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  1. In OS SSD nothing SQ changes with MK II, but in music library works so good ! After Pure Reference many configurations possibles. Job find best SQ. I believe is pure reference in music SSD and MK II in OS SSD, but every changes in some days when a test occours.
  2. Found it a "pure reference" with a good price. Now is wait and compare with MK II.
  3. My question is simple: if ever in the past was there a sata pachanko reference cable that looks the same as the current MK II?
  4. A friend have a old model pachanko Sata, called "reference". He told me it is equal appearance MK II. Any know history old portifolio pachanko confirm this? Or was a unique model called "reference" in the past? Tks.
  5. First contact with "audiophile" SATA cable: Far from skepticism but to some degree suspicious since famous manufacturers do not have the accessory in their portfolios ... see Audioquest, Nordost and Siltech. Then came opportunity for me to buy at "reasonable" cost, the pachanko Sata MK II. The Considerations: - In SSD OS could not identify any changes; - In the library SSD I noticed the following: At first I thought the cable had made the sound brighter. But with very careful listening I realized that it brings more general clarity making the sound brighter and less intimate. It's not like taking off a blanket but maybe two sheets on the front of the speakers. The stage also grows aiding in the perception of subtle sounds. I liked the result. Think, one day update to Reference SATA Pachanko. Any compare this?
  6. I took advantage offer used SATA MK II pachanko cable and I will try. If you notice improvement I want to get an update. I realize that companies like Nordost, Audioquest, among others do not have SATA cables in their portfolios. I also understand that if I do not see any improvement in sound quality in my setup, I can by no means generally testify that others will not try SATA cables. I have to say that I realize that 1 or 2 users must have some benefit in this space or are friends of the manufacturer. This fact is not unworthy and even part of the business, the game asks for tools.
  7. @JohnSwenson my option is 2. Charge LPS-1.2 green quickly and two units (LPS-1.2 and mRendu 1.4) chassis low temperature all the time. 100% it's works very well ! Thinking better to alternate 2 - 3 for not early wear connections.
  8. I received LPS-1.2. Sonority more friendly, decrease grain similar to an anti-aliasing. Touch more in refining, finesse. Most beautiful bass, medium most controlled and high most sweet. Chassis temperature don't hot, not even a little (mRendu 1.4 in 7v output) .Clarity boost. Dynamics not any difference in my setup. Tks uptone!
  9. @pl_svn yes! Really I nervous with familly problems but I still found it a bit out of context for this topic
  10. @pl_svn And what is the purpose of your post? there will always be similar products. If intention is to alert as to other possibilities, ok. Otherwise I find your post belittling uptone work. It seems that the reason for the current limitation of the project has already been explained. Need more? go to other solution!
  11. Customs clearance today complete!! In some days I will have in hands. Alex tks for another things. Makes a incredible difference.
  12. I think LPS-1.2 benefits better eletronic components. Other features is, for me, a commercial marketing. 9V and 12V it's a good ideia too for increase compability.
  13. I test PC with win10 optimized directly ethernet with mRendu 1.4. Install DHCP in PC for IP adress mRendu. Out way sound router/wifi/switch and your PS iFi 9V.
  14. smallest benefits ISO Regen when better HW. Believe this. Better PS in any HW (mR 1.3, 1.4 or Ultra) ever increase SQ.
  15. Finally made today the purchase of the new LPS-1.2 take advantage of the shipping June 7. I sold the old LPS-1 so I could not compare side by side.
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