LiBs) should be good for just about 7 hours-ish. 2 considerations, if: (a) you are plugging ‘less efficient’ headphones directly to Hugo (now or in the future), or (b) you are using Hugo as a DAC only device (by plugging the RCA outs to amp inputs). In scenario (a): Not providing enough juice to the H
  9. @ElviaCaprice Have a look at a naked Hugo: LiBs are located on 2 sides of the unit. Internal space is at a premium all round, L x W x H. A LPSU ‘modification’ is possible. Simplest way (one can think of): Remove LiBs from respective ‘compartments’. Solder 2 sets of ‘new’ wire leads onto the board at 2 locations (where the LiB leads were soldered). The other ends of the 4 wires would then have to connected to an external LPSU. Challenges: 1. Should the wire leads be connected to the LPSU in series or in parallel? 1 or 2 LPSUs? 2. Since the Hugo casing (bottom includ
  10. Quite a few reports/comments about battery failures have popped up in 2016 on head-fi. Hugo was launched in Feb 2014, iinw. The 2 x LiBs inside are 18650-spec units that are rated for “up to 2,000 cycles.” Li-Ion battery 1S1P ICR-18650 UN38.3 3.75V 2.2Ah fils - MGL2811 | Enix-energies-uk.com Symptom of battery failure: Continuous flashing lights on start-up, Hugo does not enter ‘normal’ mode, is inoperable. Pre-symptom(?): Charging LED permanently on… if Hugo is always plugged in = indicative of battery/batteries not being able to ‘hold’ charge(s). If this is already happening,
  11. @esldude, Thanks. Listened. Not expecting to hear differences. Heard some. Not sure which way arrow(s) is/are pointing… but the following are one’s ‘preferences’: T1: A > B (most subtle) T2: B > A (least subtle) T3: A > B T4: A > B T5: B > A Differences are very subtle. But audible. Somehow.
  12. Do not be afraid. Think: this is not a test of ‘me’. Does not matter what you use. Think: this is not a test of ‘my system’. Listen. Regardless of knowledge, data, beliefs. May learn/verify something(s). Even if just for oneself. Not for anyone else.
  13. Point taken. When flying, one prefers wired headgear... so that the only lithium ion cells one needs worry about are in the DAP. Which is, happily, rather good for about 7-ish hours (with more 16/44 files and less 24/96 or 192). DAP is also useable when it is being charged. And, a fully charged iPad and a Mojo is a good back-up. Some sleep, the occasional movie (should sound better if one has the requisite HP adaptor on hand) and face-stuffing takes care of the rest of the flight time...
  14. Yes, by default. But, one can subsequently activate BT... in AP mode. (Not really sure if this is good thing, though.)
  15. After 2 years, still getting > 6 hours listening time from a Plantronics BackBeat Fit. Quite so.
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