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  1. I have six folders for three categories and two formats. Formats are either CD or LP. Categories are Rock, Classical, and Jazz&Folk. Then, within JRiver (see attached image) I can then break it out based on the location, the genre, that sort of thing. For example, it's easy to have a listing for all of the MoFi albums so I don't have to scroll through LPs Rock trying to find it. There really isn't any limit to the categories you can develop, once you figure out how to do it with a lot of help from the JRiver forums. Of course you don't have to use JRiver, it's what I have but there are many other comparable programs. I couldn't say if others have the same flexibility for updating metadata and then using that to create another category listing. I used to use separate libraries, but this works much better.
  2. Vous avez mal écrit, c'est poutine.
  3. Vous avey oublie Quebec, mon ami.
  4. I’ll keep reading them so I can see how the other side of the discussion is being presented. But I promise I won’t reply. They got the Club of Rome all wrong, and that steered them onto the wrong path through the woods. I do R&D for a machine manufacturer. I long ago realized how people become emotionally attached to a thought process or a design and will defend it to the death. The hardest thing with that type of mindset is to explain you can return to the clearing in the forest and take a different path - or jump across to another one - and then have a better result.
  5. I sent my Devialet monoblocks back to France for a hardware upgrade. Turnaround, despite what anyone says will likely be close to four months. After looking through the local pawn shops I ended up with a Kenwood receiver circa 1970’s with 100 W per side. it doesn’t sound great but it plays music from the laptop server with a mini DIN output to the receiver Aux input. i can live with it, it’s better than nothing at all.
  6. She’ll go back to using the DAC chip built into the laptop. I think they’ve come a long ways and to many will make the Dragonfly obsolete. I’m not saying the Dragonfly isn’t better, but when it doesn’t work that doesn’t matter much.
  7. I could never get the Red or Black to work with Windows 10. I tried on and off for a couple of years and finally gave up. I was never able to get stable playback for more than a few minutes, so really couldn’t say if it was an improvement over the built in DAC with my laptop. I tried everything, and with more than one computer or laptop. I can appreciate that the innumerable combinations and permutations of drivers with any OS can be an issue, but surely Windows 10 as a popular platform could be a focus. I gave away the Red, my wife uses the Black, which she prefers - using it with Windows 7. It seems like a good thing, but if it doesn’t work it’s just an unfulfilled promise.
  8. The key words are that you’re happy with the result. I always had this paranoid fear that as I changed my vinyl rig I would find that I had to go back and record a bunch of LPs again. That never happened, but I did get a lot more fussy about how the turntable was setup. We’ll have to wait and see if the OP has any commentary.
  9. Dude. You should tell us what turntable and cartridge you plan on using and how many LPs you plan on recording. I know it seems a bit obvious, but the recordings are only as good as your vinyl rig. If you don’t have the gear, you may want to look at other options.
  10. Chris, Thanks for a well balanced and considered review. It answers a lot of questions and shines a light on a few of the dark corners. I particularly appreciate your diplomacy without any hint of condemnation of Neil Young in his efforts to bring high resolution music to people who it turns out never really wanted it. That’s a delicate balance and I think you handled it well.
  11. I spent many moons researching the topic, and do R&D for a living. What you want is a Korg MR-2000S or MR-2000SBLK. It’s been discontinued, but you can find NOS units on eBay for under $1K. And then, you want to use VinylStudio for software rather than Audacity. The key point is how proud are you of your turntable, and how many LPs do you want to record? They’re not big on vinyl over here - with apologies to Chris you may want to head over to the Audio Asylum with their Vinyl forum. Lots of sound advice over there.
  12. The countdown continues. 2...
  13. The countdown begins. 3...... (Maybe a topic for another thread?)
  14. I scanned the article, or advertisement. I think the key words are “You simply stream MQA and get better sound no matter what the distribution platform or playback device.” That’s a bold statement and obviously intended to be the answer to that supposed quest for better sound. Some of us have proposed that MQA was a solution to a bandwith broadcast limitation that no longer exists, that “a buck short and a day late” solution. If now the focus is going to be on the MQA enhanced promise of “perfect sound forever” I think they need to be reminded that if you’re listening with earbuds you’ve already decided that you’re happy with you already have, and aren’t desperately looking for a solution. in other words, the horse is already out of the barn. Slam the door as hard as you want.
  15. I’ll reply to this last person who read my comments and then move on. Your lack of tolerance and willingness to consider that anything other than your opinion has any validity speaks volumes. And, when I respond to your many many insults and criticisms in a lively fashion you take great offence and run for your thesaurus. in the words of the Central Scrutinizer, “Who gives a fuck anyways”?
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