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  1. @LowMidHigh: Thank you for the information! @octaviars: Thanks for the crimping tip. I'll see if I can find the right BNC connector for this. I don't know if external clock will be any better. Only one way to find out ...
  2. Hi Alex, Congratulations for the imminent release of the EtherRegen! Many of us have been waiting super eagerly for it. I know you think external clock won't help and it might as well be the case but we want to try it anyway. So my questions are the followings: 1. Is the clock freq 25Mhz? 2. I'll be ordering the 50 ohm input so what kind of connector is needed? I intend to use the newclassd neutron star clock which came with a 50 ohm coaxial cable. I'll have to solder the connector to connect to the EtherRegen so would like to gather parts now. Thanks!
  3. Hi John, Thanks for the quick reply. So should I get the Cisco compatible model with GLC-T transceiver type? There are so many choices ... Jack
  4. For the SFP port can one use a copper GBE module like the one at: https://www.fs.com/products/11773.html And which compatibility choice and transceiver are compatible? I need more copper ports so am thinking of using the SFP port for copper as well, probably for the link to the router as it is GBE. Thanks.
  5. Yes, happy to report that it solves the slow response problem. Looking forward to the production version.
  6. I just started the trial but found the Windows Qobuz app's UI super-slow to become totally unusable once playback begins. Is there a fix for this? I have tried both 64-bin and 32-bin version, same thing. Thanks! EDIT: I found that even when just launched nothing playing the app continuously consumes 30% CPU time in my Xeon quad-core system so there is definitely a bug leading to a busy loop. This should be an easy fix so I hope it can be resolved before my trial period ends.
  7. Hi There, I also found the Spotify connect broken now - can't select any song to play, can only play the current one. I hope this can be resolved soon as it breaks half of my use cases.
  8. I can respect that. It is quite often that I listen to an album in my Roon lib and then want to explore more albums of the same genre or musician I'll go to Spotify, and then back and forth. I know Roon supports Tidal and Qobuz, and I did try both but they don't offer the breath of catalog Spotify offers so the latter is still indispensable to me. Once I found something I like I'll eventually purchase it and rip it to my lib. In that case would it be possible to add an option for those of us who prefer to have more than one apps running simultaneously? Or just Roon and Spotify? For me audio device conflict is not an issue as I stop one player before starting another. Even if it can happen and I have to use the browser to reset it, it is still way more convenient than having to do the switching every time I need to listen via another player. Thanks for considering this. Much appreciated.
  9. I use an iPad but it's about convenient - that's why we do all this to begin with IMO.
  10. That's a bummer. Is there any plan to enable this as this is the only problem I have with it. I have a DietPi endpoint that can do both simultaneously so presumably this is something that can be implemented at the software level?
  11. Apology if this has been covered before - I use my mRendu as a Roon endpoint and also for Spotify Connect. Now I switch between Roon and Spotify from time to time so my question is whether both can be enabled at the same time? Right now it seems that I have to use mRendu's web interface to manually switch it which is quite inconvenient. Thanks.
  12. > Or is it a better idea to buy a 7 meters long usb cable (really dunno if it affects sound badly) and connect my laptop to my DAC. 7m is too long for USB. There is an ios app. Perhaps get an older (used?) iPad for that? It probably cost less than a 7m "audiophile" USB cable. Alternatively you can setup vnc server in the PC and then remote it from your android tablet using any VNC client app.
  13. I see. These companies' decisions are hard to fathom.
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