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  1. I'm happy that I was able to find how on my own how this is done, seeming as no one took a moment to respond to said request........., I guess I can see why so many are lost. I'm out.
  2. Hi All, While I to love the new A+ Remote, might I ask you all that might use Catalina?, just where do I locate the Music stored on it?, like the older iTunes folder?. As I'm using the second method of loading my " Music Library " onto A+, which seems to sync said songs, yet what method such I use when it doesn't add newer downloads?, am I to rescan each time I've added 10-37 songs?, or delete A+?, and reload it every time I'd buy new songs?. I'm not blaming A+, as once again the new Remote App looks very very nice on my end, but I'm having trouble sorting how just where to find said music files | folders in Catalina?, since iTunes is no more. Please advise.
  3. Guys, I'm in the same boat, and could use a fresh young mind to assist me through this, as I was able to use for several years ( 2015 - 2018 ) just a Mac Mini | iFi Micro DSD DAC | iTunes Remote, and it worked flawlessly. In October of that same year, I went over to a PS Audio NuWave DSD DyAC, again tied to the Mini | iTunes Remote, and this worked as well, until the Mini died and I panicked and sold everything off, and replaced it with a Bluesound Node 2, tied to a Gustard X-20Pro DAC, which of late I've gone back to a NOS Mac Mini ( 2014 make ) and have done the preference settings for file | screen | home sharing, wake up and off time, automatic login and so on....., yet upon coming out to the listening room, and clicking onto my iPad Air 3, I'm finding it difficult to connect to my music library. I'm wondering if I missed something during the initial setup?, or do I actually need some form of VCN(?) type app, as a means to connect the Mini to said iPad?, I'm all ears ( eyes in this case ) so by all means, educate me. I'm one of those 60 year olds, so do be gentle. TIA!. O_o scar Johnson
  4. Thanks again........., I found said controls. Now if someone would be willing to assist me in resolving the headless issue, between the Mac Mini | iPad Air 3?, it bring me joy. 😒
  5. Hi bnbayer, Thanks for sharing said information, as it does give me somewhere to start......., much appreciated. 🤓
  6. Hi All, While it has been a few years since my last visit, I'm forced to comeback as a means of gaining insight from the more knowledgable among you, as to how I'm to go about setting up the audio settings and filter in the current version of A+ 3.5?. As I was enjoying a Bluesound Node 2 over said period, until I began to notice that with each firmware upgrade, it'd throw things out of whack, where I'd then have to resort to arranging a team viewer session with one of their techs, which in itself grew rather tiresome........, so late week I decided to go back to using my Mac Mini | Gustard DAC tandem with said current version of 3.5, and was very surprised by the overall sonics as compared to my older 2.6 version. Yet noticed for whatever reason, I wasn't able to sort out how to find the older setting type menu, which allowed me to alter the audio filters by ear, yet thanks to a single response by zacster over on Audio Asylum, I was told to click onto the little speaker icon......., which still didn't help me in finding anything. So I'm to then assume that I've to turn off the iTunes integral setting?, and then attempt to browse through said settings?, or am I missing something?. I'm also having trouble ( whereas I didn't a few years ago ) in running both the Mac Mini | iPad iTunes remote seamlessly, yet have noted this time around after about 30 - 47 or so, my library disappears on the iPad Air 3, which then forced me to reconnect a small 22" HP monitor along with a cordless Apple Keyboard | Track Pad and reconfigure things.........., which for some reason seems wrong!, as this didn't occur said first time around with the older version, once again as I wasn't able to locate any sort of manual for version 3.5, what might I be doing wrong I'd ask?. I recall cutting on both the file and screen sharing on the Mini, yet it still seems to fail after all of listening to 10 - 30 tracks, as I've tried my best to read through this current posting on said 3.5 version, having stopped at page 15, I merely through it best to cut the research short, and merely pose the question as such. Could someone please take a moment to walk me through this?, as I'm once again very very happy with the sound, yet the interfacing properties are wearing me down, I do intend to pursue either a Bluesound Vault 2i or Innuos ZenMini MK lll in the new year, as I've to much prefer having a player with onboard HDD intact, as opposed to relying upon shady Wifi networking to tie it all together, as a pair of power line Ethernet adapters all of a sudden strike me as a variable option of late. Do explain how to get into said settings to up-sample to DSD 128, as well as better integrate the Mac Mini to its iTunes Remote App via a true headless option. TIA!. O_o scar
  7. I'm still wondering if there's anyway?, or settings that won't cause as much of a strain on say Mac Mini's without the fan keeping in?, as I never had this occur with JRiver or HQ Player while merely upsampling from PCM to DSD 128. Having said that........, I've remained loyal to A+, but pray that at some point a lesser current draw on the CPU can be adapted to any upcoming versions, as I'd be more then happy to pay any extra fees needed.
  8. Thanks Romaz, I shall ask Dave for said project when the time comes, and here's wishing you safe travel, as well as wish you and yours a upcoming joyous holiday.
  9. Romaz, If it isn't asking to much, might I've the name or link of the company that made your UP-OCC Silver DC umbilical power cord for you?, as someone whom is keen on silver as well, I'd like to pursue one for myself. Hopefully you'll find in yourself to respond?, as I PM'ed you several days ago with said question.
  10. Hi all, As I'm currently using the Nano iUSB 3.0 Power as it replaced the Regen, I'm wondering is said current updated versions of the W4S Recovery does in fact work with either the iFi Audio Micro DSD DAC?, or PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC?. And yes, I've written W4S and never received a response, hence my asking here, and especially those whom might own either or DAC. TIA!. O_o scar
  11. Very logical point of view, and one that shall cause me to retain the concept on merely moving laterally from one design to the other, when in fact you're spot on as to looking to improve upon their power supply units, with a better LPS of some sort, styling aside ( in iFi I can add ) it does come down to how we each hear music, which is something as you've stated only those with similar DACs or systems might be able to add solid recommendations on............, once again as it should logic weighs in. Thanks.
  12. As it has been hinted at elsewhere, but not answered........, I'm very curious as to know where the iFi Audio Nano iUSB 3.0 Power might then compare to say the UpTone Audio Regen, as well as said W4S Recovery type units?, talking into account it offers both are-Clocking and Re-Generation in one devices, whereas the latter two seem to specialize in one or the other. It seems there's a great deal going on with said Nano, yet it seems as if no one has actually taken the time to compare the three, as I see their more costly Micro iUSB 3.0 Power as where it ends, yet for these ones around the $200 range, it's harder to know what's what?. Is there a possibility someone can guide me on which of these is the abso!ute?, as I see it.........., some seem to think it's worth it to move over to the Recovery from the Regen, while others seem to remain dedicated to the former and maybe with good reasons, yet time shall provide a clear choice I'd wager within the next 2-4 months.........., I can only say this is one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had in voicing my system, and the Regen in tandem with a mere iFi Micro IDSD DAC has in all honesty changed my perspective on what was possible........., I'm loving it.
  13. Hi mresseguie, I for one will definitely be watching this space, as I'm sold on pursuing this brand. As all to often some tend to only think the more costlier cables are worthy of pursuit, well I beg to differ as I'm currently using a pair of Silver Ghost ( by Mark Tunic ) which quite easily replaced a pair of $600|1m IC from the Netherlands and another pair that retailer for $789|1.5M from Italy ( no names needed, as not to offend said owners of each of these companies ) but to sit here and within all of three tracks find this $125|1m IC offering a better sense of integration, holographic effects and the ability to unravel hidden nuances which before now were so deeply buried into the underlining passages it all became so much more involving in not only an emotional manner, but one which allows me to merely be drawn into the manner in which each note is played back in a more responsive nature, as if heard for the very first time from within the actual instruments themselves, if that makes any sense?. In my mind, there should come a point in life as with age, where we all gain more insight into ways of voicing our systems to suit our ears, as opposed to friends or peers whom would be happy seeing us continue searching for the abso!ute illusion, when in fact once a person has tweaked their system to the point, where it all comes together as a collective whole........., it's time to add to ones music collection, provided something isn't broken, that is?. All to often we are swayed by slight differences in the hardware and are never content with how the music itself should cause just effects, and then allow us to enjoy listening to music, as opposed to continuing to chase different boxes just for the sake of high fidelity, when it should be the musical truth that guides us, no!. I'm sorry to have gotten off course, yet it's my nature to speak on said matters as I've seen them for years........, there are times where each of us has to know when good enough, is just that. In my case........., this CA thing system wise, it where it ends for me, just a few well thought out cables here and there to lock the voicing in, and I'm done. Yet can add this has been a wonderful ride, but even the best of road trips has its desination. Until next time............
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